WAFF 48 Tomorrow

Don't Miss This

Get up early tomorrow and see Trisha Black and me on WAFF 48 for an interview about Athens and the awesome things going on!  Trisha is the Spirit of Athens' new Project Director, and she will be discussing some exciting news.  You don't need to sleep in--come on and get up and watch.  We should be on around 8:45 - 9:00 in the morning.

Want the Lowest Gas Price Out There?

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Everyone!  Aren't you looking forward to a nice, relaxing long weekend?  You deserve it, and you also deserve to know where the lowest gas prices are in your area.  Have you heard of Gasbuddy.com yet?  Go here and plug in your zip code and find the lowest gas prices in YOUR area. 

I just filled up today in Athens at the Wavaho Station on Hwy. 31 and paid $3.49 a gallon or regular unleaded.  They take CASH only though....

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!


My Fantastic Weekend!

From this photo, guess where I went!  Sister Grace gals went on a getaway this past weekend and got back last night.  It was all for me that they went, but I believe they had the time of their lives.  I just appreciate their going, and more than anything, I appreciate how blessed our time was.  I visited family--aunt and cousins that I had been missing for so long.  I just loved it!  As soon as we get all our photos together, I'll post a slideshow!  So be sure to check back for that--you won't want to miss all the fun, food, music, and fellowship and Fun--did I say fun already?


Spirit of Athens Project Director

Congratulations to Mrs. Trisha Black for being chosen Spirit of Athens Project Director. She has already shown such leadership and enthusiasm, having only begun work a week ago! Thank you, Trisha for accepting the position. We know that you will be great for the city of Athens. Look for Trisha around town meeting the merchants and looking for ways to enhance our great town.  You may have seen Trisha at the past couple of years' Art on the Square festivals--she was a hard worker for that!   

If you are not a member of SOA, you should consider becoming one.  We are on a roll helping make Athens an awesome place to live, work and play!


Fantastic Wednesday Nights!

Every woman was once a little girl--a girl with 
precious dreams in her heart! Those desires
hold the secret to the feminine heart.
Join Carole Foret as she leads the study on
Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge,
and enjoy a book that will help unveil the
mystery of the life God created you to live.
He is the Hero of your life, freeing you
to live as a captivating woman! The study will
begin September 10 and last 6 weeks. Books
may be purchased at Pablo's On Market in downtown Athens!

Starting September 10th, join me at my church (First United Methodist Church in Athens - one block from my studio) for a nice dinner at 5, then a book study at 6 on the book Captivating!  The dinner will cost around $5 (or less--I don't remember), but the study is free!  Enjoy lively discussion, music, etc. associated with the study.  This won't be your typical book study,and it is open to all women aged 15 to 100--join us!


Schedule Change

The September 11 Wine & Paint has been changed to Sept. 18 so that I can attend an event in Athens that will benefit the Donnell Home.  It also is a night that showcases my father's book with a theatrical book reading that is going to fantastic!  His book is "The Last Witness From a Dirt Road."  I hope to get his website back up and running soon with a new look, so stay tuned!

Anyway, please make a note of the Wine & Paint change to Thursday, September 18th!


Carole Cafe is Here!

See my site for all the details.  These Thursdays will be open for you to come and paint WITH me.    
You bring your own supplies, but we will supply the space, easel and Starbucks coffee!  Lose yourself for 2 hours and join me and other experienced painters at Carole Cafe!  This is not a regular workshop experience, but those who attend will naturally pick up tips just watching me paint or painting along with me. Call the studio to make your reservation--only open to a handful each week.


One Night Only--My Band Sister Grace!

Click on the flyerl above--you don't want to miss this opportunity. Sister Grace has been asked to sing in concert at the Red Caboose next Saturday night, the 16th. Grab your friends and make a reservation--great price of $20 per person, and that includes your drinks and food! The Red Caboose is the latest music venue that showcases Nashville talent! (We're not Nashville talent, but we're glad to be thought of as that good!) It is in downtown Elkmont.

For reservations, call 256.306.6201 of email Gary Compton at gcompton@ardmore.net


Creative Spirit Fun Time!

Last Sunday night was our Creative Spirit reunion/girls getaway/going away party at Bridge Street in Huntsville.  Man! Was it fun!  Thank you to sweet Sabrina Query for planning the night's activities and inviting us to stay at the Westin!  How incredibly generous.  On top of that--she came bearing gifts for each of us--a set of wonderful Golden acrylic paints and a set of nice brushes!  What is even more incredible was this was a going-away party for her.  She and her husband and four children have flown to Switzerland to live for the next few years.  She was in the middle of packing her house when we had this get-together.  Amazing love.  Amazing time.

Jill brought a fantastic cake that we enjoyed after a great meal and drinks at Cantina Laredo!  The cake was chocolate and made by Barbara Gibson cakes.  You gotta try one!

Here is our group heading out to see Mamma Mia--minus Larissa and Bonita.  
Great movie--a must see!  
People laughed as we stood up and danced at the end.  :)

The view from our room the next morning.  Is this Huntsville??

Precious Sabrina ordering breakfast.  Then it was tearful goodbyes.

