Business Person of the Year!

photo by Kim Rynders of the Athens News Courier

Tuesday of this week the Athens Chamber of Commerce held their annual luncheon that honors its members with 4 top awards and the new president is welcomed. After a delicious meal with the beautiful decor and nearly 200 in attendance, award time came. A person would approach the podium and give a this-is-your-life type introduction to the anonymous person until it became clear who it was. I was shocked to realize after a few sentences given by Mary Nelle Clem (pictured with me) for the Business Person of the Year, that she was describing ME! I couldn't believe it. With all the amazing business people in attendance--2 of them my brothers whom I admire so much for the business skills, I was the one chosen. I still can't believe it. I am so grateful to those who nominated me, and of course, I give all glory to God for what He gives me each day to do what I do. It's amazing what happens when you take the gifts God gives you and go with them!

Art With a Twist at Huntsville Museum of Art

Last night I had the pleasure of holding a wine and painting event at the Hunstsville Museum of Art. They call their's Art With a Twist. There were probably about 25 people--all gals and one lucky guy. :) We had such a great time! This is my demo I did for them to mimic. Just like most of my paintings, it is a dancing subject: a martini with mammoth size olives.  Purchase this from my painting blog for a great price!


Wine & Paint - Crosses Night!

Last month, I held a Wine & Paint Night where we painted crosses.  I have to admit that this subject ended up being a challenge for me with it's opportunity for abstract and whimsical themes, but my students did a great job!  We had a blast, AND this was the biggest group I had ever had in my studio painting.  The energy was amazing!  Enjoy some photos of the action...

My friend LeAnna and Steph sitting beside her, and Peggy sitting beside Steph

Kelly and Sabrina having fun

And the group shot!  Didn't they do a fantastic job?

Yay, Susan! You go!

If you haven't heard of Susan Boyle by now, then, well I don't know where you've been.  She was the frumpy singer sensation on Brtiain's You've Got Talent with notorious judge Simon Cowell and the rest of the audience thinking cynically.  It's a beautiful story of "don't judge a book by its cover!"  Have you seen the YouTube recap of her performance??  You must:

Today I saw this article on MSN  about Susan's mini-makeover.  I was so excited for her!  It's always amazing what little changes can do for your entire image!  Go Susan!!


Thank You to OFifteen Magazine!

Lately, I have been blessed with so much press--please don't feel like I'm fuller of myself than I really am--ha!  But this interview from Ofifteen Magazine online was so nice as they asked so many in-depth questions about my sister and me and how we work together, our backgrounds, our faith, etc.  I really appreciate their interest in me and my sister. She talked about our C&C Painting Journeys too!...which we just finished Southern Palette and can hardly wait to show you photos!  Anyway, enjoy Ofifteen Magazine--it is really a cool site!


Southern Palette at Carole Foret Studio!

Tonight begins our C&C Creativa Painting Journey that we have anticipated for months now!  Claire, my sister, and I are holding a fantastic women's getaway art experience for some fine lucky ladies.  To learn more about it and to get info on our next one--in beautiful Stillwater, Minnesota this July, visit our site: CaroleAndClaire.Com!


I Want A Few More Pilgrims!

For the Facing Jesus Paintng Tour I am seeking 20 Pilgrims. To read all about what this ministry is for the painting entitled, "Facing Jesus", read the Facing Jesus Blog. I want 7 more Pilgrims. If interested, please email me with your request and your mailing address. The current Pilgrim List:

Claire Kayser, St. Paul, MN
Kelly Cain, Athens, AL
Jan Jeffreys, Athens, AL
Tina Swindell, Athens, AL
DeAnna McNeill, Athens, AL
Jennifer Morrison, Athens, AL
Allison Caputo, Huntsville, AL
Julie Haught, Huntsville, AL
Sabrina Query, Zurich, Switzerland
Starr DeGraffenried, Athens, AL
Karen Smith, Huntsville, AL
Melissa Wright, Athens, AL
Lisa Wallace, Florence, AL
Andrea Pope, Huntsville, AL
Regina Wood, Athens, AL
Cathie Mayne, Huntsville, AL
Carroll Lane Parsons, Columbus, MS
Glinda Clardy, Huntsville, AL


Follow Me on Twitter!

Come on all you fellow Twits! Let's follow each other on Twitter! It's fun, but would be much more fun if YOU would join me. You can find me at www.twitter.com/CaroleForet. Join in the fun now! Are you already Twittering?  If so, add your URL in a comment so that I can follow YOU.

Pilgrim List For the Facing Jesus Painting Tour!

Oh, I am so excited about the Facing Jesus Painting Tour! So far, I have 8 Pilgrims who have agreed to take part. I will take up to 20, so keep that in mind and let me know if YOU would like to be one.  Read all about it on the Facing Jesus Blog . The list so far includes these awesome people:

Kelly Cain, Athens, AL
Claire Kayser, St. Paul, MN
Jan Jeffreys, Athens, AL
Jennifer Morrison, Athens, AL
Allison Caputo, Huntsville, AL
Julie Haught, Huntsville, AL
Starr DeGraffenried, Athens, AL
Sabrina Query, Zurich, Switzerland


Calling 20 Pilgrims!

Please email me to let me know if YOU are interested in being one of the 20 Pilgrims for my Facing Jesus Painting Tour Ministry.  If you want, you can let me know why you chose to be a part, but it's not required.  ANYONE is invited to be one.


Facing Jesus Painting On Tour

Facing Jesus Tour is announced! Read all about it on the Facing Jesus Blog that has been created just for this ministry. There will be a call for Pilgrims to participate in this experience Sunday, April 5th. Be one of the 20!

Peace and blessings,