Welcome to New & Improved!

Welcome to the new and improved look of my blog! I hope it will be great info for you as it will now better reflect what I spend my time doing--my art, staying healthy spiritually, physically and living artfully. I don't hold myself as a standard of anything near perfection--know that! I just like to share what does work for me, and many of the things work for me will work for you too--they are universal principles.

Look for my thoughts coming soon in the above pages about Self Discipline as it relates to success in areas of wellness and happiness.  Thank you for checking out my blog, and I hope that it will impart, at the very least, a morsel of goodness for you to live more artfully.


"Hello Dolly" and AnnaMaria

Yesterday in the gallery I had the pleasure of meeting with two different clients. One commissioned drawings  as a surprise to his new wife, and I'm so excited to to do drawings of the subject matter, but it's a surprise and you will see them later. 

And another heartwarming story came to life when a young lady came to pick up "Hello Dolly" that she purchased.... 

This story is that she had a great friend who was 89 years old, who died on May 13-Mothers day. This sweet lady loved life and had an infectious energy and love for others that she passed on every chance she got. She would play and sing Louis Armstrong songs all the time. And with her German heritage she loved hanging out with her German friends in Madison. She rarely went out without a hat and looking stunning. She thought everyone else looked wonderful too! So my client, Lisa, wanted this Louis Armstrong painting to honor AnnaMaria. 

I long for my art to have meaning to people and create an impact on them as they view it. I am grateful for those two opportunities yesterday.... 


Surrender and Surround

Saw this online and had to share--I would add that you lift up those around you too!


I Am Humbled

Meeting House band singing with my Jesus painting in the background on the right
I am humbled.  As an artist, I have so longed to know that God can use me to spread His kingdom through me and my work.  This past Easter season, The Meeting House in Ontario, Canada used my favorite crucified Jesus painting on stage during their "Why Did Jesus Die" sermon series.  
I was honored that they would want to use it. 
Just when you think God can't use stubborn souls, well, He can--He's used me! 
And it feels so good to know that He will.