Headed to Rosemary Beach!

I'm getting ready to leave and will be posting (hopefully) from Rosemary Beach. Claire is flying in today, and we will be teaching down on the beautiful, much warmer, Gulf Coast--one of our destination workshops! We have a large group of beautiful gals waiting to learn how to paint--we can't wait! I'll be back on Monday--be blessed, and enjoy all the great music I've left you with in the previous 2 posts. ;)

My Band Sister Grace!

I haven't talked about Sister Grace in a while--which is a huge part of my life. We spent last year recording our CD and getting it out and about. Right now, we are planning our spring tour and nearly have it all planned out! Check out our site and blog to keep up with the amazing things God is doing in our lives and our ministry! This widget below is from Reberbnation where we are listed. You can download all of our CD on iTunes too!



The guys of Downhere

In my Creative Spirit Workshop, we talked alot about surrendering ourselves to what God wants of us and figuring out how to do that, etc. Very interesting discussion! All I know is that when I do that, life is unbelievably blessed--I mean that in all sincerety. The problem is that I tend to take my life back and try to control it, and it just never seems as good as when God is in control. Have you experienced that?

Well, Downhere has a great song called "Surrender" that I love, but their YouTube video didn't do it justice in my opinion. You should download their entire album--it's awesome! I also love the song I have here called "The More." Marc Martel is often compared to the sound of Freddy Mercury of Queen--I love his voice! These guys are awesome!


Girlfriend Paint Parties!

Carole is now available for Girlfriend Paint Parties! Do you have a group of gals who would like to have Carole come and teach painting to your group? Carole is the one! She is taking it on the road like crazy--between her Destination Workshops and her local Girlfriend Paint Parties. Email or call for more information! Download the PDF for a printable flyer...

To kick off this idea, be the first gal-group to respond to this post and receive the party for $75 per person. Hurry!

Creative Spirit Begins!

The workshop idea that has been brewing in my mind for many many months has finally begun! Creative Spirit started today, and I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it!! I know the Lord put it on my heart to cultivate this idea and see it happen. As I started marketing it, I was amazed at how quickly it sold out--I even had 2 more than I had intended. I've never had a sell-out workshop 2 full months prior to the start of it--ever! So, this has been blessed from day one. That's how it is when God is in it. Seriously, I believe that. The day started like this:

One of our "Creative Truths" that I had on my Thought Sheet for my students is that God is the Great Creator, and His Creation is His gift to us--our gift back is how we use our own creativity. I so believe that with every sunrise I see. I'm thankful for finally teaching a workshop that approaches creativity from its roots within each of us--our spirits. Praise be to God for this workshop and the beautiful ladies in it! Below is one painting from the day by Larissa. I will spotlight their work for the next 6 weeks....Isn't it awesome? She claims to have not painted much at all prior to today.


Wine & Paint - Paypal

Join me for this fun night coming up for some sharing of creative love! Sip Sauvignon and paint with Carole or simply sit and watch. This is going to be fun! KEEP WATCH TO THIS POST AS IT WILL BE UPDATED AS TO HOW MANY SPOTS ARE LEFT.

Tuesday night, February 12
7pm - 9pm
At Carole's Studio downtown Athens

Open to 6 painters (bring your own supplies) - full
Open to 6 watchers - full

Prayer Request for My Dog

Today we were sad to find out that my precious boxer Rocco has a tumor that may cause him to have to be put down. We won't find out for another day or so, but we are really sad tonight at the thought as he has been such a lively sweet friend to us now for almost 7 years. Please pray that the tumor is not cancerous, and that it can be removed safely. We love him so much. This was shot over the holidays as he loved lying by the fire, but has never liked having his picture taken. Thank you.

Listen to WQRV 100.3 The River

Receive a blessing today as I did yesterday listening to The River as the Rick & Bubba Show (listen live!) has moved there. Not just becuase of that, but because Rick Burgess lost his baby boy to a drowning Saturday night, and is praising God through this awful pain. Hundreds of thousands of people are turning their lives over to Christ because of it! Praise God that Satan has no foothold on this event. As Rick was quoted, "The fight is on!" Satan will not prevail in this. Christ overcomes. Listen and share his challenge with others--begin your walk with Christ today!


Latest from my Easel!

