Brittany Howard Painting - Sold!

Brittany Howard with her painting I painted of her after the Grammies

While watching the Grammy Awards several weeks ago, I waited anxiously to see our own 
Alabama Shakes up for Best New Artist. I got chills every time I saw Brittany and her grandmother whom she took with her to the event.  Brittany appeared on stage performing The Weight along with Zac Brown Band, Elton John, Mumford & Sons and Mavis Staples. A great moment that I loved and tried to live vicariously through her.  It brings tears sometimes to see such greatness and a feeling of pride for a hometown girl. I'm so proud of her and all the guys in The Shakes. They make us proud!

So how did the painting come about? As I told Brittany recently in the gallery, I love to paint things I love, things that inspire me, people with authentic passion for what they do. Brittany fit the bill!
And her mother purchased it for her several weeks ago, but we had to keep it a secret so Brittany wouldn't find out before she returned from being on tour.

What was it like meeting her?  Well, I told her right off that I was starstruck! She just giggled a little and said that it was great to meet me. And to have her portrait done by "Carole Forêt" was pretty cool.  Her grandmother and mother were with her, and they were so sweet and so proud of their baby girl. They wanted to hurry a bit so Brittany would be able to accomplish lunch in a neighboring city without too much hassle.  So they began taking lots of pictures of Brittany with the painting. I shot several too, of all of them.  Alabama Shakes was playing on the speakers to Brittany's delight, and she was having to squelch the desire to belt it on out, and tried to sing quietly a time or two--I heard her! And told her to let it out! I think I would have collapsed if she had....She was excited, and to have her in my studio, excited about the painting, was about as cool as things get! for an artist
And as soon as we finished the photo op, we hugged and said good-bye.  A fun 15 minutes!

I am grateful for such experiences in my career.  I do meet the coolest people sometimes--famous sometimes, but notable all the time. I love my clients who often become friends.  
And I can't have enough friends in my life--you are all very loved!