My FUN Saturday!

On Saturday, I am taking time to do something FUN!  I am taking a class from another "local" artist, Mellissa Meeks up in Tennessee.  A couple of my friends and art students are going as well, and being outdoors, plein air painting sounds perfect this time of year.  Especially with all the rain that we've had, the weather is expected to be dry and about 85 degrees.  Perfect!  We are going to be at a farm in beautiful Tennessee painting an old red barn (much like this one pictured) and sharing a picnic lunch together.  I'll let you know how it goes!  If you're on Facebook, plan to  see painting progess while I'm there!  I love uploading images as things are happening.  Have you noticed? I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Pomp And Circumstance

This is the time of year that when I hear "Pomp and Circumstance" played at that certain tempo and begin seeing black caps and gowns with gold piping walking by, I just can barely contain my tears of pride and joy and fear for graduates.  It's hard to put into words, but I just pray that these mere babies will be okay out in the real world with all that new freedom.  This year I am celebrating 2 of my nieces, Catherine (left) and Madeline (right) as they leave the nest and head to the University of Alabama.  I just pray that somehow, some way, they will find their way over to the loveliest village on the plains though, where sunsets are a rich, burnt orange and deep blue! ;)


What's In My Studio?

Well, let's start off with original wood floors from the 1800s that I love! There are paint splatters here and there that get scraped up every couple of years or so. There are lots of easels, both standing ones and table ones where you can sit or stand to paint.  Lots of paint--very nice paint that I allow my students to use--no cheap stuff here!  Well, only cheap brushes because they're my favorite!  They push paint the best as far I've found. 

On this side of the studio, there's the wash-up area and coffee bar.  I always have Starbucks coffee on hand and ice water, and maybe a little trail mix and chocolate to go with it. As far as lighting, I have diffused flourescent as well as track lighting--cold and warm in addition to the disco ball that I turn on with my XM Radio (the Groove) in rare cases of blocked creativity.  Boy, does that heal! So, now you see--join me, and we'll be creative together!

Join Me!

This Friday night is a Paint Party at The Ledges Clubhouse in Huntsville.  I taught one last month, and it was so much fun!  So many people came and painted with me, ate great food and drank awesome wine--we even painted a wine still life (that happens to be for sale on my painting blog).


It was a great time!  I will be there again Friday night, but we'll be painting Bessie the Cow.  You can see her in a previous post by scrolling down this page.  If you're interested in attending--I think there are still a few spots left.  Just call Susan Conner: 256.883.0860 X222.


The Making of the Star Spangled Banner

I saw this book advertised in our Smithsonian Magazine and thought it sounded really interesting!  The foreword is by Ralph Lauren.  Here is a description and link to buy from Amazon :

Product Description
More than just the tale of one flag and one song, The Star-Spangled Banner is the story of how Americans—often in times of crisis—have expressed their patriotism and defined their identity through the "broad stripes and bright stars" of our preeminent national symbol, a tradition that still thrives today. The original flag that inspired Francis Scott Key "by the dawn's early light" has been cared for by the Smithsonian since 1907. The dramatic story of this flag—and of the Smithsonian's effort to save it for posterity—are told here in this lavishly illustrated book that also explores the broader meaning of the flag in American life.

About the Author
Formerly a curator at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, Lonn Taylor served as historian for the Star-Spangled Banner Preservation Project. Kathleen M. Kendrick and Jeffery L. Brodie are co-curators of a new exhibition about the reinstalled Star-Spangled Banner at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History.


Art Camps!

It is time to get kids enrolled for Summer Art Camp! We are ready to have a blast!
They are going to be each 3 days for different ages. Painting, Coloring, Collaging and lots of fun!

Ages 5-8: June 2, 3, 4 - 10am - Noon $145 50% full
Ages 9-Teens: June 23, 24, 25 - 10am - Noon $175 25% full

A great deal of personal attention is given to each budding artist, so class sizes are limited. All supplies and materials are included in the enrollment fee, and we provide healthy snacks to keep our campers focused.
We will paint paintings, make a collage project and paint a t-shirt during the 3 days!
These three-day Art Camp sessions are available to a limited number of children to keep our classes small--each child is enrolled on a first-come-first-serve basis. Each camp is taught by Carole Foret!

