God Wink, Synchronicity--Who Knows?

As some of you know, last November I  spent a weekend in a wonderful place, Gorham's Bluff over in East Alabama. Enjoyed my time there, and I even painted a small painting of the home/cottage I stayed in and left it as a token of thanks, etc.

This morning when I got back from my TV interview, I had this email:


I was watching you doing your spot on 48 TV this morning with Georgi Bragg. I love that painting of BB with Lucille!
My wife and I are staying at Gorham's Bluff for my birthday today. We're staying in the Blue Springs cottage. Right after the broadcast we got to looking at some of the artwork in the cottage and found some of your recent work!
I'm a Cad designer myself and I've always liked to paint and draw things. It just blew me away...
Anyway, I'm attaching a couple of pics from the cottage....

Well, I was blown away myself!  What do you think?  Was this synchronicity or God playing around with how small the world is and letting people connect in interesting ways?  It doesn't matter, it was just a really cool experience for that to have happened, and that this couple shared it with me.  Thank you!

But before that, I raced back to Athens after the interview to accept my friend Steph's invitation to come eat homemade blueberry pancakes with her.  I'm sure glad all the cops that were out had stopped other people!  But I so appreciate my friends!  They take such great care of me.  Look at these photos of these gorgeous pancakes and my sweet friend in her pj's.  The pancakes had fresh blueberries in them, and she made the best coffee to go with them!  Thanks, Steph!!

Her nice kitchen with gas stove!  And the "Love" plaque...

There she is!  Steph herself...

And my pancake.  I was saying "Yummy!" at this point.  It was delicious, but the visit was just as good too.  Friends are awesome!

Strokin' Lucille


Wow! An unblocking occurred Friday! Feels great to have accomplished a painting that simply flowed. That hasn't happened in a while. And while I do have other commissions to complete it is just imperative that I do others every now and then to feed my creative soul.

With that being said, I was inspired to do this painting of B. B. King for my husband who has been waiting patiently for a blues singer to put in our lounge here at my studio/gallery. It has a blues bar feel, and this will go great with the existing Van Morrison and huge Corona beer bottle paintings that I did as gifts to Todd that are there already.

This photo isn't that great. I am going to be photographing it with my professional camera soon, but I couldn't wait to share it! Let me know what you think, and if you might be interested in a print of it OR the original at the "right" price. ;)

Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 36 Inquire about price and prints


New Special!

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Final Boarding Call
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Happy Friday!  Thank you to my students who make me feel ALIVE!


New Year New You! (Deal announced!)

Reserve your spot now!  This Painting Retreat is going to be so much fun.  This one might be right for you if you:
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FEB. 6 & 7: 
Friday Night: 7PM-9PM - Wine & Cheese Meet & Greet Carole will demonstrate a quick painting to jump start the creative juices

Saturday: 10AM-4PM We will paint in Acrylic and learn techniques in Composition, Color Mixing, Principles of  Design.  We will complete two paintings. There will be demonstrations and lots of individual attention.  Work at your own pace. Includes:

  • All Art supplies - unlimited use
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Sister Grace - Southern Nights & Broadway Lights!

Last Friday night my band Sister Grace (and the Biscuits) had the honor of playing for the Southern Nights and Broadway Lights Fundraiser event for the Mental Health Foundation of Decatur, Alabama.  We were so excited to be included among a great group of incredibly talented singers.  We sang to a sold-out house at the beautiful Princess Theater  in downtown Decatur.  We performed "Put A Little Love In Your Heart" a great song performed by many great artists, like Al Green.  "Shackles" was another one we sang--Mandisa's version of it with our horn section accompanying us.  The closing finale was the entire group of singers singing "Let There Be Peace On Earth"--a very moving finale.  If you misssed it, you should plan to be a part next year.  It is for a great cause, and the entertainment is phenomenal.  Thank you to Lynda Mullinax for her awesome organization of the event and thanks goes to Julie Leavitt for taking this great photo.


Awesome Songwriters at The Red Caboose!

Tina Swindell and I went to see 3 amazing songwriters at The Red Caboose in Elkmont, Alabama.  What a blessing for me it was!  Tina's brother, the amazing Roger Murrah was there along with Jimmy Melton and Neal Coty.

Alot of people don't know that Tina and Roger are brother and sister.  And it was just so awesome to get to see him perform some of the songs he has written over the many years since around 1970.  Here is what it says on the Alabama Music Hall of Fame website:

An Athens, AL, native, Roger Murrah became one of the most successful songwriters in Nashville by combining his insight into the entire range of human experiences with memorable hook lines and unforgettable melodies.

His musical career began in high school when he fronted a band. After a tour of duty in the Army, Murrah signed as a staff writer with Rick Hall's publishing company in Muscle Shoals. He moved to Nashville in 1972, and wrote his first chart single, "It's Raining In Seattle," the following year.

