Remembering Julie

Yesterday on my birthday, I finally got to talk to my twin to share a loud "Happy Birthday!"when I answered my cell phone.  I was answered with a "Oh, Carole" full of sobbing. It scared me to death.  My poor sister was learning of yet another loss of a friend, Julie Steiskal.  

I just want share this story with you--not as a downer to your day, but just to let it be a gentle reminder about how fragile and wonderful life is, and that it can be taken out of nowhere at anytime.  Let's all be thankful and feel blessed....

Julie was a fellow photographer in Claire's area. I remember Claire calling and telling me of another really neat friend she had made--a sweet, outdoorsy, Christian girl who shared so much in common with Claire. They had been trying to get together for lunch just recently, but Julie had a mission trip to go on with the youth in her church. This is where the story turns tragic...read the article....

Two years ago at this time, Claire and I shared our birthday with a precious lady in St. Paul, Minnesota, Pauline, who Claire had befriended a year or so prior to this time.  She was battling breast cancer and wanted Claire to document her journey through photography.  Claire did--the most beautiful photos!  Pauline was such an inspiration with her bravery in dealing with her cancer.  As we spent our birthday with Pauline 2 years ago--as she shared the exact same birthday as us--June 26--we prayed together a most powerful prayer of God's will be done. Pauline passed about a week later.  What a blessing she was to us both!

Just earlier this year, Claire came home to Alabama with sad news and an obituary pulled from her paper at home.  Her friend Annie who Claire had befriended right after moving to St. Paul, had committed suicide after battling bipolar disease, leaving behind a precious 10 year old son.

If you read the article linked above about Julie, you see that she died trying to save one of her youth.  Please be in prayer for both of those families who are suffering so much right now.  I ask that you also pray for my sister who is struggling as well...

Be blessed, and know that God loves you right here and right now and for always.


Glenn Rocked Last Night!

If you missed Shear Genius last night, you missed our own Glenn Mitchell really shining on the show--did you see that precision haircut that she did BLINDFOLDED???? I thought she totally should have won that round....Catch it again next week on Wednesday at 9pm on Bravo! I have a show that I can look forward to now! Yay! Meanwhile, here is another video of Glenn giving her 60-second life story. Enjoy!


Art Camp Enrollment Update

Art Camps are coming up!  We are looking forward to great groups of kids for our July camps.  The morning 5-8 year old class is filled. Here's the status:
5-8 year olds: Full
9-13 year olds: 40% full
Teen Apprenticeships: 50% full

Call the studio (256.232.2521) to enroll your child or to find out more information.  You can also read about the camps on our site!  You may enroll by calling the studio with your full tuition to make your child's reservation.  Use your credit card, send in a check, or pay with Paypal.  Just let us know which is best for you...Don't wait!


Southern Flavor

Last week when my sister and her family were visiting Alabama from their home in Minnesota, Claire and I were able to enjoy a day in Birmingham together visiting some fun places.  It was just a great time for sisters to go and do on their own and share some good time.  We did.  The highlight of my day was getting to share with Claire a wonderful place to eat for dinner.  So we set out on 280 and exited on Highlands to end up at none other than Bottega.  One of Frank Stitt's fine restaurants--see his awesome coffee table cookbook that, like his recipes, celebrate the fullness of the South.

 I've eaten there a few times, but this evening's meal was the best I'd ever had--sumptuous crab cakes and pizza graced with chicken, pesto and other delicious herbs. Who would think the simple house salad could be so good--so fresh? The wine was divine as well.  It always makes me so proud to show Claire the things in Alabama that I love and cherish--the downhome-ness, the beauty, the truly Southern style and culture that exists here that I think she might forget sometimes or simply has never known in living so far away.  It was a great day of fun experiences and sharing sweet time together.


Glenn Mitchell -Shear Genius!

I am so excited for my friend Glenn Mitchell who I've worked on Mission Makeover with for the past few years.  She is owner of Red Jasper Salonspa in Decatur as well as her clothing shop, "Laundry."  (Really cool clothes!!)  Would you believe it?  She has made it so big--she is on Bravo's Shear Genius with Jaclyn Smith.  I haven't seen it yet (since those who know me know that I don't catch much TV), BUT I do want to try to see it. Check out her cool video they shot of her for getting to know her. And tune in this Wednesday at 9pm on Bravo to see her and all the others compete!  Congratulations, Glenn!


