Closed Till August 4th

Hi everyone!  The gallery is going to be closed until August 4th so that I can be on vacation with my family.  Just know that you may still inquire about and reserve a spot in workshops on my blog in the sidebar, and I'll get a notification if you do.  Otherwise, feel free to call and leave a voicemail at the gallery, and I'll be in touch with you as soon as I can.  Thank you so much for being such awesome clients and friends!  Enjoy your last couple of weeks of summer making memories!


Latest Commission Finished!

I finished a painting that has taken quite a while to do with all the lights and darks needing to be put in it on each object, but I worked and worked on it and finally got it to where I wanted it.  This piece is 20x24 full of layers and rich texture.  It was fun to do--I love cars.  Thank you to my happy client!
This was the last stage I perform--signing and varnishing it.  I love the way that the varnish really brings out vivid color and contrast in acrylic paintings!

Detail after varnishing.


New Paint Nights Scheduled!

NEW PAINT NIGHTS! - We're changing things up a bit.  Not wine, but something else non-alcoholic. Bring a friend and paint along with Carole, then take your masterpiece home!  6:30-9:30. $75 to reserve your spot!

TUES. August 4 - Blue Crab Paint Night! We will enjoy hors d'oeuvres as usual and paint a colorful crab on a square canvas! SOLD OUT

TUES. September 8 - Funky Flowers 16x20 canvas - done in Van Gogh style!

TUES. October 6 - Simple Tuscan Landscape 12x12 canvas - Simple, don't be scared.  I will have just returned from Italy and anxious to share the scenery!


A Chorus of Cats!

The latest litter of Lovecats! Last night was my second Marketing YOU 101 Workshop, and it was awesome!  A small group of all ladies, but they really learned alot.  That is always SO satisfying to me.  I can't wait to see what kinds of ideas from the workshop they put into place... At one time during the presentation, there was an outburst of a "Meow!"  So funny!  A lovecat was born!  So, I present to you the latest litter of Lovecats!  Thanks for being awesome students, ladies!  You inspire me!


Listening to the Legend

Those who have been in the gallery have heard my tunes spinning and they have most likely been my Michael Jackson tunes.  I have gotten more joy out of listening lately than I have in so long.  I've even been able to download some of his old music videos too--Smooth Criminal is amazing with his super-human dance moves.  Of course, I got the Thriller video--so ground breaking at the time.  Michael was an artist through and through.  I'll never forget discovering music in my early years, and it was "Off the Wall" album that really caught my ear, and it is still my favorite today!

And it all started with the Jackson 5.  Wow--I still know every word.  These still move me with amazing harmonies and great R&B rhythms.  Love it!  I hope that we can all remind ourselves of Michael as an artist more than a troubled man.  It's sad that he left us at such a young age with so much still to offer.  But perhaps he is in a much happier place.  I hope so.