Ring In the New Year With This!

Your very own 2010 Calendar by one of your favorite artists! Right? Aren't I at least ONE of your faves? On sale now is a limited number of calendars featuring a painting or 2 on each page/each month of one of my original paintings. Celebrate the year with a collection of some of my most favorite paintings I've ever done. If you are interested in one, please message me. They will be available in the next week when the gallery re-opens from this wonderful holiday! Only $35 plus tax & shipping.

Happy New Year! I wish that 2010 will be your most joyous!


Closed Till January 6th!

Enjoying the Holidays until
January 6th!
See you then...
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Modern-Day Christmas Story in a Small-town Art Gallery

It's been quite a while since I've posted. I can assure you it's been due to painting alot and getting paintings finished in time for Christmas. I hope you are ready too!
Here is it is Christmas Eve, and I want to share with you a true blessing I received yesterday in my gallery. This is an excerpt from my journal that I wrote this morning--7 pages to describe the event! So sit back and enjoy, what I think, is a real, true Christmas story that happened in my art gallery. It starts:

Christmas Eve

Glory, glory glory! I sit this beautiful morning, cozy warm, cappuccino in hand, Christmas festivity all around in this den and NOW the big face of Jesus painting we brought home last night on the wall where I had planned for it to be. And I'm reflecting on the beautiful gift I was a part of yesterday in my gallery over my Jesus paintings. It still amazes me each time I reflect on it:

December 23rd was my last day to have the gallery open before Christmas. The stress and hustle to get paintings finished, to clean up the building, to prepare invoices for clients coming to pick up paintings was ALL done. I even dressed up a little, knowing I could simply enjoy the day, not risking getting paint on me and relish in the energy outside of shoppers going from place to place, hearing the Christmas music playing outside my front door. I even caught sight of a little boy stopping to listen and begin dancing! I loved it! Not accustomed to having little to do, a thought crept into my mind hinting that it would probably be an uneventful day. Hmm. I'm not used to having such thoughts...

But just as the thought began to sadden me, a couple of ladies walked into the gallery. I stood from my desk to tell them a little about the art in the gallery and sort of concluded they wanted to be left to browse on their own. I went back to what I was doing on the computer. It seemed as though they weren't interested in buying, but they lingered long and appreciated so much of the art. That was nice. It is so awesome, whether someone buys or not, that they are moved by what they see! And so it was, that they were indeed moved, when they approached the grand archway in the gallery where my 5ft Face of Jesus is.

As the ladies stepped slowly around the gallery, I thought they were making their way to the door until one of them did something I couldn't believe. My original 16x20 Jesus that I painted was propped up displayed on the top of my shelf leaning against a tall vase. Behind that painting was another smaller 10x10 Jesus I had painted, but wasn't particularly content with. That's why it was "hiding." The lady walked right to the larger painting and moved it to pick up the smaller one! How did she know that was there??? I sprung up from my chair, I began to tell them about the series of paintings I had done this year of Jesus. And about my Facing Jesus Painting Tour as well. After I did, the one lady said she really liked the small one and asked the price. As I looked down at it in her hands, I stumbled for words, talking about how I had begun these paintings as a ministry that I had not completely figured out HOW I would use my paintings, put prices on them--even sign them or not, etc. (How do you put a price on a depiction of our Savior?) I went on to talk about how in some way, somehow, I had hoped to realize a person in such need and actually GIVE one. Perhaps, one painting per year. But there were so many questions as to how to do that? And that is where I would stop in my thinking, not knowing how to determine that person, etc. At times this year, I've felt like I was "falling down on the job" at completely working out this ministry that I knew God had led me to. But I still didn't know how to follow through further.

As I talked to the ladies I showed them the details of the how the 5ft Jesus came to be--all the sessions of underpainting with vibrant color that provides great texture and, what I call, "visual excitement" to the finished piece--the bright red in the bottom right corner, the kelly-green in His lower lip, the painting hanging so stately, so serenely, but captivatingly right there showcased through the arch in the gallery.

