Happy 2007!!! The Other Side of Something

It seems appropriate to share with you an artist I love so much for her songwriting skills. Sara Groves is a very conversational, introspective writer. One of my favorite albums of Sara's is "The Other Side of Something"--check it out!...and don't I feel like I'm on the other side of something! An old year. An issue that's been bothering me. It's great to be on the other side of hurdles we go through. Are you going through a challenging time? Know that the other side will come soon. Share with me in the Comment section below! Have a very blessed start to your 2007!

Michael Buble - Happy New Year To Our Troops

Another reason why I like Michael Buble! This is so sweet! Yes, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Along with MB, I, too wish our troops a very awesome one!


Chattanooga Images

Last month my good friend Carla and I attended OSP South--a get together for photographers, in Chattanooga. It was so beautiful with the glory of autumn. After a lecture outside an auditorium at Southern Adventist University, we pulled out our cameras wanting to capture the leaves--well, really wanting to roll around and play in them! We couldn't believe the golden wonderland!

Carla was enduring the camera while I shot this one. It's one of my favorites...

Carla shot this one of me...

Just as we were packing up our gear to go--I saw this awesome red leaf sitting alone on this stone. Look at that shape! God appears to me in these ways--and I didn't fail to notice this one! I couldn't get over the unusual shape of this oak leaf. What a blessing that was. The leaf is now dry and sits on the little table next to my "nest" where I read in the mornings. It stands as a reminder to notice God's hand in His creation.

And then Carla pulled out her fish eye! I couldn't help it....


The Littlle but Special Things...

Today, I did nothing but read, learn my new Macbook Pro and research some stuff on the web. It was great. A much-needed time to stay in my pj's and recover from my strep/laryngitis combo (like the doctor told me to do last Friday, but couldn't till today). This evening I was enjoying a treat that I discovered last year at Williams Sonoma--some gourmet peppermint marshmallows.

They come in a cute box and are cube-shaped, fresh, according to the box, it takes a full 3 days to make these. What a treat they are! They are delicious plopped into a hot cup of cocoa like I just had. Mmmmm.

The book I finished today was "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. What a gift to finish the day after Christmas. If you haven't read it get it now and be on your way to enlightenment. I hope your holidays are being spent doing just what you want to be doing and that you are being nourished and comforted with love from family and friends. We are blessed!

Fish Eye out of the box!

My first shot with my new fish eye lens! Thanks, Todd! What did YOU get for Christmas? Hope it was great!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Carole Foret Fine Art! We wish you the best of holidays and hope that you are with ones you love relaxing and making memories. I, Carole, am still recovering from laryngitis and strep after almost a week! I finally have some time to relax and rest my voice. No one heard me sing at our Sister Grace concert on the 23rd, but I was able to contribute the rhythm with my drums. My father joked that I could do the solo for Silent Night. haha Well, hopefully my voice will be back in the next few days--whispering is getting tiresome...not to my family though. Despite the illness, I have been able to treasure my blessings of family and friends. Relationships! That's what life is really all about. Thank you for being such great friends and clients. Let's look ahead to a great new year! Be blessed, Carole


Photo Specials!


Book for a January date - Receive 16x20 mounted on 3/4" foamboard!
These rea really cool on the wall with a black edge and don't require framing.
This shoot is great for anyone, but also for couples for a Valentine's Couple shoot!

Call Leslie at the studio to secure your session time: 256.232.2521


Cheerleader Party!

Chicken fingers, fruit with yogurt, chips, desserts including a gourmet white cake! The 8th grade Cheerleaders from AMS had their Christmas party at my studio tonight. They were so cute!! A great group of rockin' young ladies--I have to say. Their Moms are awesome too--they helped provide the spread of food and support throughout this year so far. Check out some photos I shot of dirty Santa and a precious group shot. Um, some of them really gravitate to the camera!

Beautiful packaging! I love prettily-wrapped gifts...

You are Invited!
Open House with Sister Grace
Saturday Night December 23rd
7pm - 9pm
Carole Foret Fine Art Gallery
Downtown Athens, AL

Dessert & Song

Sister Grace's gift to the community: Come and go as you are and enjoy a bite of sweets and Christmas caroling!


Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

My dear "sista" friend, Marcia Whitaker critiqued my site today--she always comes up with the neatest words to describe things. Read this:"...I would describe your “site” as “SWASSY” (sassy, warm and classy, LOL!)

Does she maybe look familiar?? She is a model with Real People like I am. She had the honor of being filmed in Montana at Old Faithful for a War Eagle Moment commercial for my alma mater Auburn University . The commercial airs during every Auburn football game--I had the pleasure of seeing that infamous gasp really big on the Auburn scoreboard during the Arkansas State game. See the commercial here!

Thanks, Marcia!! Big hugs for you!

Kick Up Your Heels!!

Click on the invite to read about an awesome getaway weekend planned at Rosemary Beach this February! Don't miss this chance, Girls!


Christmas Party at the Haught's!

Todd and I attended a beautiful party last night with our friends Herb & Julie Haught who live in the most gorgeous home in The Ledges in Huntsville. (This is the home I'm desperately trying to finish painting for Julie to give to Herb for Christmas!) It was so awesome to see them since it had been quite some time since we'd visited. Julie looked beautiful, the home was decked out in Christmas splendor, the food was out of this world (Chef Julie made all of it!). Best of all was just getting to be with friends celebrating the wonderful holidays! Friends and family make Christmastime special! Thank you Haughts for such a beautiful time!

The Lovely Haught Home

Friends Leslie, Julie and Me

Discussion about paintings from some "unfinished" DaVinci drawings! 2 of them are in this home--both awesome!

Dr. Herb and Julie Haught


I'm on BluDog's Blog!! Wow!

How sweet of BluDomain to feature me on their awesome blog. My experience with them has been top notch from the beginning. I love my new site so much--they have genius minds when it comes to building flash sites. Check out Kailee's first site that just went up for sale this week--it's awesome!

Anyway--thank you, BluDog! I really appreciate the feature. My sister Claire's site went live this week too. It looks great. Look similar to mine? Well, we're twins aren't we??? haha


Sharing Inspiration

Last night was so much fun during my Share Inspiration time painting with fellow artist and former student Rickie Higgins. We painted for 4 great hours on paintings we are getting done for clients for their Christmas giving. It's amazing what all you learn just by being with other artists. I've experienced that lately with photographers on OSP, and thought that I could begin doing the same thing with artists/painters. Rickie reminded me that, in his words, "I changed his life" with that oil painting workshop a few years ago that he took with me. Wow! How much more inspiring can that be? He also said that the only reason he would miss the Victoria's Secret fashion show was to come paint with Carole Foret! Now that is flattery for sure! Check out his work on his site and send him some love. Rickie is a great guy!