Ta Da!!! The Boots!!

OK, be honest--who are the 5 people that voted for the ones I got?? I went with these because--for one--the heel! The others were 4.5" tall! Now, these are 3.5" and probably the highest heel I've got! They're really tall. The other reason I got these is that they are so fun and different than any I have already. I'm 40 now, and I suppose I want to keep my fashion-sense going. So tell me what you think! I love them!

Under the Christmas Tree

We are looking forward to being at Under the Christmas Tree this weekend. We hope to see you there. Click on the link to find out all the info.

If you are not familiar with our work--we would love to introduce our work to you! Enjoy seeing samples of my photography and paintings and pick up a gift item like my awesome art mugs with a packet of cocoa in it--just in time for the chilly weather! Win a custom photo session from us in the raffle too! I hope to paint on site too, so come and see how I do it! It's going to be a wonderful weekend--so come to Huntsville and see us!

Our gallery will be closed from Thursday until Saturday in order to participate in this event but will reopen like normal on Tuesday!

Here is a cool slideshow for you about the latest & greatest faces I've shot the past year or so...Enjoy!


Stay Up-to-Date!

I just found a way to allow you to subscribe to my blog each time I update it! Just go to the right there and add your email and my post will be emailed right to you! Isn't that cool? Try it--you can always unsubscribe if you decide you don't want me in your inbox. But, the great thing is you will always be first to know what's going on--like when the photo of my new boots is posted! Hopefully tomorrow! Shhh...Thank you to Anne Ruthmann for helping me with this neat tool. Anne has an awesome blog that I subscribe too--she totally rocks!


Pow Wow

My awesome assistant Leslie and I took some time Friday after work and a busy week to just go and share some time chatting. I like to call it our Pow Wow sessions. We always want to do those more often, but when our days get so full and scheduled, it's hard to always take the time. But we're going to more often. We have some great things lined up for the coming year! We look forward to sharing it all with you soon. Leave a comment and guess where we were. The upholstery in the background should give you hint!

OK, I've added the photo below--now can you tell where we were??

The Votes Are In!

...and I'm really surprised at the results! You will see which boots I purchased any day now. Sorry it has taken so long--they actually came in days ago, but were too small, so I've exchanged them for a larger size. But, I will say this: They are rockin'!! Stay tuned for a photo of them!

Above are the boots in my "collection" right now. You see I have some simple suede black (on far left--you can hardly see them) and tan tall boots, my pale brown cowgirl boots (handmade in Mexico!), my Frye harness boots, my old cowboy boots from high school, and my Frye work boots. So, here this photo should serve as a hint to what I got!


The Jones Family!

We had the pleasure of shooting this precious family a few weeks ago. Thank you Jones family for loads of fun!


My Dad at Storytelling Event!

I am so proud of my Dad! (Bill Hunt) He has gone to LSU Alexandria (Louisiana) this weekend to be featured in their storytelling festival. His book along with, "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Twelve Years a Slave" are ones being featured this weekend. Imagine writing a book that is grouped with those two! This is a recent photo of my Dad from his book cover. If you haven't ever read his book, "Last Witness From a Dirt Road," you must read it. It is a fictionalized memoir of a time in the 40's when "Billy" was 12 years old, living as the son of an overseer of a sugar cane plantation in Louisiana. It's a perfect time to cozy up near a fire with some some coffee or cocoa and read! The book is available in many stores--amazon, barnes and noble, so grab one at your first chance. This photo is a shot of my Dad when he was 12 years old--the age that he is in this book.

Storytelling festivals are wonderful! They feature such awesome speakers who can share in an artful way stories about life! Athens is having their storytelling festival right now! So come on downtown and enjoy!


My Sister's Shoes!!

OK, I wouldn't do this for just anyone, and she didn't even ask me to do this! But this is just too awesome! You know I have a painting blog where you can buy paintings straight from it--well, my twin sister has a painting blog too, and boy, she did a great one today! Check it out and buy it--it will make a lady in your life happy for the holidays--it will go fast!!



This is it! The workshop I've been planning for several months that has never been taught before at my studio! It's finally going to happen this coming new year during the cold months of January and February. Stay tuned for the details and flyer that you will be able to download from right here on my blog!


Time Again for Art House!

Calling all artsy individuals! Join us for our next Art House! Click on flyer below to enlarge...Have a great week!


Shopping for Brown Boots--Help!

So, I'm in the market for some brown boots--as I was last winter, but didn't get any because the ones I like from my favorite store,
J. Crew were over $300, and I just didn't want to pay that for boots, even though I love them! So, today I found these alternative options from smartbargains.com. I will post a photo of me in the ones that I end up getting! Can you help me decide? Which ones do you think I should get?


New MySpace!

For our fashion-inspired & different style of shooting, we have just created a new MySpace directed at the awesome Seniors that we have been shooting! These guys and girls are so much fun and are really into making great photos that will last a lifetime--photos that when they look back in several years will remind them how cool they were.

For a limited time, add us as a "friend" and make a comment and receive a special offering from our studio that will go toward prints from a new shoot OR prints for a shoot you've just had with us!


Designer Images!

Here at my studio, I have an awesome assistant who has been with me for coming on a year now--Leslie Willard. She is unbelievably talented at editing and is now allowing me to offer "Designer Images" to my clients. This is one that she helped ME to design today as I was just playing around, but Leslie's work really rocks! We are thrilled to be offering several of these standard with most all of our photo sessions! Stay tuned for a slideshow coming with many of our favorite designer images!