The two were marveling at the painting when the one lady, out of the blue said. "I am seeking Jesus. I am desperately trying to find Him. I've been reading in my Bible from the book of Pro-Verbs (that's how she pronounced it) about Wisdom--I wanna find that Wisdom. I am in AA and a recovering alcoholic, and I am so very much searching for Jesus! I want to have a strong faith. As bad as they were, I am strangely thankful for my 2 DUIs in my past that got my attention and am so thankful I didn't hurt anyone!"

Hearing the longing in her voice and the pain and guilt in her face, I assured her she would find Jesus. That reading her Bible, she will find faith that she needs to be strong. In listening, I learned the 2 ladies were sisters and that the one "searching" lady was visiting from North Carolina. Our conversation had moved me to such compassion and love for this woman for having such a desire for her Savior! In my heart and soul I asked "Oh God, what more could You want from one of Your own???"

Ignoring the ringing phone and another person who had walked into the gallery, we continued talking and sharing in the Lord. This was too amazing, I thought.

After a minute, it took no more thought but to walk back to the small Jesus painting that Sheila had miraculously found hiding behind the larger Jesus painting, and say to her, "With all that you've shared with me, how would this painting fit in your home in North Carolina?" She quickly began to find words to politely decline as she thought I was tying to sell the painting to her, but I quickly interrupted her and said, "I am GIVING this Jesus painting to you!" She stopped dead in her tracks stunned. Her big blue eyes began to fill with tears. And I had a couple of moments on my own, signing the painting, overwhelmed by God saying to me, "Carole, all I have ever asked you to do is use the gift of painting that I have given you to My glory, and I will finish the rest." This was the answer to my prayer--completing my ministry! Finally, it was clear to me. As usual, it was in God's timing. ;)

We all received a blessing yesterday--a day that the devil tried to convince me would be uneventful but turned overwhelmingly eventful! To be an instrument of God and be able to echo the majesty and mystery of the gift of Jesus Christ right there in a small downtown art gallery with a small painting that little ole' me painted, truly made my Christmas--feeling God's presence right there in the midst of it all.

Are you in doubt that God can use YOU? Do you doubt for a minute that He orchestrates circumstances? All He asks of us is to have faith--a strong one, and notice opportunities to show Him in our lives--just show and share. That's all! God will do the rest. He is truly amazing like that! I stand in awe of Him and praise Him for the ultimate gift of Jesus here at Christmas-time. I pray that each of you will have the most wonderful, Jesus-filled Christmas ever!

~Merry Christmas!

Enjoy these beautiful Christmas Images from other artists I found on the web!



Homage To My Favorite Color!

This is one of my most favorite times of the year! We just enjoyed the most beautiful autumn that I can remember--the color was simply stunning for weeks with beautiful landscapes accented with a splash of RED! This is a simple little post about my favorite color--RED. Check out some of my favorite things in this earthy, sensual color!

During Christmas, I love a black coat accented with a RED scarf!

OH! The trees this fall!

My phone in RED?? Maybe?

Pottery Barn stockings--Mmmm!

I think I am inspiRED too!

Love modern design, like this red Arne Jacobsen chair. Love this!

Reminded me of MY first car--a lipstick red VW Jetta

And as my art students know, I shoot pics of produce, like these RED pomegranates!

And the Holiday J. Crew catalog came in this week with metallic RED lettering. Sent chills!

And pure excitement is beautiful clear skin with bright RED lips. Classy!

And to express Christmas greetings, what could be more simply stated than
a plain RED velvet ribbon on a pine wreath?

And to end, I'll sign off just like I do my paintings--in RED!
Have a blessed RED holiday season and enjoy all the red around you!


Paint Cafe Begins!

Paint Cafe begins Tuesday!

If you have talked to me about this class, please join us Tuesday from 9am-11am. Bring whatever supplies you have, and we'll get a supply list for you. We'll have a relaxed first class and get you acclimated to the studio and what we'll be doing. We'll paint too!
Don't worry if you don't have everything--I'll have plenty to share.

Here are the details of the Class:

Tuesdays 9am-11am
All levels welcome - open to 8 students
Acrylic or Oil
Students Bring Supplies-paints, brushes, canvases (studio has easels)
Paint new subject each Tuesday
Lots of individual attention
Coffee, Snacks, Groovy music
and Creative Inspiration always provided

Pay by class ($85 per class) or in a 4-class-bundle ($295)
Beginning December 1st! Will go through 4 Tuesdays of December
and then start right back up in mid-January after the holidays.
Join me!


