Toomer's Corner Painting - SOLD!

Congratulations to my lucky client who is giving it to her husband who was an Auburn Tiger football player! WAR EAGLE!! "After the Win" , the ORIGINAL oil painting became available for sale yesterday afternoon--advertised through my e-newsletter and sold within 30 minutes! After so much demand for it since giclee prints on canvas came out, I had decided to let a lucky client own the original. My awesome clients deserve this chance. Plus, the Tigers are doing so well--AGAIN this year!

If you are just now finding out about it--I'm sorry! Please join my e-newsletter where you can be the first to know about great news like this. Just ask the lucky Auburn fans who were already on my list!


Fun Shoot - The Carpenters

Well, a cute little guy showed up for his shoot today with his beautiful mom and grandmother. Three-year-old Trip let me snap some fun shots--he was happiest outside with the ducks at the park! Then I shot some of his mother too--she's very photogenic herself! I'm so thankful and blessed to meet and have fun clients to work with. It was a great shoot!


Art on the Square - Athens, AL!

Visit the gallery Saturday from 10 - 5. We have alot going on here at Carole Foret Studio & Gallery! Barry Kay will be playing for us from 10:30-Noon. From 11am - 1pm we will be having Toddler Time where toddlers can come and be creative in 10 minute intervals. They will surely discover their budding talents! All day, there will be awesome art by some of my former students and artist friends, like Leslie Lockhart, Stephanie Fenton, Tina Swindell, Tim Thornton & more. So come on down to the square!


New Workshops!

I've planned new workshops. I have something for nearly every age group and every level. In October, I'm calling all Toddlers age 2-4 for a Saturday time of creativity. November is time for Adult Beginners. December is time for friends and former students to share a time of inspiration and relaxation before the madness of the holiday season is upon us. I'm looking forward to that session to be with and learn from other artists!


Painting Painting Painting!

With so many commissions to do before year's end, I'm feeling the breathing down my neck to get them done! Thank you to my clients for your patience--you are descendants of Job for sure. haha I'm putting lots of hours this week "throwing some paint" so if I miss you, you know where I am!

I enjoyed my week last week with my twin sister who did her Emmaus Walk. I wouldn't trade that time with her last week for anything! I love my sister so much. Being identical twins is such an amazing thing. Our bond is truly like none other...She inspired me to get going with my painting NOW so that the holidays will be more enjoyable. Good idea! She is a fabulous artist herself. You can see we started a long time ago painting ourselves first--with Limestone County red clay!

Blessings to you as you begin YOUR week!



In the Spiritual Realm

Hi Everyone,

If you're looking for me--I'll be in and out alot this week. My twin sister is on her Emmaus Walk! --Alabama Emmaus Walk #308. I'm her sponsor, so I drove the 2 hour winding-road-drive to Camp Sumatanga and back to take her on Monday night. This is a mid-week walk--they're usually on weekends, but with so many women wanting to experience Emmaus, they have created mid-week walks. It's been very difficult to focus on anything except wondering how Claire is doing and how she is enjoying the 72 hours of intense learning about Jesus and His love for us. Please pray that she and all of those on this walk have a beautiful experience.

I'm out of here again to Camp Sumatanga to spend the night at the Retreat Center there and attend the closing of her walk tomorrow night. Until tomorrow night, I intend to have my own spiritual retreat in the beautiful sanctuary that IS Camp Sumatanga.

Been on a walk? Feel free to share your experience with me! I was on Alabama Emmaus Walk #295--one of the greatest weekends of my life!

Peace & Blessings to all of you! I'll be back "in" on Monday!



Painting Workshop!

I started a 2-day Intermediate Painting Workshop today. They did a fabulous job! I'm always inspired by my students. It is so interesting with every group that I have to see all the very different styles they each have. It's wonderful. They all enjoyed it. We painted a still life of vegetables in their choice of acrylic or oil. Tomorrow they will work from a photo of their choice. I will let them choose a photo for me to demonstrate--that will be fun!

Sarah's Family Party at Home

On her actual birthday, we celebrated and surprised Sarah by inviting the extended family over for pizza and cake. She was thrilled! Here are some photos from that evening...



It's emails like this that keep me inspired!

Hi, Carole!

Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we were when my mom brought us the wonderful painting of the Tabasco bottle! It is hanging in our newly finished kitchen/party area in our basement. Bruce has always had an affinity for the Tabasco label, and we both love things spicy! Your painting is so colorful and delightful. We look forward to enjoying it and sharing it with our friends. I've had fun seeing your work in Athens and spotting you in magazines. Congratulations on your success and fabulous talent!

Dawn Murphree Long

Dawn was a beautiful girl in my childhood. Her sweet mother bought this painting for her...I love when my paintings and photography mean so much to people. Thank you, Dawn!


My Baby is 10!

Sarah Claire Foret is 10 today as of 1:00am! I told her I would wake her up and sing Happy Birthday to her to celebrate the moment of her birth, but for some reason, she declined. As we all say, " I can't believe that she is in 'double digits' now." Time goes by incredibly fast. She makes me want to slow down and enjoy every minute of the time I have with her. Sarah is so sweet and tender-hearted, creative, funny, beautiful and more. I just thought I would share her big day! This is one of my all-time favorite pics of her--a simple, good ol' Polaroid. Of course, I had to do a slideshow too--enjoy this! It's full of school field trips, and growing up moments.
God bless her and each of YOU!



With Pictage now!

After lots of research and visiting a great forum full of great people/great photographers, I decided to join Pictage. So far so good. I'm in the "training my clients" stage and changing my site info about Pictage. I anticipate a great relationship. Thank you to David Jay for all that he does, shares, inspires! Showit web/effects has been awesome too! See my latest slideshow.

To all my clients--I appreciate your patience as I make this transition. Carole Foret Photography will be better than ever!

Blessings to each of you!