Spinning Class

I survived my fist spinning class today. Have you ever done one?  With all the trouble I've had the past years with my tight psoas in my hips, this is a recommended exercise.  I have dreaded this day to say the least.  BUT, it was great!  I pedaled for an entire hour and burned 700 calories.  Wow. Can't beat that. Thank you to my friend Angela and my husband for encouraging it. 
Talk to me tomorrow when who knows what will so very sore. OUCH!
This may be next love.  We'll see....


Latest Finished Painting

Bridgette's Respite
A Commissioned House Portrait

Bridgette just came and picked up her painting that I finished right before Christmas.  She loved it! I was so excited to see her face.  That moment can be frightening, but I felt great about it since others have loved it so far and someone even wanted to buy it when it was for Bridgette all along.   This home was legendary Coach Pay Dye's farm house years ago.  It now sits on a lake in Real Town, AL near Auburn.  Loved the South Louisiana style architecture!  So, what do you think of it?


War Eagle!

Above: What makes Auburn great: Faith, Family, Football

Wow, what a week it's been! My head has been overtaken by excitement and pride for my Auburn Tigers. So WAAAAAR EAGLE!!!!  My Alma Mater, my beloved Auburn Football team is 2010 National Champions!  I was so blessed to be able to go to the game. It was an amazing experience, and one that I will never forget.

Today, I learned that my older baby, Caroline received a scholarship for her 2011 Freshman year at Auburn.  My heart is warm!

Below is a 7-second fun video my twin sister, Claire and I did when we went down to visit Auburn last Saturday to load up on Auburn National Championship gear and for Claire to see the campus after 20 years.  Yes, 20 years!  I couldn't believe it had been that long.  So...we HAD to go.

Life is good and I am blessed! Know you are too!


2011 Classes Announced!

Happy New Year--so good to be in 2011!  
Thank you for being such great friends and clients.  I am so happy to announce some new classes and workhsops now posted on my website.  You can register and pay there all in one place.  Isn't that easy?  I welcome all painters at all levels to attend, so find one that looks right for you!

Top Secret!  There is going to be an amazing workshop planned for April.  It's in the works and will include some guest teachers.  Keep checking back for word on that! You will not want to miss this!