Tuscany 2012 announced! Spaces will fill fast, 
so read about it and claim your spot fast!
Why? Because we're teaching photography
as well as painting, AND, men can go with us!
All the info is


Great group!

Fun gals concentrating. I love a small group--they learn so much more with more attention from me. ;)

Wow, look at Bonita's!
Awesome Paint Night with fun ladies! Thank you, Susan Cooper and friends for a fun evening painting roosters. They were all wonderful!


Student Spotlight at Color Cafe Today!

Wally did an amazing job on his face assignment! We have been rendering eyes, noses and mouths and then had the challenge of putting it all together in one completely rendered face!  Didn't he do an awesome job?
Join me for our fun Color Cafe class on Thursdays from 10am to Noon. We have a ball! What you can't smell in this post is the aroma of the day's brew or taste the Italian biscotti. Mm!!!


Fun Couples Shoots - VOTE! Valentine's Special!

Last Wednesday night, I held a fun photography event that I called
Fun Couple Shoots
and advertised it in my newsletter to the first 10 couples to come
for a 5-10 minute shoot and receive 3 hi-res images--all for $30.
It sold out in no time!
Two couples couldn't make it afterall and will be given a shoot at a later date.
But we had a BLAST!
The "fast" love shown to me and my camera in only a few minutes was 
so inspiring--so sweet,
at times sexy, and most of the time FUN!

Take a look and vote for the funnest couple--the winner will win a complete 
hour long shoot! See who wins Wednesday night when voting ends!

Happy Valentine's Day to you! Enjoy these loving images...











Azure Days

I'm back from my cruise I was SO BLESSED to be a part of! I'm so thankful that the YPO Southern 7 organization asked me to be a part of an amazing trip to teach art and shoot photography.  I met so many wonderful people and enjoyed amazing speakers on the cruise, like former President Fox of Mexico, 

Michael Tchong

Gary Taubes, Author of Why We Get Fat

I was lucky to spend a couple of days in San Juan, Puerto Rico before we boarded our ship. I spent my time walking around and exploring and learning more about the Latin culture.  Very interesting!

 I'll share a few of my pics of my entire trip with you!

My hotel was really neat! I had an upstairs suite at the Gallery Inn--awesome small hotel! The Obamas even stayed there during the primaries in '08. It is owned Jan D'Esopo--an amazing painter and sculptor who moved there in the 60's.  She renovated the building and it is the most charming place--It's like Pat O'Briens (New Orleans) meets, a Tuscan hotel, meets Spain.  Lots of courtyards, old stones, rugs, tapestries and ART everywhere! Wonderful gourmet meals too. I'll stay there again!

Barrack Obama and Jan D'Esopo

The lobby.  Everywhere you look was rich in textures and different finishes...

The architecture reminded me of New Orleans...

Gave coconut water a try from a little stand on the street. It was good!

I thought this was funny. Pear-shaped gal modeling for the artist. :)

Walkway at the Gallery Inn with a portrait of Jan that her artist sister did.

I found this cup of capuccino at this very unassuming coffee shop.  They grow their own coffee beans.  Very good!

Jan herself! At her beach shack I was invited to go, along with Campeche, her favoriet bird.

Once on the boat, we made it to St. Barth's first! This was my view painting.  So much fun! Perhaps the biggest funny of the trip was that I was plein air painting and accepting what happens when you paint outside--the paint dries faster and even acts weird.  But I had never seen anything like what I was dealing with--unbelievably STICKY.  Ugh.  You know what I did? I was using sunblock for my white. 
When I realized it, I busted out laughing at myself... Only me....

My one opportunity I had to sit in the sun.  I was looking out over the incredible view.

Our cute little cruise ship--The Sea Cloud, owned by the Italian group, Silver Seas. Very luxurious!

This day was in Anguilla (An-gwee-ah)

Feeling lucky to be painting in such a beautiful place!

My amazing men who painted with me in Anguilla

Leaving Anguilla I captured this of the beautiful setting sun.  Stunning!

In our tender boat getting back to the Sea Cloud.

Back in San Juan, I joined a group and went ziplining through the jungle like Tarzan.  So much fun. 
Have you ever done that? I hadn't, but it was thrilling! Do it when you can...

Thank you for checking out my trip.  
Thanks again to all those with the YPO who made the voyage so wonderful!

I'm back and ready to get going again for the new year with my classes. 
 I hope you'll join me in both painting and photography! Look out for a new schedule.
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