You've heard and seen all about it!  It is here!  Join us tonight for the Twins & Friends Art Show and meet both Carole & Claire and their Chicago friend Jean Basse who has brought her awesome handmade jewelry.  We are looking forward to a very eventful evening full of specials and deals and seeing YOUR smiling face.  See you at 7!


What is Encaustic?

As I've let everyone know--I will be showing my Encaustic paintings at Twins & Friends tomorrow night. What is encaustic anyway? Encaustic means "with fire." 

my encaustic studio area

Well, Claire and I both went to lovely Carmel California in May to learn this way of painting, and the bug bit us! I have finally set up my encaustic studio in my painting studio, and am going at it. It is fun. It us unpredictable. It involves fire. You can get burned--in more ways than one. It is very expensive to do--the paint is pure pigment mixed with beeswax. Supplies must be purchased from California or New York. You must either pay an arm, leg and ear for the paint or make it yourself, which is very intricate, toxic (if you're not careful) and time consuming.  You paint very fast with it--it cools in less than 10 seconds as you apply it to your board. Knowing color mixing is a must, lest you waste alot of time and paint.

my palette--griddles with tins of paint, kept molten by the heat

The process involves applying molten paint to a support that is wood, clayboard or something rigid. You can't use canvas. Each layer of paint is fused with a blowtorch.  What I love about the paintings that are produced is the awesome texture.  You can make it really smooth like the glaze on a donut or very textural.  It can become a mixed media piece by adding things to it as well.  I haven't gone that route  much yet.  But the smell is so nice too--I know that sounds weird, but you'll see when you experience seeing, touching, and even smelling the paintings.  Can't wait to see how people like them.  Those who have been in my studio and seen them have flipped over them.  So, hopefully that is a positive sign.

 close-up of my new crab painting

This technique is centuries old, but lost its popularity since it is so labor intensive and time consuming. However, there are those of us who are discovering it and jumping into it like crazy.  So, I'm thrilled to show you--join us tomorrow night!  You won't be let down....


Wine & Paint FUN!

This week's Wine & Paint Night was phenomenal! I had the largest group ever and lots of awesome ladies. We usually cap the group at 12-14, but now we've learned we can fit more--we had 16! The theme was shoes, and I had a wonderful time with these ladies.  They came as friends, family, co-workers, etc.  It was great!


Mothers / Daughters!


Wine & Paint Schedule:

Thursday Night, August 14, Tall Canvas, Martini, $60 - full
Thursday NIght, September, 11, Large Canvas, Wine Still Life, $65


My Favorite Things This Summer...

I discovered some things this summer that have made my life more enjoyable that I just wanted to share with you! One of the things is something I've used forever that is just a trusty, comfy thing I use and depend on.
The Ped Egg totally rocks!  Was walking in CVS one night and grabbed it, and it has made my feet softer than they have been since I was a baby!  Get one--or 3 to share with your friends!

And then the entire month of June was filled with visits to Dr. Daley in Athens for the repair of my neck curvature.  Even my massage therapist wouldn't see me until I had seen a chiropractor.  I was scared to death and had been told for years that I needed to see one.  Well, with Dr. Daley--I became a believer!  He was wonderful, and now I have restored range-of-motion in my neck that I had been missing for quite some time.  I'll show you next time I see you!   So, I tell you, not to be afraid, and go see Dr. Daley and Dr. Lawrence at Athens Chiropractic - Health Source. 256.233.7776

Another thing I just discovered yesterday at Dan Tera Spa here in Athens is this awesome candle by Aveda--called Shampure Soy Candle. Read about it:
Calming aroma of 25 pure flower and plant essences—including certified organic lavender, petitgrain and ylang ylang—in a candle that burns cleanly, completely.
• up to 50 hours of aroma
• 95% recycled glass holder
• 100% recycled refill cup
And another thing you do with it is dip your finger in the warm wax while it is burning, and the wax doubles as wonderful hand moisturizer!  That hooked me. Visit their site here!

One last thing that I love--those who know me well already know this, but I can't live without this lip balm.  I've been a Carmex user since 1985 while attending Auburn University--a fellow student introduced me to it.  You can find it now in all sorts of dispensers, but my favorite is still the metal-lid tub.  It sits on my nightstand and is applied EVERY night--instant gratification for my lips.

I realize this post was totally random, but I like to share my favorite things.  Do you have some to share??  Do so by commenting!