Check my painting blog for my latest paintings straight off my easel! This is todays! "Tabasco #21"--one of my signature subjects.


I had a fantastic time at the Behold Retreat last weekend! The snow never panned out at Camp Sumatanga, but it was still very beautiful as usual and coooooooold! I am back, refreshed and ramped more than ever in my spiritual life. God is good--ALL the time. I thank the awesome speakers there: Justin Lookadoo (yes, that's his real name!) who spoke very frankly to us about all kinds of things--SEX, choices, Hell, etc. very avant garde and extremely likeable. Peder Eide shared his awesome praise and worship music, and Jared Hall amazed us with his illusions, otherwise known as magic tricks. I'm still clueless how he did what he did. The 40 youth that our church brought seemed to have a great time. Being that close to 15 of them went down and recommited their lives or made first-time committments to Christ is a testament to the power and awe this retreat had. It moved me many times! I could really go on and on about how wonderful the whole weekend was, but I have much to do today and even a sick one home from school. So, have a fantastic day and know how very loved you are by the One above who totally rocks my world. :)


Solace Coming!

After all the book work there has been to do, I am looking forward to some quiet, relaxing time time this weekend without my cell phone, my laptop, etc. and heading to beautiful Camp Sumatanga for a retreat with our youth from church. Reading will be on my agenda and having some great conversations with the youth and the "oldth" too--the other leaders. I do pray the kids will enjoy their time and grow closer to their Creator--I plan to!

I'm going to take and finish my book I've been reading, Eat Love Pray, by Elizabeth Gilbert. I'm also planning to take my Dad's latest manuscript too as well as some great audio words from Beth Moore, thanks to Leslie. So it should be great!

See that chair--it's calling my name, and I can just expect a huge fire to be roaring right there in the lodge. Mmm.

I shot these photos a while back when my sister was on her Emmaus Walk in September of 2006. Camp Sumatanga is a beautiful sanctuary near Birmingham, Alabama. Below is the beautiful lake with fog dangling above it--an early morning shot. There is a great hiking trail all around this lake...You have a great weekend!

I Want this Feeling!

If I've seemed missing the past couple of days or so, well, it's because it's that time of year where good business people look at their last year's reports, do their accounting, get tax stuff together and make some decisions. It's good and it's awful at the same time. Wouldn't YOU rather be painting? I sure would. Remember, I'm a right brain girl! Somebody help me!...I just know though, that I will have the feeling that this girl has. I'm hoping. Please pray for me. For my numbers. To plan the right goals for the upcoming year....better than the one I usually have "Work Your Ass Off All Year." Sometimes that just doesn't add up to much. We'll see though. Happy Friday to you!


Awesome Workshop!

Last night kicked off my workshops for 2008, and we had so much fun. I taught a 9 to 5er workshop for those who work, and we painted from 6pm to 10:45! Were we ever on a roll! I threw down a bunch of purses and shoes and I did a demonstration for a while, then let them paint, and I was literally blown away at their work. Seriously. The still life was not easy, and most of the women were beginner-ish, so I was so prould of what they accomplished, and the greatest thing is that I think they were proud of themselves. I pushed each of them to the fullest of their potential. My students always inspire me--so thank you for working so hard. It paid off, don't you think?


In Preparing for Creative Spirit Workshop...

I was looking at Sara Groves' site this morning, and read something there that echoes beliefs I have. Beautiful thoughts about how we are to live in this world--we body of believers. It is quoted below from her site:

God has invited us, as mere human beings, to add to the beauty of his plan and creation. Unbelievable. The Kingdom of God transcends politics and policy, nationality, gender and race. It transcends the way we do church, and makes us a real live body of believers. It gives us the ability to be very different and still bear with one another. It gives us the power to extend the same kind of grace that has been extended to us, and to love each other with a love that never fails. The very real kingdom of God calls out of us, it’s inhabitants, beautiful art, creative lives, and redemptive work

If you know and have listened to Sara's music, you have experienced an amazing ministry. Her writing style is very conversational, the truths of Christ and relaying realness. Check her out.

And let this be a your
Thought for your day. You are loved--so loved! Know that and be blessed....


My Awesome Clients--can't say it enough...

