I Feel Loved!

Well, I got so much done over the holidays and enjoyed Thanksgiving so much, being with family and sharing good food. I worked on my new website and it went live Monday night, and I went "dead" on Tuesday. I must have caught the virus my daughters had over the holidays---much like the flu, but not quite as bad. What was awesome tonight is my Sister Grace sisters called and sang some songs for me since I was missing rehearsal tonight. It was awesome! I felt so loved. That's artful living! I am blessed! You be blessed too...


Change is Happening!!

Wow! New Gallery Hours with sweet Leslie Willard keeping it and helping me out so much. AND a new website!

With this transition on the web, there is a problem with my email until I get it handled, hopefully on Wednesday, the 29th. We appreciate your patience! But please pick up the phone and call us so that we can serve you better: 256.232.2521.

Be blessed! Carole


Painting Workshops at Rosemary Beach!

Wouldn't it be awesome to enjoy at Girl's Getaway at Rosemary Beach AND learn to paint?? Well, it's going to happen! Be a part of this wonderful weekend. Email me to learn more!

This is an email from one of my students from my most recent workshop--it's emails like this that keep me planning more!


Thank you so much for the wonderful art class this past Tuesday evening! Words can't express how much I enjoyed being with you...you're enthusiasm is so contagious! It was such an honor to watch you begin your painting you did in our class...I truly didn't want to paint anymore...I was content to simply watch your gift of art pour onto the canvas!

Thank you again for a memorable night! I hope to see you again soon to add a new piece to my collection!


April Whitley

Booking now for 2007!

I am booked through 2006 now and will also be spending my time finishing up commissioned paintings from now through year's end. It has been a wonderful year--thank you, my precious clients! For those of you waiting on photography, Christmas card orders--don't worry, we're working on them right now! We have all the work we can handle and feel very blessed--thank you! !If you wish to book a shoot with Carole--go ahead and don't delay, her schedule is getting booked for January already. I have some exciting events going on this winter. I'll let you know about them in a future post. Have a very blessed Thanksgiving, remembering that no matter what you're going through, you can still feel gratitude--gratitude for our Savior dying on the cross for YOU. And for me. Carole

NEW Happenings at Carole Foret Studio

New is everywhere here! And still to come too (like my new site being designed right now)! So much is going on that I'm so excited about, reminding me how blessed I am. A beautiful girl is coming to work with me so that I can have gallery hours again. She will inevitably be a huge part of Carole Foret Fine Art & Photography. Leslie Willard will be working with me beginning November 28th with our big red door opening at 11am! Leslie has experience in photography, graphic design and marketing--yes! Just the person I have been looking for. Having Leslie will help to serve YOU better. We can't wait to work with you. Our new gallery hours will be Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 5pm. I will still require an appointment to be seen, so don't hesitate to email or call us.


Dragonfly Art Opening!

Carl Gleghorn's annual Holiday Show featured several of us artists. His gallery is awesome and totally cool! Located in beautful downtown Fayetteville, Tennessee, it was a hit a few nights ago when this opening was held. I loved it because come that afternoon, I had been so tired and didn't foresee having the energy to drive up to Fayetteville, but my awesome Dad, came by my studio and told me he would take me (since my husband was out of town). So I agreed to gather up my energy! We went and had a wonderful time as I knew we would. Carl said one of my 3 paintings there had sold before he could actually open the show! I was really fired up. While I was there ANOTHER sold. So, wasn't I blessed? That's what happens when you do the right thing even though you're tired! What was nice too is that my Dad (the renouned author, Bill Hunt) met some nice people through my artist friend JOANNA, and now he is going to be doing a book reading up in Fayetteville! Wasn't he blessed for offering to drive me up there? I love noticing blessings like that! Be sure to notice yours because they are there...
Notice Dragonfly's cool window decor!

Carl and his beautiful wife

Artist friends JOANNA and Connie Ulrich

My Dad and artist friend Sloane Bibb


Mikey from Widespread Panic

I finally finished a painting that was commissioned a year ago. I've never had to tell my clients before that it may take a year to complete their painting, but it's becoming true. NOT to do the painting, but to get to it for all the other commissions on my list! The bulk of my painting work is by commission and that's why my gallery is suffering right now from lack of "attention" (new work). Anyway, Sam Bryan was very happy to receive his painting today. If you would like a giclee print of it on canvas, just let me know!

Have a great weekend!



Oh my goodness!! What an awesome time I had in Chattanooga with my new family of OSPers! Who would have thought that something like this could happen? God's hand --as well as His servant David Jay's,is in this professional and personal fellowship that we know as OSP. OSP South was an amazing event put together by some gracious Southern folks: Nathan and Amber Holritz and Garrett and Joy Nudd. What a treat we had getting to listen to them share such valuable knowledge, share shoots, share meals, share each other. We were all blessed! Below is a photo of this very sophisticated group!


Congratulations, Jenny!

Jenny is a New Face with the PAMA Agency! Yay, Jenny! Both of us being professional photographers who shoot headshots and model/talent portfolios, my sister Claire and I had the pleasure of photographing her during our Get Noticed Event last April. She had an interview this week, and they signed her along with her beautiful baby boy, Hudson! Keep up the great work, Jenny!