Sneak Peek for Rosemary Beach!

These are the latest things off my easel for my show/workshop this weekend at Rosemary Beach, Florida! I have been preparing so hard since I have been so low on work--paintings simply to sell. (I am always swamped with commissioned work...) I am so excited about this Girls Getaway Weekend! My sister Claire flies in today to Athens, and we will leave tomorrow for the event. Claire's paintings arrived yesterday--I can't wait to see hers, but we won't open the boxes till we get to Florida. If you are one of the lucky ladies attending this weekend, I cannot wait to meet you! We will have a wonderful time! Safe travels for everyone!




Love is in the air! And on my site. I've gone pink for a few days celebrating love--and Valentine's Day coming up! Check it out! It is a bit obnoxious, but fun. Tell me what you think...Love! Give some--get some!


Your First Art Lesson!!

Looking forward to the Rosemary Beach Girls Getaway Weekend Art Workshop! This is a sneak peek! I painted an Eiffel Tower in this video ! (Someone I know is in Paris right now, and I was inspired to paint it. Hey DJ!) Along the way while painting, I shot images of every step from start to finish. I think this 4 1/2 minute video will whet your appetite to paint. View and tell me if you learn anything!


"New" Studio!

Been feeling stressed by all the exciting changes going on personally and professionally. All I know is that I have plenty of painting to do by January 31st! Stress can come from even the most wonderful things in your life--changes that are very exciting as are going on in my studio, as well as bad thngs, like having surgery next month (tonsillectomy) and feeling so tired from the strep that lives in my tonsils. So! What I did was buy new paintbrushes and make a mini studio in my "nest" at home where I feel most comfortable. I'm planning to crank out some new pieces-can't wait to show you! Keep checking in as I post new photos of them. Be blessed!


First Place!!!

Saturday was a special day for us--my daughter Caroline is on the Athens Middle School competition cheerleader squad, and they had their first competition in Birmingham. Wow. What a world that is--the world of cheer competition! Whew. Didn't know what that was all about, but, hey--there's a first time for everything, isn't there? Well, the girls on the squad really rocked! They performed a cheer/dance/acrobatic combo and won first place in the school division!! I was so proud of all of them. Caroline has worked so hard and I was especially proud of my baby whose shoulders and arms have been so sore from practicing so much. Yay, AMS Competition Squad!!! Enjoy this collage of photos of our day. There will be a video to come!

Home at Last!

Texas was awesome in so many ways, but of all things, it was sort of hard to satisfy my desire for cappuccino in the mornings. I couldn't believe that the nice hotel we were in didn't offer them and there wasn't a Starbucks very close by either--or rather we didn't feel like braving the freezing cold and wet weather to walk that far...Yes, I'm spoiled. I know I'm home when I see this:

This is my very specail La Pavoni espresso maker that we've had for about 10 years. It makes the best cappuccinos! Paired with some of the finest coffee in the world from Kaffee Klatsch in Huntsville, Alabama. They are fine roasters of coffee that they purchase from all over the world. Our favorite is the darkest they offer--Italian Espresso. So. Life has been good being able to have my morning java the way I like it! I'm home!!


Imagining USA a BLAST!

In more ways than one--Imaging USA was a blast of fun and from the arctic! I just returned 2 days late from San Antonio where it is usually warm this time of year, but turned extremely COLD the second day we were there. Ice was everywhere, stranding a gazillion photographers for 2 days and more. But, you know what? Those 2 days gave us time to hook up and bond with photographers and new friendships were made. That is the very awesome silver lining in this whole thing. Besides the gals I went with, I have the pleasure of calling friends, Kevin Swan, David Jay, Nathan Holritz, Liana Lehman and others. Photos coming soon!


Howdy Texas!

Made it to San Antonio today for PPA's Imaging USA. Carla Swinney and I met up with my sister Claire and Jenny Driscoll at the airport then headed to the Riverwalk to our hotel. The convention starts tomorrow and we are stoked! Having a great time already! We enjoyed some authentic Mexican food at Rio Rio Cantina. it's great to get away for a few days to get inspired seeing the latest and greatest products in photography as well as gain the most in knowledge with some great seminars/speakers. I'll post pictures soon!--once I find a card reader. (I forgot mine - sad face). This trip is being documented for sure! Look out!

This shot taken by the great Kevin Swan at Howl at the Moon on the Riverwalk. Awesome time!

Claire and me with the awesome David Jay, about to bookend him...

Then the BOOKEND!

Group shot--all of us enjoying Rio Rio Cantina! Thank you to Steve Snyder for these last shots!


The Gift of Compassion!

I'm almost finished with "Love is the Killer App" by Tim Sanders--it's awesome. I've learned some new Love Cat ways and hope that others can read the book and grasp these concepts of the new way of doing business and being successful. All would win! Watch Tim in this example of compassion--a beautiful story. Want more info on the book? Scroll down to the post about the book...

Begin with Me

I am always in inspired by the music of Point of Grace. This song really puts it where it needs to be--Begin with me. Change ME and my heart's desires into what they should be. We sometimes think its others that need to change so that we can be happy, but no. The reality is that it's usually me. Be strong and depend on God to help you make changes in your life that need to be made. He doesn't expect you to do it alone. We can't. Start today with changing the one person you can--You. Blessings! Carole


Photo Special for February!

Don't miss this chance! Receive an online slideshow like this to share online with friends and family. Book your photo shoot NOW for a February date to receive this $100 valued gift from us free! Calling all seniors, babies, models, couples--call us now: 256.232.2521.

Precious Kate!

This is 9 month old Kate Billingsley from Florence. Isn't she a doll?? She was my last shoot of 2006 too. Kate's mom came to me when she was expecting, and we had a wonderful shoot together anticipating Kate's birth. (You can see her on my site in the pregnancy section with the red drape) I have had the privelege of photographing Kate every 3 months since her birth! Kate has become very special to me. Thank you, Ashley, Cliff and Kate for being such valued clients! I have the best clients in the world!


Wesley Autrey - A True Hero!

Would you jump on a NYC subway track to save a life--with a train coming?? I saw Wesley Autrey tonight on Letterman, and was inspired to post his story on my blog. What an awesome example of LOVE--the servant kind. You've got to see this video (thanks to CBS News), and be inspired to be a servant in your own life. Share the love...Thank you, Wesley, for being a true example.


New Look to My Blog

You may notice my blog looks different! I like change, so it seemed appropriate to give it a makeover of sorts. You'll notice that you can subscribe to my blog to the right by entering your email to receive notification of updates. Subscribe! Because starting right now, my blog is going to be the tool to your learning about awesome specials on paintings, photo shoots, exciting workshops, etc. and you'll want to be the first to know! Also, you can send an instant message in the "cbox"--that's a fun feature. So let me know how you like it. Please share my blog with 5 people via email and pass along all this good news and advice. Be blessed! Carole


Every new year brings the idea of making resolutions. Mine is the same from year to year and is very vague: Be better! In all areas of my life, that is. I love to grow and improve in every way. I'm driven that way, I guess. One great way to grow is to gain more knowledge by reading books. I began really reading even more in 2006, and I've never felt better. I'm reading how to be a real "Lovecat" in my business in the book: "Love is the Killer App" by Tim Sanders. It is an awesome read, telling how business ethics have changed so much with new age of the internet, blogs, email and the wealth of instant information at our fingertips.

Another one I'm reading is "Citizen Marketers" by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba. Check out the links--I'll update you on what I get from them soon!