This whole evening was evidence of the bond created during my first ever Creative Spirit workshop that began last winter.  Through some awesome discussions, friendships are made and created to last!  And on top of it all--all these gals grew into wonderful painters.  Sabrina plans to paint many paintings of her new view from her window in Switzerland--a beautiful lake and the Alps.  We can't wait to see them!


Thoughts for Today

I just wanted to share with you a lovely thought from Oswald Chambers' "My Utmost for His Highest." It is actually from yesterday, August 4th. After some friends and I talked at breakfast, I thought more about what we were talking about-- our personal walk with Christ, going to the right church, doing the right things, etc. and we all concluded that our relationship with God/Christ is the most important thing. .

Oswald reiterates:
"The main thing about Christianity is not the work we do, but the relationship we maintain (with Him) and the atmosphere produced by that relationship." He goes on to say, "That is all God asks of us..." So I believe that we are called to have a deeply loving, abiding relationship with Christ, then all else will fall into place. That relationship manifested in us may mean that we attend several different churches in our lives, do different works, make new friends, but the one constant and growing thing is our abiding in Christ and that light that shines from us. That joy evident in our faces! THAT is what we have when we choose to have Christ in our hearts, souls and minds. This personal "abiding" transcends all man-made ideas of doctrine in churches, which church to go to, or any other man-made law or habit that we have grown up with.

The Holy Spirit is present at all times--especially more now than ever. He is working constantly--never stagnant. Let's open our minds and hearts to Him and let Him work in each of us in the way He wants to NOW. In this present moment. Now. All we have is this very moment. Let's choose Him now.


Calling all Creative Spirit Students...

The Creative Spirit Workshop is the greatest of all workshops that I teach in that it is one that teaches us to approach our creativity from its source, our spirit, and The Spirit. It is an 8-week, God-centered workshop where we spend one hour in my lounge area snacking and talking over "Thought Sheets" that I have written special for the class each week. These talks work to help each person ultimately become unblocked in their creativity, and to free each woman into her artist.

After that first hour, we paint for 2 hours. These 2 hours are much like my typical workshops, where I will most often paint a demonstration and the students paint afterwards. By the 3rd or 4th week, some can paint on their own. But always, I am there to assist anyone individually. If a need arises to miss a class, then a make-up date is offered for students who have missed. All supplies, reading material, and snacks are included each week.

As you can imagine, a bond is built among the women that carries from week to week. We begin our workshop as women and end it with each discovering the artist within. We plan reunion time where students can get together to check in with each other.  That is alot of fun!

The Creative Spirit tuition is $595. But for those now interested, I am offering it to you $50 off the fee. 
It includes:
All art supplies for 8 weeks
Hors d'oeuvres during the class
A custom apron
A journal
All reading materials written by Carole
The class is offered on Tuesdays beginning August 12 (through Sept. 30) in the morning from 9-12 or evening from 6-9. Each class must have an enrollment of at least 4 for the class to be held.

If you haven't seen the page on my site, please look at that as well to see some additional words about it and some quotes from former students--like this one from a thank you note I received:

"I have had such a great time in our Creative Spirit class. It has "awakened" me to embrace each day with more passion, more joy, and more creativity! Thank you so much!! God has surely used you to both minister and be a blessing to me and others..."

Thank YOU!

Claire and I had a fantastic Twins & Friends Show last night--along with Jean Basse from Chicago with her beautiful jewelry. We loved people walking out with paintings all bejeweled with Jean's handmade pieces! Thank you so much to all the new faces I saw last night. I didn't get to speak to everyone, and that is always the pitfall to having a show with tons of people walking through. So, yes, despite the monsoon--5 inches of rain that fell yesterday afternoon, knocking power out until 6:45, we carried on and opened the doors for our 7pm show. Praise God! Thank YOU for coming. Here are a few images from last night...

I was glad to have Kim Jameson from Tennessee come in for the day and evening to give us her awesome help with the food.  Thanks, Kim!  You rock!  We were enjoying a great lunch at Luciano's next door to my gallery...

The Twins--my sister Claire Kayser and me.  My daughter designed my wardrobe for the night--what do ya think?  

My brother Carl and his wife Lacey, Will Fleming and Claire.

People enjoying my giclee catalog in the gallery.  The curly-haired chic, my friend Carla Swinney.

The highlight of my night--my favorite faces walking out with big paintings!  Thank you, Sabrina!  She says these are going to be perfect in her beach home on the Atlantic coast.  
I would think so!

Lacey, my beautiful sister-in-law left with one of my latest pieces--an encaustic painting called "Celebration."  How do we look in Jean's necklaces?

Congratulations to Julie Jones for winning a spot in an upcoming Wine & Paint Night!

If you missed the show--the paintings will be up for a while longer.  I also have a few of Jean Basse's jewelry pieces in the gallery that I hope you'll come in and see.  But hurry--they're going fast.  Someone came in and bought a bracelet today!  Thank you to all who came and to all who helped, Claire and I really appreciate it!  Always, our joy is seeing and visiting with YOU.  We'll see you again next year for Twins & Friends!