Tonight was fun. My band Sister Grace practiced tonight--we're headed into Ducktape studio with producer Johnny Sandlin (of that Muscle Shoals sound) again tomorrow to record our second set of songs for our first CD. Should be awesome! When we finished we went to Starbucks for a nightcap of decaf cappuccinos and banana nut loaf. Mmm. We had some nice discussion and had fun watching all the cute people coming and going. We are thrilled that our awesome town of Athens finally has a Starbucks. What is it about Starbucks? What makes us pay nearly $4 for a coffee drink--are we insane? You gotta know why you go--it's the feeling you have when you're in there. It's cool. It's hip. Why--I picked up Michael Buble's new CD while I was in there. How rockin' is that???

Cute girl who let me snap a pic:

Thank you to Sam who snapped this of us gals...

This is Sam--he makes great cappuccinos and lattes!

And so does Josh--he and Sam have visited my gallery downtown. Nice guys...

These are some of the reasons I like Starbucks. What are yours?