To Register: Download and fill out the registration form in the workshops section of Carole Foret.Com for your child. Send in tuition with the form. If you wish, you may pay online through Paypal on the sidebar of this BLOG.


Bessie the Cow at The Ledges!

Friday night, May 29th is the next Carole Foret Paint Night and it will be at the gorgeous Ledges in Huntsville. You won't believe how nice the setting is!

Grab a friend and join us while we paint Bessie the Cow in Carole Foret fashion! It will be on a 10x10 uniquely square canvas. Enjoy a relaxing time painting with the option of ordering amazing food and drinks. Then, take your masterpiece home and hang it on your wall!

Cost? Club Members $70 Non-Members $75

Reserve by calling Susan Conner at the Ledges--she is waiting to hear from you! Only a few spots left.
256-883-0860 Ext. 222


The Newest Lovecats!

Last night's Marketing 101 was amazing! I enjoyed each and every attendee so much and absolutely LOVED sharing all I know about interment marketing. You know that feeling of helping someone understand something and the light bulb comes on in thier minds and it shows on their face? Well I had that feeling with 13 people last night. I can hardly wait to offer this workshop again. Probably the best part was when we took a break and had the amazing pork tenderloin, rolls, fruit, goat cheese / crackers that my husband Todd set out for us. Oh my gosh! Was it good! I love it when he can be a part of my events like that.  And I think all these Lovecats were glad he was there too.

Already, a few of these folks have created their own blogs!  I can't wait to visit and read them and COMMENT. ;)  That's showing blog love. :)

Praise God for a wonderful time!


It's Here!!

I am so excited about tonight!  I can hardly contain my energy! I have a full class of awesome folks with great businesses, business goals, etc., and I intend to share all that I know on online marketing--the venues that have worked well for me over the years to market my work to the world.

I have spent hours putting together a knock-out Keynote (Powerpoint) presentation.  It rocks! The images below will be included in it to help explain key points I want to share about:

  • THE Killer App - words from Tim Sanders
  • Scarcity vs. Abundance
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Photographing our stuff
  • Social Networking
  • Top 10 Things to be doing right now

This image is from the January 2007 issue of Time Magazine where they announced the 2006 person of the year--YOU! Yes, it was you!  Do you remember?

Bludomain rocks!  Simply put--they do.  I bought my template for my site there and have hosted with them for about 3 years now.  I have helped numerous people build sites with their genius templates for a while now--for all kinds of businesses.

And I'll be quoting and singing the praises of my favorite Lovecat of all--David Jay !  His story is amazing, and I've had the pleasure of spending time with him on a few occasions while I was still shooting photography.  His message is universal and crosses over to all career types.
So, if you missed getting in to this class--look for it being offered again soon!


Preparations Being Made!

I'm getting ready for Marketing 101, and it's going to be a blast!  The stack of books above are from my recommended book list that I'll be sharing info from Tuesday night!  There are nuggets of amazing information that will help shape the modern marketing in YOUR business/endeavor.  Can't wait to see everyone!



Raise your hand if you need a better online presence.  Are you  selling anything online without a website or a blog? Or trying to?  If you are waiting on someone to update your site right now or wishing that you could send out an email update to your clients that looks amazing, then my Marketing 101 Workshop is where you need to be on May 19th.  I will be sharing with you all the secrets I have about my marketing online.  You will learn all about:
  • Capturing images
  • Uploading images to the web
  • Creating a blog
  • Creating an email newsletter
  • My book list
  • Adding Paypal to your blog
  • and more!
The man in the photo above is Tim Sanders--one of my favorite speakers on marketing.  He wrote the book, Love Is the Killer App, which I will talking about that night.  Don't miss that!  It will turn your ideas about being in business upside down!

There are a few spots left, so reserve with your credit card by calling the studio or by submitting payment securely with Paypal over on the sidebar.

It is my dream that you be on top of what there is to use online for promoting your business, your art, your stuff, YOU!  Join me!