Auburn Art Pep Rally in the Gallery!

Be ALL-IN Thursday night at the Auburn Art Pep Rally at 
Carole Foret Fine Art downtown Athens. 
Wear your game attire and bring your Auburn spirit--other spirits may be brought and sipped from a cup. Purchase Carole's latest prints of Aubie, Nova, and Cam. Carole will be painting Aubie live, and you will have the chance to win an Aubie print just by being there. Hope to see all of the Auburn family. Let's get ready for a great season! War Eagle!!!


When Twin Artists Gather...

Last week, my identical twin sister (yes, we are twins--si siamo gimelli, if you're Italian) enjoyed the Gulf Coast together.  It was a time spontaneously planned that very much invigorated our creativity.  When you get two artists together who are indeed artists through and through, you come up with lots of scheming, dreaming, talking, picture taking, seeing beauty all around, taking it in and making memories. A bold adventure in inspiration.  Enjoy a selection of our photos as we say goodbye to summer.