Gift Certificates!

Don't like fighting crowds this time of year? Me either! To give someone what they really want--it's easy! Call my studio and purchase a gift certificate for most anything I offer--workshops, paint nights, paintings, giclees, gift items (of mine)! All you have to do is have your credit card. I'll run it over the phone and have your gift certificate sent to you OR the recipient! Just think what it would be like to have someone open this on Christmas Day knowing he/she gets to pick and choose something from Carole Foret Fine Art. Ahhh! Call now! 256-232-2521 or email OR make it even easier using Paypal on the sidebar just to the right of this post. :)


Preparing For Thanksgiving!

This time of year calls us to realize all of our blessings. It's been easy for me--with the colorful fall we've had. A most awesome display of the original Creator's work. There is one last tree that I pass going downtown to my studio that still has just a few magnificent golden leaves on it. It has just taken my breath away so many times. I'm so thankful for my family--my husband, my two precious daughters, my parents--and ALL of my family. And also for my family of great friends. All we really have in life are our relationships--never forget that...Spend time this holiday season nourishing and growing relationships.

I'm preparing dough with my precious little son above in a photo shoot with my make-believe family. My husband got a kick out of how they made shots of me cooking look believable!! ha!

These photos are from a shoot I did through my agency Real People in Birmingham for Cooking Light Magazine in 2005. They were shot by a great photographer who truly fascinated me with her passion for food photography. And OLD school photography. She still shot large format film. Her name is Becky Luigart-Stayner. Check out her site and work!

Cooking Light did a huge spread on Thanksgiving recipes. This shoot was so much fun--torture too as we sat around in a gorgeous home in Birmingham smelling the aromas of the actual food that they photographed for the magazine for 2 days. We models were only secondary. The food, table decor, and beautiful dishware were the focus for sure! We DID finally get to eat--while we acted like a family eating together and talking, etc. Lots of fun. One of my favorite acting jobs for sure!

My scanner wasn't able to work for these. So forgive the quality--the magazine was shot with my iPhone. The shots in the magazine are very clear. :)


Missed Everyone While I Was Gone!!

Whew!  Last week was a week of unexpected turns!  My twin sister Claire came to Athens to meet up with my cousins and aunts who were coming up from Louisiana until one of my aunts landed in the hospital.  So, all bummed and sad, we pondered for 2 seconds and decided to jump in the car and head to Baton Rouge!  No problem--just had to rearrange a couple of classes with my most awesome students and clients, and Claire's flight home and we were off to visit the sick!  It ended up being a most wonderful trip getting to see so many relatives!  We just love our family--most of them are artists like we are.  Crazy like we are too! :)

After Aunt Jerry got out of the hospital, we decided not wear out our welcome at Cousin Carl's & Blinda's house (awesome hospitality!!) and head to the Big Easy.  Can't be THAT close and not go to New Orleans, right?  The Hotel Monteleone was wonderful.  The gallery-hopping was fun.  The food was delicious, of course.  But a highlight was finding an artist who I had found online about  3 weeks ago and realized she was in New Orleans.  We set out to find her and voila!  We did!

If you haven't seen Ashley Longshore's work, you have got to see it!  It is so fun!  And if you get the chance to see it in person--you will want to touch, caress or even bite her art!  Yes!  Each piece has the shiniest gloss you've ever seen!  It's hard to tell it viewing her work online, but in person--it's an experience!  Ashley is a beautiful girl with a fun spirit too.  Get by to see her at 4848 Magazine Street.


If You See Tears in my Eyes...

I just got word that my friend and client Nancy Campbell passed away this week.  This photo was shot the day I delivered her house portrait that she LOVED.  We had never met until that day--we had only emailed each other for the entire year it took me from commissioning to finishing.  We had a blast.  When I got to her house, she had her friends there ready to celebrate the painting being done.  We had coffee, played with all her wigs and share a really blessed time together.  She will be missed.  Nancy was full of life despite her cancer, and she gained the greatest faith in God.  Please be in prayer for her children that she leaves behind.    Heaven gained an angel...


Just LOVE My Hometown!

