What a blessing!

What a day! God is good--He answers prayer. I have been so overwhelmed lately with so many deadlines, but worse, with GLITCHES from email issues to ram issues with one of my new macs. It's been mighty frustrating! He really changed my tiring/frustrating day into a great one today. Today was a totally wonderful experience as I went to deliver my painting to Nancy who has been patiently waiting on her painting while she battles cancer.

I met her today finally! (We have primarily had an email relationship in working for this painting) She was a true inspiration and a beautiful woman! She kept pointing out the weight she's gained from chemo and her hair that's finally growing back, but all I could see was a strong, beautiful woman who is handling her battle with the utmost of faith in God and love for her friends who have been battling with her. I was blessed beyond measure today spending time with Nancy and her friends who one by one came in to visit and see her painting. They were precious--all of them captivating women: Nancy, Alma, Kim...

I praise God for bringing new people in my life the way He does. Relationships are powerful. There is nothing like spending time with people and sharing what is most important in life like we did today--laughing over coffee as we played with all the colorful wigs that Nancy has in her wig wardrobe. She even sent me home with one! Fun!

I left with my favorite wig that I tried on. (For some reason, later on my girls were mortified that I was driving around with this wig on, giggling, laughing--they were literally getting angry with me as I was having some fun driving down the road like this. Why don't they laugh at me anymore? When they were 4 they would laugh at stuff like this!)

When I returned to Athens, I went to see my own mother who started her chemo today. Please be in prayer for both Nancy and my Mom. They are vessels for the Lord in huge ways. Today reminded me of a song that I'm listening to by an awesome band, Downhere called "Little Is Much." The words go: "Little is much when God's in it. No one can fathom the plans He holds. Little is much when God's in it, He changes the world with the seeds we sow..." Moving!!...anyway, Nancy loved her painting! Yay!