At Pictage's PartnerCon in Chicago

I love my partner Pictage! They are awesome in not only being a great lab for my discerning clients who expect the utmost in quality, but also in creating a rich community among its photographers. The past 2 days have been amazing. Claire and I have been in Chicago together rubbing elbows with so many icons (like Denis Reggie, a fellow Louisianian we found out, Mike Colon) in photography and listening to them share their secrets of success. Pictage is partners with the best of the best of photographers. My clients know about the Carole Foret/Pictage partnership. Come experience it for yourself!

Above is David Jay giving his talk about creating freedom in your life. He is awesome! Below is my sister Claire with the great Robert T. Williams who shoots globally for the likes of clients like King of Nigeria--you know, just common folk like that.

We've also been able to see some of the latest, cutting edge products in the industry. One new way-cool product is the shoot sac, created by Jessica Claire.

She has combined function and fashion in her creating of this camera bag--it's a basic black bag that holds a few lenses,and you can change out the flap out with different fabric flaps with choices of lots of hip fabrics. You know I'm all over that! It's revolutionary! I can't wait to receive mine.

Below is Kevin Swan, showing his new product. He has just launched a new company that produces great wedding books! KISS--keep it SSimple is the name of these books, and you can visit their site soon! These are Italian leather-covered, great looking books that every bride will want!

The greatest thing about coming to conferences is hanging out (networking) with some great photographers who have also become friends. Last night a group of us headed to downtown Chicago on the train to see the Blue Man Group. What a fun show! Have you ever seen their show--it's a treat for anyone but especially for me in that it is all about art, quirkiness and DRUMS! Gotta see them! Shaun Gordon, Kevin Swan, Andrew and Rachel of LaCour, Corey McNabb and Amber Holritz and Claire and I had a ball!

Andrew and Rachel Niesen have launched their new venture Shoot Q--a project management software for photographers. Shoot Q!

Below,Sarah Barlow (cousin to Barlow Girl gals) and her brother Andrew here, checking out shoot sacs with Jessica Claire--only red heads were allowed in this shot!

These folks are discussing some serious business deals--or probably showing off their apples--Fred Egan, Scarlett Williams, Jim Christianson, and Katie Thurmes.

The closing ceremony for the conference was given by Jeff Jochum--the director of marketing and sales for Pictage. He is also creator of Successware--my new project/client/bookkeeping software that I am still learning. This man is amazing! He's not only smart, but so personable and funny. Claire and I thought that ending the 2 days with a show of appreciation would be appropriate--our signature "bookend." Thanks, Pictage!