His accomplishments were acknowledged in 1988 when BMI named him "Songwriter Of The Year." He has been president of the Nashville Songwriter's Association, International and serves on the Board of Directors of the Country Music Association.

His songs have crossed various musical styles, including the 1981 Al Jarreau hit "We're In This Love Together," which was named a BMI Millionaires indicating over one million radio performances. "Don't Rock The Jukebox," "Hearts Aren't Made To Break (They're Made To Love)," "Ozark Mountain Jubilee," "High Cotton," and "Southern Star." He also co-wrote the Waylon Jennings album "A Man Called Hoss."

If you ever get the chance to see these guys again, you should go!  And the Red Caboose is an amazing place--go see Gary and Linda.  They'll make you feel right at home!

Jimmy Melton

Roger asked Tina to join him on stage to sing, "We're In This Love Together" that Al Jarreau made popular.

Neal Coty


A Better Way to Pay?

As of today you can try to go green with me as I am doing more and more at my studio/gallery, and go paperless paying for your Wine & Paint Nights, Workshops, Retreats, etc. with PayPal.  Over on the right sidebar there will be a button for the types of classes I'm offering and an easy-to-use, secure way of paying.  Try it!

Please specify to me which Wine & Paint Night you are paying for.  Please note before you pay whether the class is sold out or not down in the events schedule in the sidebar.  Or you can email to ask me.  Thank you--let's be a little greener this way!


Letter to Sasha & Malia from Jenna & Barbara Bush

This morning while getting ready for the day, I caught this precious video on the Today Show.  I haven't gotten to experience as much of the Inauguration this week and our awesome country's pomp and circumstance, so this was especially special.  Jenna and Barbara Bush offer their letter of encouragement to the precious Obama girls, Sasha and Malia.  You've got to see this....


Creative Spirit 3 Begins!

Yes, it began this week!  The lovely ladies that God sent to me for Creative Spirit 3 are awesome!  We are looking forward to an amazing 8 weeks of great, lively discussion and amazing painting techniques.  They learned about color, toning canvases and just getting in there and painting something!  As usual, I found a way to "push" them further than their own expectations, and they impressed me to no end!  Look at those cups!  That was not an easy first still life to paint.  Great job, ladies!  I can't wait to see you again Tuesday night.  


With each new year that comes around, January brings a time of finding inspiration for a better year.  And I just had to share with you a book I read a few years ago that I recall as being one of the best ones I ever read for inspiring me to be myself in my business.  It is Love Is The Killer App  by Tim Sanders .  We are so conditioned to believe that we must compete in business, but there is no such thing as "competitiveness" when you are loving everyone and sharing what you know.  Loving and Sharing--that's what it's all about--even in business.  Try it!  Read this book to understand how and why that concept works!


Surprise this Week!

To whomever becomes my 16th Blog Follower (you must have a picture/avitar over on the sidebar there), there will be a wonderful surprise given as soon as your photo shows up as the 16th follower!  So what does that mean?  My 15th follower needs to make a deal with a friend.  Come on!  Don't be shy--it will be worth it.  Once you are established as the 16th Follower, you must leave a comment about 3 things that you hope the surprise might be.  Good luck!

Ta Da!!!

Well, here is my new closet area in my studio!  I am so excited about it since I can now hide my mess of stuff that can accumulate after time.  It is going to be a great way to store my inventory of canvases I order for my workshops and Wine & Paint Nights.  

You can see the black drape that I can pull to close it in different ways as it slides across the track.  I am thrilled that I could "recycle" my black backdrop I used to use for my photography.  So does that make me a "green" studio since I recycled?  Oh, and Gus is posing for you.

Here is a close-up of the inside--my new rack and cool way of storing my table easels, getting them out of the way.  Ahhhhh, organization!  Feels so good.

My cool wall that our friend Rod built--just a simple wood wall that we left unfinished.  Thanks, Rod!  It turned out great!  We hung my old sign at the top, and I added a neat little thing we picked up at the Ikea store in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago--wire that holds clips of things...

My "things" of inspiration.  Everything from cards, quotes, pretty pictures (Founders Hall that I shot years ago), my workshop brochure, encaustic articles and on and on--just anything that will inspire thought and creativity will hang there!

And who did all this?  My sweet awesome husband Todd and our buddy Gus.  Aren't they handsome?

And Gus' crate gets to go right next to the new wall.  He loves it!  Even he is inspired!  He lay right near me tonight as I worked on a couple of new encaustic pieces.  He is going to be a great studio buddy.  Alas, I think I will be able to use my right brain this week!  Wish me that blessing!  I wish you all the best for a fantastic week...


