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Big Boy on the Evergreen
12"x12" Acrylic on Canvas



Iron Bowl 2013 Painting, "Second Chance"

Today, I finished my painting since seeing the amazing Iron Bowl just 36 hours prior.  That's a little slow for me, but I DID need to get back from the game and recover.  What a game!  There are so many feelings I have for my Auburn Tigers, and one is passion. Watching the Auburn family experience such an amazing outcome to a very hard-fought game was simply epic.  There is no other word for it. From my time in Jordan Hare watching that game, I want to share my latest painting, entitled "Second Chance."

There are multiple meanings to this title. One is obviously tied to the game, and one reason exists that I found out existed just moments after I completed the painting.  Someone shared this story with me from his friend's facebook post.  The writer will remain anonymous.

"Second Chance" Acrylic on Canvas 18x24

This painting is available for bidding on eBay right now till the SEC Championship game, Dec. 7.

View it and bid on it HERE.


Thank you to the War Eagle Reader for always noticing my art and giving me great shout-outs!
I was dubbed "Speed-painting genius."  Made me smile! Such fun....


Auburn On My Mind

It seems that with every football season comes my passion for my alma mater.  Last year was indeed rough, and left me numb in many ways.  This year though--the redeeming season with our awesome Coach Malzahn!  Needless to say, my passion is ignited like no other time! Well, except for 2010 maybe.  I'm so proud of my Auburn Tigers this season and loved that miracle play and dream catch by Ricardo Louis against our oldest rival, the Georgia Bulldogs.  I have painted that scene from nearly every angle.  I am thankful for the experience of seeing that game and play, for the awesome photographers and fans who caught the action beautifully--for all the inspiration that has gone into my depictions and expressions of my love for Auburn and this game. It is my joy to share these with the Auburn Family.

Please become a fan on my Facebook Page as that is where things are posting and selling--sometimes in minutes! I would love to have you in my community there.

Thank you for appreciating my artwork!

10x8 Acrylic on Canvas SOLD


#1 Auctioned on Facebook Page 16x20 Acrylic on Canvas SOLD

#3 16x20 Acrylic on Canvas SOLD
#4 AVAILABLE 14X11 Acrylic on Canvas SOLD

The group

14x11 "Here Comes Mr. Right" Acrylic on Canvas SOLD

Detail of "Here Comes Mr. Right"

"Eat Yor Bama" 16x20 Acylic on Canvas 


Join Us December 14th!

Ana Byrne, Owner of The Little Green Store

At The Little Green Store
atop Monte Sano Mountain
Huntsville, Alabama

Join Us!

December 14, 2013
Noon - 4pm

Author Matt Doss will be signing his just-out book

Carole will have new pieces and will be
painting live.

And as always the gallery will be festive with a
holiday wonderland of
amazing art and gifts to consider for the holidays!


Fresh Off-The-Easel Paintings

I painted a few new paintings recently for my show in Birmingham at the Botanical Gardens Arts & Antiques show that was held last weekend.  They were fun to paint--especially my small ones.  The first two shown were inspired from a conversation I had with a friend about Caravaggio's work that is known for it's chiaro scurro effects--plays of extreme lights and darks.  Lots of shadows.  Then another Italian-themed painting was in order as some others in my Italian collection have sold recently.  I love to keep adding to that collection.  Another large piece is in the works that I will share when it is complete.

Be sure to keep checking out my website for all the latest works and info!


Painting Unveiled for WHNT News 19's 50th Anniversary

The long-awaited piece was finished and unveiled in a beautiful anniversary celebration atop Monte Sano Mountain at Baron Bluff. The night was perfect and stunning.

I appreciated being able to share my thoughts about WHNT and feeling honored to have been chosen to paint this for them, commemorating their 50 years as a news station. The collage consists of ten portraits, various logos through the decades, their 5 Emmy awards and a bit that describes Huntsville and the times back in 1963. 

If you care to own a print of this as small or big as you wish on paper, canvas, metal, acrylic, 
then click here to order yours.


Dancin' In September!

I recently watched CBS Sunday morning's feature on the music of Earth Wind & Fire.  Did you know their most popular song is Dancin' In September?  Well, that's what I'm doing with all the fun that is going on this month!  I even named my latest e-newsletter the same thing.  

The past several weeks I have been working on paintings that cannot be shown since they are to be unveiled for events.  It KILLS me to not be able to share my progress. 
 However, I'll be sharing once they're "out!"

Until then, here is what's going on:

A big thank you for the sweet welcome to downtown Huntsville from Downtown Living Magazine!

I will be painting LIVE this Saturday, September 21st at The Little Green Store.
Drop in for a visit and even enter a drawing to receive 20% off a commissioned painting from me.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone--it will be exciting since that is the day of the
Monte Sano Art Show Festival that you will not want to miss.

Come see me from 10-3.

The Little Green Store
820 Monte Sano Blvd.
Huntsville, AL 35801


Carole Speaks in Washington D.C. at Our Nation's Capitol

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking in Washington D. C., at the reception of the 
2013 Congressional Art competition.  I was beyond honored to have been invited back several months ago, and it was ironic that the date to speak was on my birthday. It seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime and that it was perfectly made for me, so I said yes. It isn't everyday an artist gets to speak in the main auditorium of our nation's Capitol. And to be able to inspire young artists who have been awarded the opportunity to show their work in the Cannon Tunnel of our Capitol building was beyond my wildest dreams. I love to speak to inspire! Lord knows, I need His help, and He sure delivered. The talk went really well, and I couldn't feel more happy with how it went. I'm grateful to the Congressional Institute, President Mark Strand and Tim Lang for their hospitality and to Congressman Robert Aderholt's office and Nicole Petroff for their part in putting on the competition and inviting me.
Soon a YouTube presentation of my talk will be posted, and I'll share it when it's ready...

