A Great Day To Share...

Some days roll around and feel better than others. On days that feel less wonderful, it's always good to reach out to others and share. So here I go! These photos are from my Pinterest Boards. Enjoy! And be blessed!
A great reminder for me!

Brings a smile every time I see this!

My niece, Elizabeth in NYC where she lives.  See her in Allure Magazine this month.  This pic!

Two of my favorite Bible scholars, Priscilla Shirer and Beth Moore

My love and addiction

And my hair is nearly this long now!


AUsome Paint Night!

With Danielle Beam and Lee Thompson
My friend from way back and fellow Auburn Alum, Kristal Huntley

Last night was our AUsome Aubie paint night.  Wow, I must say that I think I saw the best Aubies EVER come to life on canvases.  What happened was I was sneaky in telling them what to do and before they realized it, they were creating values (lights/darks/shading) in their pieces.  And we really worked hard on the likeness of Aubie's crazy eyes since that is what helps you see into his fun, energetic, passionate soul! These people rocked the class--all 18 of them! Thank you, amazing Huntsville Auburn Club!


Great Private Lesson!

Leigh studying value then working in color

Us when it was over. 
I had a wonderful time in my private lesson with Leigh today! She did an amazing job studying value then delving right on into color. I hope to work more with her. She's really got the motivation and talent to learn! I love that in my students!


Jule Collins Smith Museum Art In the Garden

Beautiful water feature

Beautiful orchid. My pic didn't do it justice though. :(
The East Side of the museum. Pres. Gogue talking to Pat Dye in mid-right side of pic...
Beautiful sunset from the West side terrace
Enjoying a glass of Merlot
James Farmer talk
Cool architecture of the museum
Cam Statue 

Julie Collins Smith Museum in Auburn held their annual Art in the Garden last night. I was able to attend and did upon the suggestion of President Gogue from our meeting we had last fall. It was a beautiful night! There were stunning landscape vignettes as well as many items on silent auction. An orchid display from Garden of Eden, a great florist there, was amazing!  My favorite part of the night was sunset on the terrace just watching the sunset over the beautiful lake--very peaceful. Listening to the talented Auburn graduate, James Farmer speak about his garden designs was inspiring. I hope to use some of what I learned from him--it comes so naturally to him.  He was funny too.... Really neat event. I highly recommend your going next year!....then I went onto campus to see the Heisman statues that were unveiled yesterday. Fun night....


Alabama Shakes!

If you haven't seen them by now, it's time! Wow, what a band, and they're 
from my hometown of Athens, Alabama--Alabama Shakes.
 I love their sound, their music and soulfulness. I just downloaded their newly-released 
album "Boys & Girls" on iTunes for my roadtrip tomorrow. 
Can't wait to hear it all!

Brittany's voice is one that makes you hit replay over and over again--that raw, passionate, soul-wrenching way she belts it out makes you want to feel what she's singing down to your bones.
 I love music like that.