Huntsville Museum of Art!

I enjoyed teaching a wine & paint night at the Huntsville Museum of Art last Thursday night.  What a bright spot in my week!  I have never painted with such a nice view of Big Spring Park outside the window!  Thank you Alison for asking me to do this, and thanks to all the lovely people that were there--around 25 or so....Ellen was the nice lady who wanted to buy my piece right off the easel.  I donated the money to the museum. ;)  I can be nice sometimes...


Creative Spirit 3 Coming Soon!

Reservations are being taken now for my Creative Spirit class coming January 20th.  It will be held on Tuesday nights from 6pm - 9pm.  If you are a lady wishing to approach your creativity from the strongest foundation there is, then prayerfully consider joining me!  Your spirit is where it all begins.  All that you do is driven by it.  If this year is bringing urges to be more creative, then this class might be for you.  Download the reservation form in the sidebar to the right.  Read through the info and give me a call. (256.232.2521) We can discuss the class to see if it is a fit for you!
Included in the Workshop:
  • All art supplies for 8 weeks
  • A custom embroidered apron
  • Writing journal
  • All reading/discussion material compiled by Carole
  • Hors d'oeuvres each class
  • Dinner the last class - final fellowship
Let me know if this class is calling you!
Creative Spirit - Beginning Jan. 20th download PDF

Get Your Tickets!

Happy 2009 everyone!  My band Sister Grace is excited to be a part of Southern Nights and Broadway Lights, a fund raiser for the Mental Health Organization in Decatur, Alabama.  The event is going to be Friday night, January 23rd at the beautiful Princess Theater!  Help us as we support a great cause--Join us and get your $10 tickets here!


Beauty Breaking News!

If you live in Athens you have to stop at our CVS and load up on some awesome beauty products!  (Yes, I buy my make-up at drugstores)  At CVS a bit ago, I had to console myself for having had to look at Quickbooks all day by getting some new lip gloss.  And I found Neutrogena brand products on sale!  I love their make-up for their pure products.  Neutrogena is equated with health and beauty--and so dermatologically tested, and so on and so on.  Gals, just go get a little something to pick YOU up!  ...Shot with my nifty iPhone. ;)

Oh,  and a nice lady in Canada who goes by the name Liberty blogged about Claire and me a couple of days ago!  She was so kind to feature us that way.  Check it out here!  You will certainly love her blog--she garners a huge readership, and you'll see why when you pay her a visit--sharp, clean, artsy, interesting.  Go see her!

And one day maybe this will be my life...


Ave Maria on the Piano...

Something else I've done over the holidays...I was aching to find the rendition of Ave Maria that I was hearing in my head, and I finally did.  I downloaded and printed it and learned it in a couple of days.  Just ask Sarah, my daughter.  She was tired of Mom playing it over and over again...The story is true, but this photo is not really me.  Fooled you! (Oh, I didn't?)  It's a photo by the great Gabrielle Rigon.

Another of his amazing photos...
Blue Dog Speaks Blue Dog Speaks by George Rodrigue

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
Very colorful and inspirational. What there was to read about Rodrigue's insight to his paintings was very interesting! Makes a unique, fun size coffee table book at about size 8x8 and really thick.  George is from my husband's hometown--N'Awlins!

View all my reviews.

Hello, 2009!!

I hope last night was great for you!  It was for me--Todd and I had friends over for dinner, except it was Steph and I who made dinner for our husbands.  That was fun!  We enjoyed a dish that we were trying to mock after eating it at Coop's Place in the French Quarter in New Orleans when Sister Grace went down there last summer.  Well, we almost got it, but still not quite.  Guess we'll have to go there again to taste it another time!  

But the mocha ice cream treat I made and chocolate martinis that Steph made were awesome!

Are you ready?  As I spend the remainder of my time off, I have in hand this book that I am enjoying.  It will be one of many that I read that will spark a creative flair in me to kick off this new year that I believe is going to be amazing!  Calling all right-brainers!  Pick this one up and be inspired.  Step up  to the economic plate!  We just might be deciding the future!

New year--new ways of doing things.  Today I have been working hard on forms, updating my site and blog, etc..  Yes, feels good to get organized!  These forms will be filled out by my awesome students who wish to attend workshops and retreats.  Not Wine & Paint Night students though.   Below you will find the downloadable forms for reserving your spot in my workshops. They are also available on my site as you look at the schedule of events and decide on a workshop---ALL in an attempt to serve YOU better in the coming year. Find them in the sidebar her on my blog on the right!  The upcoming workshops include:

Creative Spirit - Beginning Jan. 20th download PDF 
Color Cafe - Beginning Feb. 5th download PDF 
New Year New You Painting Retreat - Feb. 6th & 7th download PDF