During my talk.

Sharing my paintings through a slideshow presentation.  Sharing the core of my creativity, my faith.

Painting live and taking questions as I paint. It was great they projected it on the big screen so they could watch closely.  I painted our rocket here representing our Rocket City of Huntsville!
They asked great questions about pursuing a career in art.

Touring the Capitol and watching the House of Representatives at work with 
Congressman Robert Aderholt of Alabama

Aderholt's office

My daughters with me

Nicole Petroff, my beautiful hostess from Congressman Aderholt's office


Successful Show at the Little Green Store!

Bonnie, Myself, Ana (the owner) and Gaynor

Last month I had the honor of showing some of my past house portraits of Huntsville, Alabama homes that I have painted over the years.  After gathering them from my sweet clients, we had a showing of them all together--what a treat that was for me to see some of my work that I never got to live with any longer than painting them and handing them over to my happy clients. And the odd thing is, that they made a great show for others to see because most people rarely see my house portraits.  It was a wonderful evening--despite 2 tornadoes making their way through Huntsville, the gallery was packed! And it was the most successful show for both us! 

Five lucky people commissioned me to paint their homes that evening for 20% off my normal price! It was fun to offer that.  I love painting homes--architecture fascinates me.  And homes don't have to be total works of architectural art--they just have to loved. I paint them to show the love and happiness that abounds inside. Commission one of your home! To do that, simply contact me, and we can go from there.


Brittany Howard Painting - Sold!

Brittany Howard with her painting I painted of her after the Grammies

While watching the Grammy Awards several weeks ago, I waited anxiously to see our own 
Alabama Shakes up for Best New Artist. I got chills every time I saw Brittany and her grandmother whom she took with her to the event.  Brittany appeared on stage performing The Weight along with Zac Brown Band, Elton John, Mumford & Sons and Mavis Staples. A great moment that I loved and tried to live vicariously through her.  It brings tears sometimes to see such greatness and a feeling of pride for a hometown girl. I'm so proud of her and all the guys in The Shakes. They make us proud!

So how did the painting come about? As I told Brittany recently in the gallery, I love to paint things I love, things that inspire me, people with authentic passion for what they do. Brittany fit the bill!
And her mother purchased it for her several weeks ago, but we had to keep it a secret so Brittany wouldn't find out before she returned from being on tour.

What was it like meeting her?  Well, I told her right off that I was starstruck! She just giggled a little and said that it was great to meet me. And to have her portrait done by "Carole Forêt" was pretty cool.  Her grandmother and mother were with her, and they were so sweet and so proud of their baby girl. They wanted to hurry a bit so Brittany would be able to accomplish lunch in a neighboring city without too much hassle.  So they began taking lots of pictures of Brittany with the painting. I shot several too, of all of them.  Alabama Shakes was playing on the speakers to Brittany's delight, and she was having to squelch the desire to belt it on out, and tried to sing quietly a time or two--I heard her! And told her to let it out! I think I would have collapsed if she had....She was excited, and to have her in my studio, excited about the painting, was about as cool as things get! for an artist
And as soon as we finished the photo op, we hugged and said good-bye.  A fun 15 minutes!

I am grateful for such experiences in my career.  I do meet the coolest people sometimes--famous sometimes, but notable all the time. I love my clients who often become friends.  
And I can't have enough friends in my life--you are all very loved!


Are You Vulnerable? How Do You Feel About It?

Recently I watched a couple of TedX talks by Brené Brown and found them very interesting as well as compelling. Being a strongly spiritual person, I always find it interesting to be able to correlate talks about sociology/psyhcology to spirituality and the Bible. Brené did a wonderful job sharing her thoughts and research on the subject.

Vulnerability means taking risks.  Taking the risk to speak to someone first, to say "I love you" first, to forgive first and so many other things. To be REAL first is being very vulnerable because it reveals who you really are--to be truly seen. When you see someone else doing that, what do you think?  Is it not a beautiful thing? So why do we fear being vulnerable?

I find that the extra step beyond being vulnerable is the conscious choice to surrender spiritually to what God has in store for you.  It's not a process of simply giving up. It's a call to relationship.  One where one walks so closely with God that surrender is a daily challenge, yet privelege, even a call multiple times during the day. To surrender feels like a vulnerable place to be--because putting your full trust in God for your life can feel that way.  However, it is the surest journey to true fulfillment and happiness. As I listened, I equated vulnerability to surrender.  What are your thoughts after viewing this great talk? Let's start a dialogue!


How's Your 2013?

I hope your new year is going great! Mine has been wonderful. 
And I just want to share a couple of my latest paintings since I'm so behind sharing 
what all I have sold the past few months. 
I did this dog portrait of "Lou" and "Bird in the Snow"--both have lucky owners.

My website has been under a bit of renovation too--I have painting galleries separated into subject matter.  Maybe it will be easier to view what you're more interested in!

Stay tuned as I plan to update my blog more often. Be safe and be blessed!