Sister Grace

People have wanted to know more about Sister Grace and our ministry. We are an "all girl" band originating from First United Methodist Church in Athens, Alabama. We each were/are in other bands from our Contemporary Praise Service (called First Light) and decided to form an all girl band. It hasn't been easy, but it has truly been an adventure thus far! We have traveled to other churches by invitation and have a schedule of other churches to visit soon! We have alot of fun doing what we do. Our goal is to be a music ministry to many people. Our sound is a beautiful blend of 5 voices and with our instruments, we have a style range from old gospel to soulful classics to contemporary Christian songs. We are even singing original songs from Tina Swindell (Momma Grace)! Our site should be up soon. Bookmark: www.sistergracemusic.com!


Sister Grace Music Therapy

After all the work of the day--of the week so far: being on WAFF 48 News Monday, 31 News today and all the design work I'm doing for Spirit of Athens (yay!), tonight was a most wonderful event to have been a part of. Tina Swindell of our band, Sister Grace, is spending time with her 96 year old father, Ernest, in the hospital. He's battling pneumonia among other things. He mentioned to her that he wanted to hear us sing, so instead of our normal practice, we pared down and went to sing for Ernest tonight with just our voices (Tina, Whitney, Stephanie, Julia and me) and Stephanie's guitar. He enjoyed it so much. It meant the world to him and Tina, and knowing how the Lord works, we were blessed too. Pray for Mr. Ernest. Be blessed...



Sunday, August 27, 2006

What a week & weekend! So much wonderful-ness in my life. I had a shoot with a 6 month old baby that I've been shooting since she was in the womb (maternity shoot of the mother), I taught an awesome beginner's workshop with some great students. I love meeting and being with new people, and teaching art is a fantastic way to get to know people and help them learn a new skill that opens a whole new world to them. New friends in my art world--yay! Lastly, my band Sister Grace traveled to yet another church and provided the music for a loving congregation, Monte Sano Methodist Church in Huntsville, AL. What a blessing that is to do! 5 women who love the Lord and love music-- being a ministry, an awesome calling and privelege!