I received emails today from 2 clients who have bought paintings from my Painting Blog and just gotten them. They were so sweet to email me and let me know their thoughts, and I love that. It only fuels me to keep painting! The first one was from a local man who has bought a few pieces from me in the past. He was precious to buy my angel for his baby girl who is turning 2 soon. Read what he wrote:
Hey Carole,

Thanks for the Angel, it is too cool. I know it is the
historian in me but I think people have to make overt
efforts to develop intrinsic value in their lives.
Even "stuff" falls into this equation. Far too oftenwe are reactionary to what others think we should
value, ie family "heirlooms" etc. Unfortunately
"personal history" is often overlooked. I know that
Avery will appreciate the painting for many years.


And another one comes from a man in Texas who received my last Tabasco painting as a gift for Christmas.  He writes:
Carole, I got the painting and LOVE it.  I am amazed by the texture you put on the bottle.  I love it and hope to learn a lot more from it.  Thanks a ton!


Wine & Paint--Join Me!

Looking ahead to season of love and Valentine's Day I'm offering this relaxed evening of painting together and sipping wine. Tuesday evening, February 12th from 7-9pm. Open to women painters who have painted with me before in a class. Don't anticipate instruction--this isn't a workshop--just a painting time. Very intimate & passionate! The studio will be very comfortable with lower light and comfortable places to either sit, sip and watch or sit/stand, sip and paint! Open to the first 8 women. $35 per person Download the printable PDF.

Happy Thought For Today:
No matter what happens in my day, nothing will steal my joy!




This is a GREAT gift idea for Valentines! Book now to get prints in by Febuary 14th! For our other awesome products that husbands love--custom-designed coffee table books and DVDs, they will have to wait a bit longer, but will receive a sexy gift certificate and another surprise. Click here for more the all the juicy details of this kind of shoot! Below is a 7x7 coffee table book and a DVD from one of our happy ladies.

New Site Coming!

Destination Workshops!  That's what is going on for 2008 for my sister Claire and me.  We have done a few now and want to go forward with this concept.  It's going great!  We're launching our site for Carole & Claire Workshops next week, and we are going to be headed to Washington D.C. to teach in late May!  Great things are happ'nin!  Stay tuned....

January Workshops!


Don't miss your chance to be in the 9-5er Workshop Tuesday night, January 15th.  There are just a few spots left.  This is primarily a beginner class from 6pm -10m at my studio.  WELCOME!


I'm looking forward to having all you ladies that have enrolled in this.  It is going to a blessing and a blast!  


Ladies! Your Invitation!

Just 1 month away!!

I've received phonecalls and emails about the Rosemary Beach Getaway Weekend Painting Workshop. Yes! We still have some spots left, but ladies are signing up left and right, so if you want to do it, please hurry and enroll. Claire and I are thrilled! All you need to do is submit your tuition ($175) by phonecall or mail to me in order to claim your spot.


206 W. Market St.
Athens, AL 35611

Below is the invitation for the entire weekend that is going to be fantastic. Click to enlarge the photos to read the beautiful invite. Email Kim Jameson to sign up for the weekend itself. Hope to see you!

A New Year Thought For You!

Oh, how I wish you the happiest new year ever! I'm back home in my own nest--nothing like that feeling is there? I have some new reading material that is very inspiring, and it's perfect for the new year or anytime. The message is LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW!

In reflecting over the past year, I am actually pretty thrilled to realize I did what I should have done and what I want to do MORE in 2008, and that is to surrender myself to what God wants me to do. Yes! I can say that in most aspects of my life, I feel confident that I did that. And did He prosper me as He says He will? Yes!! A resounding yes! Not all is perfect though--I still have things to work on, but I have enough experience in that surrender now that I'm confident to do it more and do it in ALL THINGS.

Jeremiah 29:11 says: For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

We forget this promise and want to do it on our own. Our own wrong thinking can keep us from God's best for our lives. I don't want to be a stumbling block to all the blessings that I can have! Do you?

So let's start BELIEVING more. Believe. That takes a conscious effort. Believe is my mantra. Hence my fashion ministry:

Start living your life through eyes of faith. Enlarge your vision and see yourself rising to new levels. See your business grow. See your marriage restored! See your family prospering! See it. Hope with expectation that God will follow through--that's faith.

I challenge YOU right now to live with more faith. I sure am! God bless you and your 2008!