Several years ago, when I moved back to my hometown of Athens, Alabama, I wanted to paint a series of paintings of downtown.  I had never seen any original art of Athens other than graphite drawings, pen & ink drawings, photography--but nothing colorful and expressionistic and FUN!  That is where my crazy, funky style was born--in those paintings!  They were so much fun to paint, and now are owned by one collector.  The favorite painting from that series is this one that depicts downtown from a Western perspective, just West of beloved Kreme Delite and looking toward the beautiful courthouse square.  Leaning into the painting only buildings I wanted was lots of fun.  For years, I have sold art mugs and prints of this painting.  I am now offering new mugs (with the same image, but an updated signature), fine art paper prints and stationery/greeting cards.  These gifts are very affordable and make awesome holiday gifts!

Mugs: $15
Paper Prints: $45
Greeting Cards (5-5x7) $28

If YOU love Athens, then consider one of these gifts and plan to attend my next Paint Night where we will paint a painting of our gorgeous courthouse!  It is going to be so much fun, and a large portion of proceeds are going to The Spirit of Athens revitalization organization. The Paint party is half reserved, so reserve YOUR spot soon!

When: Thursday Night, November 12th
Time: 5:30pm - -8pm
Bring: Nothing but your fun spirit
Includes: Hors d'oeuvres and all supplies (11x14 canvas)
Take Home: Your own Courthouse Masterpiece!

Call the studio (256-232-2521) to reserve OR reserve with Paypal right on the sidebar of this blog.
It's that easy!  Can't wait to see YOU!


Going Back to my Roots

Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Chair

I have been perusing design blogs the past week or so and have found such joy in reading about design as I did for my degree in Interior Design from Auburn University-20 years ago. Yes, my degree (with Honors) is actually in design and not art. How many of you knew that? Anyway, when I studied Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier--I always wanted to own their designs as art pieces. The lines are so simple and evocative. I will have pieces like these one day! But in mind is churning a really cool painting series! You'll have to wait and see what it is in the new year! I have too many commissions to do before years end to really get this one going, but stay tuned!

Le Corbusier sofa

Christine Keeler in an Arne Jacobsen chair

My sentiments exactly! Sexy design.



5 of my favorite things!

Chanel No. 5
Audrey Tautou
Billie Holiday Music
Romance of Trains

This commercial has all 5.
If you haven't seen Audrey as Coco Chanel in the movie Coco Before Chanel--you must see it. If you like fashion history, it should be your next movie to see. It is out in select locations only. I happened to see it on my flight back from Italy last month!

Paint Nights Coming Up!

Paint Nights:

November 3 at The Ledges, Huntsville, AL : Tuscan Landscape 8x8 Canvas
70% Reserved
Call Emily at the clubhouse: 256.883.0860 $85

November 12 at Carole Foret Fine Art, Athens, AL : Our Beloved Courthouse 11x14 Canvas
To benefit The Spirit of Athens
40% Reserved
Reserve easily thru Paypal in the Sidebar! $75

December 1 at The Ledges, Huntsville, AL : Simple St. Nick 8x10 Canvas
40% Reserved
Call Emily at the clubhouse: 256.883.0860 $85

December 8 at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Florence, AL: Aubie
To benefit The Shoals Area Auburn Club $75

What is going on THIS weekend in glorious downtown Athens?

The Athens Storytelling Festival. Don't miss a moment of it!
The huuuuuuge tent is going up as we speak-so you don't have to fear rain. Grab a bite to eat at any of our downtown restaurants. Browse through gift shops and even my art gallery!

Here is the schedule of our awesome storytellers:
(Click to enlarge)

Thursday's & Friday's Schedule

Saturday's Schedule


Happy Big 50th Anniversary!!

Today is my parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary! This is their wedding photo after eloping on October 26th, 1959--and it was a Monday night, just like it will be tonight when we celebrate! I love my Mom & Dad and am so happy for them. God bless them with many more.


FUN Weekend!

What a weekend! War Eagle!! We are no fair-weather fans. How can you be when Auburn is such a special place filled with such tradition, spirit and a beautiful sense of family? It feels much like going "home" when I arrive there. I almost burst into tears at certain thoughts, like:

How long it's been since I was in school there. Ugh!
That my daughters might go to school there.
The sense of pride in the legends who have played and coached for Auburn. Including my father-in-law!
The great times I had while there and pride of being an Alum. :)
And what formative years those were being there.
Knowing the foundation of our team led spiritually by Chette Williams. Have you read his book Hard Fighting Soldier?
And more...