My Baby turns 15!

It's what I call "birthday season" at our house with everyone having birthdays one right after another each month through the rest of the year. My older daughter turned 15 yesterday, and I just can't get over how time has flown since that day I birthed a 9 pound 3 ounce baby girl! Where has the time gone? She was at the permit office really early yesterday morning with her Daddy taking the test to get her permit to drive. You would have thought she was getting her actual license--she was so excited! We had a great night going to dinner at the new Rosie's Mexican Cantina in Huntsville. Caroline brought her friend Walker with us, and they had a great time!

Latest Auburn Painting!

With my Auburn event planned for the Iron Bowl at Auburnart.com gallery in Auburn, Alabama, I have begun work on some original pieces that I will have down there available for purchase. This is the latest! You can also find it on my painting blog This is "Nova"--War Eagle 7. He is so beautiful--I just had to paint him.


Schedule of Events

We had a great time in Auburn this past weekend--it was so invigorating to be there in the midst of such awesome spirit! I'm thrilled to say that I will be back in Auburn at the new gallery right next to Toomer's Drugstore, AuburnArt.Com during the Iron Bowl (Auburn vs. Alabama) November 24th. I will be there painting and promoting my Auburn prints and paintings. So come out and see us down there--you will LOVE the gallery! Ingrid and Frank always do things so nicely and full of that traditional Auburn spirit! More specific details will follow!


Fun With Images...

This image was one I experimented with some of the cool tools we use here at my studio to create "designer images." This one was made to look aged. I even used a texture that looked like on old folded-up letter. I got this tip from my buddy Kevin Swan out of Indianapolis, Indiana. He rocks with so many photography tips.


Auburn Weekend

This weekend, I am attending the Auburn vs. Vandy game--I'm so excited!! Especially after that win against Florida last Saturday, I'm fit to be tied. The weekend is extra special since my father-in-law is one of the 1957 Auburn Football team members being honored for the 50th anniversary of National Championship title.
Another reason I can't wait to immerse myslef in the energy and warmth of my alma mater's campus is that I just finished reading one of the most awesome books I've ever read. And that was "Hard Fighting Soldier" by Chette Williams, the Auburn football team chaplain. (Don't tell him, but I'm bringing a copy to my father-in-law!) If you are an Auburn fan, alum, student--you have got to read this book!! Run! Get it now! Chette's story is truly amazing, and that he became the chaplain of Auburn's team is due to this man, our Coach Tommy Tuberville. If it weren't for his personal spirituality, Auburn football wouldn't be nearly what it is or has been the past several years.
An interesting thing to note about this Saturday's game is that the players are going to be decked out in some "retro" uniforms that are much like the ones worn back in 1957. There will no commercialized AU logo on the helmets--instead just the beautiful navy blue and burnt orange stripes. Take notice when you watch. Well, I hope to be sippin' some Toomer's Drug lemonade Saturday while I walk by Auburnart.com's new store (with my prints in the window) as well as rollin' Toomer's Corner! War Eagle!

New Music on my Site!

As you know, I feature great music on my site, and I like to promote those artists! Right now if you go to caroleforet.com, you will hear Faith Hill sing an awesome song made known to me by my husband (we like to share music). It's called "Fireflies" and it is such a down home song that reminds every woman of how we felt as little girls. I love it! I believe Lori McKenna wrote it, and her version is really great too.
The second song on my site is by a fairly new and happenin' Christian artist, Brandon Heath. This song is so awesome, with lyrics that describes a Christian journey--about the change that takes place in a person when they surrender themselves over to God. The song is called "I'm Not Who I Was." Brandon has been nominated for Best Male Artist of 2007 in the CCM Magazine Readers' Choice Awards. Check him out! Brandonheath.net.
My third song is by a French artist Amel Bent. She is hot! The song is called "Ma Philosophie," and I chose it for the coolness of it. Because of it being in French, it reminds me of one of my favorite movies of all time too--"Amelie." Have you ever seen that movie? If you're an artist, graphic designer or photographer, you will especially like it for its cinematography.

Funny Comic

Click to enlarge and read...

Just a bit ago, my 11 year old daughter shared a comic strip with me, that she knew I think would be funny. And it was! I could totally relate--I wish I had access to "Children's 911" when my girls are arguing over silly things. Just wanted to share and see who all could also relate....Blessings!


Exciting News!

A precious model/talent client of mine, Yvonne Espy, had her portfolio shots done with me and just sent out her info packet to a few agencies that I recommend, and BAM! She has already gotten a call for an interview. I'm so excited for her! She has taken her time with this endeavor, trying to make sure that it is the right path for her take, and how blessed she is to already have somewhat of an answer. You can see Yvonne in several different commercials already. Look out for great things coming from her. I knew from what I've learned from my agency (Real People) that a youthful energetic woman with graying hair is a very marketable person. This is the 4x6 image that we fixed up for her... Congratulations, Yvonne!


New Paintings Fresh Off My Easel!

Over there on my new blog, I have this new paintng as well as another few for sale where you can purchase them right there through Paypal! So go on over there to my painting blog and check 'em out and keep in touch!

I hope you're great and your Monday was a great beginning to your week. Mine sure was! Painting revives my spirt...