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Wine Tasting Tonight!

Don't miss the Wine Tasting tonight at Deisel & Lola's! It goes from 5:30 - 7:30 and will include some light hors d'oeuvres of goat cheese samples. A great kick off to a Friday night for only $10. Meet me there!

Twins & Friends!


Awesome Art Academy

I had 2 dynamic young gals this week apprenticing with me for my Art Academy. We had a blast! Olivia and Ann Sutton painted like crazy in the studio, one day outside across the street at the courthouse lawn, and today we ended with the girls experiencing encaustic painting for the first time. They loved it! I think people are easily falling in love with encaustic art.  We also shot photos of their art and set up their painting blogs--check them out and give them some love with some comments about their art!

My encaustic pieces that I painted in California in May and some I've done since setting up my encaustic studio are what I'll be showing at our Twins & Friends show coming up July 31!  Don't miss that show as my twin sister Claire will be here with all her newest pieces.  There's more to tell, but I'll post a separate post about it.


Wine & Paint Nights Coming Up!

  • July 22 - "Shoes!" - FULL
  • August 14 - "Dirty Martini" Vertical Canvas - $60
  • September 11 - "Wine Still Life" Large Canvas - $65
Join us at Carole Foret Fine Art in downtown Athens for the latest craze!  Wine & Paint Nights!  Pick up a bottle of awesome wine from Deisel & Lola's and walk right over to Carole's Studio for a great time, and leave with a painting that YOU did.  Includes all your supplies.

Thanks, Steph for the awesome photo!


Awesome Art Camps!

Whew!  Art camps were a hit this week, and I have to admit that I was exhausted by the last day, teaching 2 per day for 4 days.  But the kids were really great, and so talented!  It is always a joy to watch their faces as they paint and say, "I'm gon' be a awtist when I grow up!"  So cute!  Notice in one of the photos that we did a study on Piet Mondrian--they did a great job!  Until next summer...Next week is my Art Academy with serious teens.  Look for some great art by week's end!

Anyone interested in a one-on-one with your child?  It can be a one-day or a weekly lesson for 3 weeks, etc.  Just email me, and we can discuss a plan just right for your child!



We are offering a sizzling offer for those signing up for the
C&C Take Me To the River Painting Retreat
in Athens, Alabama
on the 4th and 5th of July!

2 ladies for the price of 1 at $500
(regular price: $595 per person)

Grab a friend and enjoy all there is in the workshop! It's a steal!

Email Carole and Claire or call Carole's studio at 256.232.2521


Art Camps Begin Next Week

On Monday, I will have a ton of kids coming for 4 days of Art Camp! This is one of my favorite times of the year when I open my studio to young budding talented children.  They are such a blessing with their sense of awe and creativity!

Last week, I had the opportunity to apprentice one-on-one with Olivia who attends Bob Jones--the school voted as having the best art department in the nation 2 years in a row!  So, I was honored to have a student from there.  We had a great time together--we painted plein air right out on the sidewalk downtown in front of my building--a cityscape of the buildings next door with an extreme angle of perspective.  She did a beautiful job!  Part of the apprentice time was learning how to shoot photography of your work and post it on the web to a painting blog that we create.  See Olivia's blog here and her wonderful painting!

There are a few spots left in the 9 - 13 year old class which goes from 3pm - 5pm Monday through Thursday.  Let us know if your child would like to attend by calling the studio (256.232.2521) or emailing us

Wine & Paint Nights!

Last week, I had a wonderful group of ladies join me for our Abstract night of painting.  They were fantastic.  They came from all around--Birmingham, Decatur, Huntsville, Athens and on up into Tennessee!  So grab your friends and join me for a fun, relaxing time of painting and socializing--it will be a uniquely creative night out!

Next Wine & Paint Night:  July 22 - theme: "SHOES" full

Email us to register OR risk and just show up!


Ladies! Final Boarding Call!

It is July 1--only 28 days until the Take Me to the River Painting Retreat with Carole & Claire! We have more spots available and have also lowered the price 20% as our final boarding call!! Take note, and read all about it on this blog and on our site to get all the information. Or you may call us (256.232.2521) and we'll send you a brochure about it. Whatever you do, don't wait as we expect spots to fill fast! Join us!

Find us on Jennifer's Journey now--a fantastic website for
Women Getaway Events--like ours! ;)