Pause, Reflect and Have Fun!

Spring Break with my girls has always been a special time for me to pause and enjoy my time with them. Now that my older one is off at college and doing her own spring break, I am down to one daughter and allowing her to bring friends. It's fun to immerse myself in their worlds-they are so funny! Fifteen and "precious" too (wink). Any mom of a teenager knows what I'm referring to. Being that they like their own time together, I have plenty of time to read, reflect and enjoy lots of thinking time.

Why does the seashore bring out that contemplative mood? It always has for me these past few years that my marriage struggled. It's been a comfort to be able to hear God's voice more distinctly and feel the warmth of His light in such peaceful, beautiful surroundings. Just a few cool mornings, wrapped in a throw, hugging a hot cup of coffee and watching the gulf go back and forth! Solace to my soul! 

Found these on a walk.  Each one seemed special to me :)

Looking forward to summer with this Caprese Salad with fried green tomatoes
at Villagio at The Wharf. Yum!

Though it's Spring Break, our condo complex is quiet-one thing I've always liked about it.
 I am enjoying Kristin Armstrong's book Work In Progress, a Guide To Grace-I highly recommend it to any single person who  is trying get back up from a failed relationship. She is Lance Armstrong's former wife who is a Christian speaker and writer. 

If you are on Break, I hope that you are having a wonderful time with family, building bonds and making memories. Relationships are everything! :) 


Happy Weekend, From Gus

Wishing everyone a great weekend! Gus, my boxer, is especially happy today and is spreading the love.


Athens Branding Campaign Launch!

Last night, I was privileged to allow the city of Athens to hold their Branding Campaign Launch event in my building. Several were in attendance to see the new logos and brand the different entities of the city are unveiling.  They look great and are very cohesive from one group to another.  Be sure to take notice as these are beginning to be utilized for events as well as for our city vehicles, etc. Thank you to all who came out to celebrate!  Exciting times for Athens! Thank you to Teresa Todd for these images....