Workshops & Specials Schedule!

Don't miss these awesome painting workshops and art camps! Spring and summer is a great time to immerse yourself into something fun--like ART! Enroll as soon as you can--spots get taken fast!


Saturday, May 19th:
Adult Beginner Painter
10-2 with a lunch break
Supplies included

Monday - Wednesday, June 11-13
Kids Art Camps!
Kids ages: 5-7 : 9am - 10:30
Kids ages 8-15: 11am - 2pm
Supplies & Snacks included

Friday & Saturday, June 15-16
Adult Beginner Painter
Plein Air (Outdoor Painting) & Studio
Supplies included


Senior Saturdays!
May 5th & May 12th Senior Shoots: $295 per person
Celebrate your graduation with a "different" photo shoot with Carole Foret. On location & studio shooting.
Book your shoot for any of the 5 spots each day and receive a $50 print credit!
(Great for wallets or an 8x 10--however you wish to spend it!)

Captivating Woman and Wild at Heart Man Special
Free to 2 lucky winners!
Click here



We finally got to see our newest cousin (my neice) today. She is 9 months old and the most precious little girl ever! Josephine is her cute name and we had a ball visiting with her and her Dad Jason. See what all she was into as we sat just watching and hanging out with her this morning...

Spring Break

My girls are out of school for a beautiful spring break! We're in Pensacola Beach, Florida visiting my sweet in-laws at Portofino. A very nice friend of theirs has allowed us to use his condo. It is really stunning in its decor, and the views cannot be beat. Forgive the glare in the video--it was because of the bright, clear blue sky and blue water reflecting into the camera. (drool)Thank you, Ed for such a beautiful place to rest and revive!


Workshops & Art Camps Planned!!

Don't wait to enroll in the newly scheduled art workshops and camps we have planned for summer--in June. Check them out on my site under the Specials section. As always, enrollment is by who calls and gets enrolleed first. The spots usually go fast! Don't delay. Be blessed, Carole


What Kind of M&M are YOU??

My daughter Sarah showed me a cool website tonight that allows you to make yourself into and M&M. It is so cool! Here is my image. I could only choose one accessory, and we decided on the camera, but I could have chosen the cute polka dotted purse (love purses!) or the crazy little coffee mug (love my cappuccino!). And at least I got to wear my favorite cowgirl boots! Go to the BECOME AN MnM site and make yourself into an M&M!


My First Commercial!!

Some people know that I am a commercial model-some don't. I started modeling at the same time that I was getting my schooling for painting and photography about 16 years ago. I posed for both types of classes, and several years later now, I am still modeling--when both things happen: I get a call AND have the time. This week, a very keen eye in a young man ( O'Harold, who does grahic design for WAFF 48) saw me at a fashion show in Huntsville that my daugther was modeling in, and kept saying that I looked familiar to him. I never know if people really mean that, or if they just maybe saw me in the paper for an art exhibit or something about Mission Makevoer, etc. But as we talked and it was obvious he was beating his brain over it, he finally asked if I was on a billboard, and then I struck the infamous Cluxton's Jewelry billboard pose, and he snapped his fingers and said, "Yes! That's where I've seen you!" I was in awe. Because that billboard only shows the lower portrion of my face--from my nostrils and down. Keen eye! Wouldn't you say?


Just for fun, I wanted to share this commercial I did a few years ago for the Memphis Museum of Art. It was my first commercial that I ever did after signing with Real People Models & Talent in Birmingham. I wanted to share it because the work that I've done rarely gets seen by anyone I know since Birmingham's market is different from ours here in North Alabama.

Now, you know why I love shooting model/talent! I have gotten to know several fellow models and love working with them! They are now my friends.


Well, it's another week in the liturgical season, so time for a new Easter egg-colored color for my site. It's lavendar! And to go along with it--my "radio" music on my site is a celebration of songs from my childhood in the awesome 70's! That was a really happy time in my life. I attach memories to music like crazy and these songs each have a special memory/time attached to them. Are you like that when you hear old music? Happy times! How can you not be happy when you're 7, 8 years old when these songs were popular? Enjoy! And be blessed!