July Wine & Paint Nights Scheduled!

Wine & Paint Schedule for July

July 1 - 7pm-9pm - Patriotic Themes - We'll paint our flag, firecrackers or whatever feels patriotic to you!  Bring your friends and your favorite drink and share in a fun time of PAINTRIOTISM! haha That is corny, isn't it?

July 22 - 7pm-9pm -  Shoes - We'll have girl shoes (heels, etc.) as well as cool guy shoes (boots, tennis shoes, etc.) to paint from.  Grab your friends and your favorite beverage and join us!

June 24th is 75% full, so if you are wanting to attend, please go ahead and register by calling Leslie at the studio - 256.232.2521....


Still Another Chance!

You still have a chance to save on the Take Me To the River Painting Retreat!  Until this Friday, June 20th, you can save $25 on the tuition fee.  The regular fee is $595, so don't wait.  The Retreat is 20% booked at the moment.  We are looking for a few more awesome women!  Don't be shy--you are so very welcome!

If you're from way out of town, we will shuttle you in from Huntsville Airport and take you to your place of stay.  Email with any questions about accommodations--we'll be glad to help you!


An Auburn Evening--War Eagle!!

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Huntsville Madison County Auburn Club Annual Party & Awards Dinner where my twin sister Claire and I painted live.  Our piece was auctioned off as part of a fundraiser to raise money for scholarships for Huntsville students to receive and attend our AUsome Auburn University.

What did we paint?  Aubie!  We did a collaborative piece, painting taking turns, on the same canvas.  That was a first for us and was very fun!  And the greatest thing was, Aubie loved it!

If you don't know Aubie--I assumed everyone reading would, he is the mascot for Auburn University's football team.  He is also the number one mascot several years running in the nation!  He is pure entertainment. 

Thank you to Larissa Chastain for hooking us up with such fun event.  It was great seeing so many people passionate about our awesome Auburn.


Friday, the 13th!

Early Bird Registration for Carole & Claire's Painting Retreat - "Take Me To The River" has been extended to this Friday, the 13th!  We didn't want that day to bring bad luck, so....consider it a great day!


Calling all Early Bird Chicks!

Today is the last day for Early Bird Registration for Carole & Claire's Painting Retreat--"Take Me to the River!" July 29-August 1.  Don't miss your chance to save $50 from the tuition fee.  We are looking forward to a fantastic getaway for women from everywhere.  Email us  or call us with any questions!  Get yourself enrolled today!


Carole & Claire Workshop - Painting Retreat

Ladies! Early Bird Registration until June 10th for Take Me To The River Painting Retreat!

Read about the details at caroleandclaire.com. We will assist you in making accommodations. This is going to be a beautiful time of painting, relaxing and adding to the beauty around us! Join Claire and me!


Wine & Paint Tonight!

It's here!  It's tonight!  Come and paint with Carole the above painting.  Bring your own beverage, and Carole will have a few hors d'oeuvres and mingle time, then you will all begin painting at 7pm sharp until 9pm.  It's going to be fun!  Grab a friend and make it a unique, fun social event.  It had been open to 12, but we can accommodate a few more, so come on!  If you're out of town, call with your credit card to reserve your spot.  It is $50 per person.  Otherwise, take the risk and get here fast to claim your valuable spot--then take home your own piece of art.  You're invited!  No talent or experience necessary.  Looking forward to seeing you....Want more info?  Download the pdf....

Oh!  If you need to grab a bottle of wine somewhere, please visit Lana at Diesel and Lola on the square just around the corner from the studio.  They have a beautiful wine shop and lovely showcase of chocolates!  Here is the info:

113 S Marion St
Athens, AL 35611
(256) 771-0777

New Music

As most of you know, I love to change out the music fairly frequently on my site in order to introduce and share new music artists that I find. Some people ask where I discover them, and I do in my own studio where I have XM satellite radio that my husband (avWORKS) installed for me. It is awesome! Last night we were there, and I discovered Michael Franks, a smooth jazz artist. I love his stuff! Today, I uploaded to my site his song "Coming to Life." You can purchase it on Amazon here.

Maybe we'll hear it tonight at WINE & PAINT NIGHT!