Pre-game field

War Paint :) on my daughter, Caroline

I hope you were able to feel such warm feelings over your weekend and that it was great! Fall is here, and I couldn't be more excited--my favorite time of year.


Latest Paintings!

Lately, I have done a lot of encaustic painting. You may have heard me talk about it before and not really know what it is. So here, I am hoping you'll post any questions you have about it. This is a shot of me using the torch on a finished layer that must be fused to the one beneath it. Below is a small body of work I showed at the Local Color show in Huntsville last night. "Dirty Red" sold. Yay! Thank you to all those who came and especially to the beautiful girl who bought from me!


Still Lovin' Satchmo!

From Wikipedia:

Louis[1] Daniel Armstrong (August 4, 1901[2] – July 6, 1971), nicknamed Satchmo[3] or Pops, was an American jazz trumpeter and singer from New Orleans,Louisiana.
Coming to prominence in the 1920s as an innovative cornet and trumpet player, Armstrong was a foundational influence on jazz, shifting the music's focus from collective improvisation to solo performers. With his distinctive gravelly voice, Armstrong was also an influential singer, demonstrating great dexterity as an improviser, bending the lyrics and melody of a song for expressive purposes. He was also greatly skilled at scat singing, or vocalizing, using syllables instead of actual lyrics.
Renowned for his charismatic stage presence and deep, instantly recognizable voice almost as much as for his trumpet-playing, Armstrong's influence extended well beyond jazz, and by the end of his career in the '60s, he was widely regarded as a profound influence on popular music in general: critic Steve Leggett describes Armstrong as "perhaps the most important American musician of the 20th century."[4] Flea once proclaimed that "Louis Armstrong was probably the greatest musician that ever lived...one note implies that if he wanted to he could play ten billion notes, but just one simple note is a beautiful thing."



As most people who know me know, I love music.  This week has been evidence of that in my painting as I am completing another jazz musician / singer--Louis Armstrong!  It's amazing how simply listening to a musician's music AS I paint them can really spark my painting.  I love when that happens, especially at times when my inspiration is lost, confused or in a rut.  Music helps me stay fresh!  See if some great jazz doesn't get YOU going!  Check my painting blog really soon to see my painting of Louis.


Courthouse Paint NIght!

On Thursday night, November 12th is a special Carole Foret Fine Art Paint Night! Join in and have a great time painting our beloved downtown Courthouse while supporting The Spirit of Athens! For a normal tuition fee of $75 per person, half the proceeds that night will support SOA and the downtown revitalization efforts.

All you do is call with your tuition fee, then show up at 5:30 that night! Enjoy hors d'oeuvres and mingle, then we'll begin painting at 6 and paint till 8. We'll shoot a group photo, then you leave with your own Courthouse masterpiece! Absolute fun! Reserving NOW: 256.232.2521


"Local Color" presented by Progress Bank!

You are invited to "Local Color"presented by Progress Bank in Huntsville.  Enlarge the invitation and read all about it.  Join me and several other artists as we enjoy great food, drinks friends while we exhibit our work.  What more fun can you have?  I am thrilled to have been invited along with other artists whom I love and admire so much!  So come on out.  Downtown Huntsville at 201 Williams Avenue next Thursday, October 15th, 6:30-9:00!


Wine & Paint At The Ledges Announced

Click to enlarge this flyer!

After tonight's Paint Night at my studio there will be one more in November, but I will continue to teach them in November and December at The Ledges atop Huntsville Mountain!  Plan to join me!  It is a beautiful, relaxing setting to paint and, as usual, we'll have a great time! Read the flyer for all the details and fun painting themes!


Tour the Place!


Next time you visit caroleforet.com you will see some changes.  They have been undergoing for a while without mention, but I'd like you to visit and let me know what you think!  One feature is that I have a photo tour of my gallery and studio!  Take a virtual walk inside and see what my place looks like.  THEN, take time to come in for a visit, for a class or just to take a tour of my building and many other buildings that are cool in downtown Athens!