Successful Show at the Little Green Store!

Bonnie, Myself, Ana (the owner) and Gaynor

Last month I had the honor of showing some of my past house portraits of Huntsville, Alabama homes that I have painted over the years.  After gathering them from my sweet clients, we had a showing of them all together--what a treat that was for me to see some of my work that I never got to live with any longer than painting them and handing them over to my happy clients. And the odd thing is, that they made a great show for others to see because most people rarely see my house portraits.  It was a wonderful evening--despite 2 tornadoes making their way through Huntsville, the gallery was packed! And it was the most successful show for both us! 

Five lucky people commissioned me to paint their homes that evening for 20% off my normal price! It was fun to offer that.  I love painting homes--architecture fascinates me.  And homes don't have to be total works of architectural art--they just have to loved. I paint them to show the love and happiness that abounds inside. Commission one of your home! To do that, simply contact me, and we can go from there.