Order Prints of Your Favorite Carole Foret Originals

Art Prints

If you don't know already, you can order amazingly beautiful prints of my original paintings all in one place! It's so easy and really fast too! Try it out and let me know what your experience is like. MY prints have come in looking beautiful. They even send them ready to hang AND with hanging accessories you'll need too! Wow. That's service!


Peaceful Season

Hey all you amazing people! I hope you are able to enjoy some down time--meaning time at THIS moment in the season to be still.  To listen. To dream. To hope. To break free from stress in your life.  One way I love to center myself is through incredible music.  Last weekend, I was blessed to hear 2 concerts in one day--ones I look forward to each Christmas.  I want to encourage you to love our Messiah!  I do mean THE one, but also Handel's brilliantly written "Messiah"--you will be transcended if you can be still long enough to take it in either in a live performance or downloaded.  The download I chose is the London Symphony's version from iTunes. What are YOUR favorite tunes this Christmas? I wish you a very meaningful and merry Christmas!