Nothing like this day! Thank you, God for raising Jesus to prove He was the Messiah! A beautiful end to Lent and Holy Week....How blessed I am!


The Most Meaningful Day Ever!

I am so thankful that Jesus loved me this much to endure such a death as this. What love....


Guess What Movie?

I watched this oldie on my iPad a couple of nights ago.  Man, it was great all over again.  Know what it is?



I made it home with one daughter and my boxer in tow this evening!  Wow, what a dreamy time we had this week at Rene's home "Central Park" at Seaside (book it for yourself!).  She was so awesome to allow my family the use of her home there for spring break after she and I did some research for our FEARLESS Workshop we plan to have there. 
I'm sharing some of my favorite pics and others, well, they just answer the question of what I did for a week in a beautiful place.
These words sum it up:
Amazing food
White trimmed, candy-colored homes

From the second floor of the music shop

Couldn't resist this shot

Morning coffee sitting in the tower area of the 4th floor
The amazing Studio b!! It's in Alys Beach.  Go experience it for yourself!

Figure drawing I did in a class at studio b at neighboring Alys Beach

Beautiful potted flowers Todd planted for Rene in all her pots--they are all different!

Gilly Hicks bikini

Dream to have Gus on the beach with me.  He loved it!

Looking toward Modica Market

Getting burned

at studio b

Cool architecture

Inside music store.  I loved this sitting area.

An Apartment in Paris Gallery.  You gotta go! Slyvia will show you all the cool art there.

In the wind! Rene and me at Rosemary Beach after lunch at Wild Olives with our friend Kim

Painting plein air at Modica Market

Rene's beautiful home, "Central Park"

Yes, my family were there.  This is what I get....

Headed to Ruskin Place back to the house

Sunset out my balcony door

Working on Rene's website

Beautiful day and hardly anyone on the beach

One of a gazillion picket-fenced walkways


Beautiful Seaside - My Solace

Seaside has been amazing. So grateful for this time. 


It's Spring Break!

I'm up early this morning and hear birds already singing and talking. It's spring! Are you as inspired as I am about the newness and beauty of Creation this time of year? It's so awesome to shed the coats, the long sleeves and let the sun hit your skin--warmth like no other.

I'm so excited about spring break with my girls as we head to Seaside to stay with my friend Rene who has a lovely house there.  Pics will come as I know she will have the place picture-worthy.

What kind of swimsuit will you choose this spring/summer? I do different choices, it seems, every year...

Love the glamour of a simple black suit!
Black string top and bottoms from Old Navy

 Well, I went black and even simpler for my Seaside trip.  It's time to catch some rays all over!
Enjoy your weekend and next week, especially if it's your spring break as well.


Fun With Family in St. Paul, MN

Clown Fish
Grace and me on the ride!
Today was so fun as we hit the Mall of America again to see the new Aquarium and ride a ride in the amusement park  with Olivia and Grace. Shopping has been very successful-especially loving no sales tax. Yay!

Gilly Hicks had some great stuff
Gilly Hicks dressing room - bikini bottom. Forgive if too risque ;)

I'm all ready for spring break in 12 days! Claire introduced me to a cool shop where I found a new bikini that was just right for my upcoming trip to Seaside. I hope your weekend has been fun. I'm so thankful for this time with Claire and her family. 


My Twin Sister Claire's Art Studio

Coming up the stairs to Claire's studio

To the top
Turn left and enter the French doors
There's Claire working at her desk
Claire getting a snack at her coffee and clean-up area
Claire loves her studio
View from the back
Her art books
People often ask me what Claire's studio is like. So here is a photo tour of it. It's on the 4th floor of her home-a restored attic space that is fantastic and so inspiring. I helped her teach her Thursday night class up here last night-so fun! Tell me your thoughts of it!