Order Prints of Your Favorite Carole Foret Originals

Art Prints

If you don't know already, you can order amazingly beautiful prints of my original paintings all in one place! It's so easy and really fast too! Try it out and let me know what your experience is like. MY prints have come in looking beautiful. They even send them ready to hang AND with hanging accessories you'll need too! Wow. That's service!


Peaceful Season

Hey all you amazing people! I hope you are able to enjoy some down time--meaning time at THIS moment in the season to be still.  To listen. To dream. To hope. To break free from stress in your life.  One way I love to center myself is through incredible music.  Last weekend, I was blessed to hear 2 concerts in one day--ones I look forward to each Christmas.  I want to encourage you to love our Messiah!  I do mean THE one, but also Handel's brilliantly written "Messiah"--you will be transcended if you can be still long enough to take it in either in a live performance or downloaded.  The download I chose is the London Symphony's version from iTunes. What are YOUR favorite tunes this Christmas? I wish you a very meaningful and merry Christmas!


Painting Classes Announced!

My return to smaller, more intense painting classes is so wonderful-feeling! It fits my original, demonstrative style of teaching on a more individual basis, giving intense instruction to those students more serious about learning.  I love having awesome students like that!

See my schedule:

Nov. 30 - Tuesday Night
Large Canvas Painting
Supplies included $195 per person
Only 4 in the class

Private Lesson
You or You AND a friend
Supplies included $195 per person
Up to 2

See my site for more info and to reserve!


Yay!!! Auburn's #!

I've painted new paintings of our awesome quarterback whose a top consideration for the Heisman!  So deserving!  If you want to see my paintings, just drop by my gallery!  Prints are not an option at the moment until licensing issues are dealt with, so just enjoy my original depictions of something I'm really passionate about--my alma mater and Auburn football! War Eagle!  Anyone know the name of this building that is a landmark on Auburn's campus?  It's available at my Giclee Site!


Back from Tuscany!

Still a little jet-lagged, but home and relishing in the blessings from our Tuscany trip.  My sister Claire and I had a successful first annual Tuscan Painting Journey with 6 students along with us.  I am showing a few photos from it, but take a few minutes to watch an incredible slideshow that our awesome official photographer, Leslie Adair made of our time there.  Grab a cappuccino, sit back and enjoy!

Camucia Train Station - sneaked this shot

Piazza Della Repulica in Cortona

View from our breakfast room at Hotel Italia

Painting plein air

At the train station going to Florence for the day

I and Claire headed to our wine tasting at Molesini Wine Shop 
then dinner at amazing Osteria Del Teatra

Stay tuned as we are already planning dates and events for our
C&C Tuscany Journey 2011! Limited number of students, 
so watch for acceptance of applications here and on our site: caroleandclaire.com


Have Supplies Will Travel!

I have enjoyed teaching on location so much lately!  I want to do more!  And with my schedule of summer Paint Nights coming to an end, I am looking toward the holidays and all that is going on.  This is the time of year where I project what I'll have done by the end of the year.  So what I would like to offer are Paint Nights at YOUR home where they can be casual, fun and relaxing!  If you're interested, comment below or email me! There are options to make it work for you and your friends. Doesn't that sound fun?

This is the great fun I had last night helping raise scholarship funds for the Huntsville Madison Auburn Club to send kids from this area to Auburn!  By the way, what a fun way to raise a few thousand dollars in one evening doing something fun like painting Aubie and taking it home!  Thank you to all who came and to Scott & Cheryl Bence for working so hard to make this an incredible event! War Eagle!


New Events on the Calendar!

Check out the Class Calendar and find a fun event for you!
There are some new and different Paint Nights scheduled--a large canvas night, and a Jesus Night!

Marketing 101 is here again! September 28th...Reserve your spot!

Carole will be showing her work at Local Color at Progress Bank, October 21st.  

And also look for a NEVER-BEFORE event coming soon! You will not want to miss it!


Jewelry Artist Teaching Class in My Studio!

Tuesday Night, August 24th
Experience a fun evening of jewelry painting/making 
with fine artist
Jennifer Redstreake!

I met Jennifer several months ago and have been blown away by her talent and her fun spirit.  She paints stunning work in watercolor and also makes really nice artsy jewelry.  And now, she has responded to my begging her to come teach a class at my studio! Check out her amazing site for more about her.
Come and be a student along with me--I can't wait to see what MY jewelry will look like!

All supplies and snacks included. 
Just show up!
My studio:

Limited to 12 fun people!


Private Lessons

Today was so much fun working with this little guy for his private class.  Amazing what a talented 7-year old can do!  We painted clownfishes and he did a large one of "Riley," a fish he saw in the waters at the beach this summer.  Turned out great!  His mom was so excited when she saw all the art he got done in only 2 hours!  If you're interested in a private lesson, email me and see what times are available and we'll get one that's right for you!


Inspiration comes in many forms...

Gotta check out a way cool blog.  Blood-kin creativity and fun!

5'2" of pure cuteness!


Summer So Far...

I hope your summer is going well-all I know is that it's going fast!  I've been able to spend a peaceful time from the gallery (open by appointment) yet still holding Paint Nights and my Thursday Color Cafe and some private lessons too.  But my heart has been at the river!  Spending time being inspired from sights, smells and senses from my childhood where my family would spend weeks at a time.

The smell of river water and the warmth on my toes!

One of my favorite sights on the way down.

Facing Jesus II finished and went to Africa with Dr. Jack Moore on a mission trip.  I'll soon have that blog updated with all his experience! Can't wait.

Facing Jesus I returned with all the Pilgrims' names on the back.

Private lesson with precious Logan.  We painted her cat.

Working on commissions. Gus saw me pull out the camera. 

This is a painting that will become a book cover.  Can't wait to share this exciting endeavor when it's out!

Back down at the river at sunset.  Ahhhh.

Morning reading.  I'm doing Beth Moore's Breaking Free study.  Fantastic!

Crab Paint Night was fun and everyone's crabs were amazing!  And so different.

The fun group

This was last Friday at my artist friend, Sara Beth's house.  And this is Erin, our precious model. 
What an amazing time this was.  Sara Beth Fair, Rene Stubblefield and I shared an inspirational day of painting together.  Three artists sharing life, painting, food, wine on the porch and grounds of her beautiful Southern home atop Monte Sano mountain. It felt like a big God hug being with these ladies and all the talent they have! 

Sara Beth painting

Sara Beth, Me, Rene

All of us painting away! And sweating too. ;)

Cute gals! And a piece of my cheek.

Summer is going fast!  Relish in all that it brings-even this Southern heat and air-you-can-wear. ;)  Find inspiration in everything and notice color changes on sunny days.  Find gals to hang with and love!


Dog Night at The Ledges

Dolores and her pup!

Thursday's Paint Night at the Ledges was so much fun! It was one of the biggest groups I've ever had too--27!  But they did an amazing job as usual, and I met so many brand new faces who have never attended one of my classes before.  So that was a real treat!
If you want to reserve a seat in a future Paint Night either at my studio or at The Ledges, visit my site and the workshops section for a complete calendar of what is being offered when, AND you can even reserve right there too! How simple can that be?

Fun gals!

The group!...mostly.  I don't think we all fit.

Check out those dog portraits!  My model I painted was Odessa, a client's boxer who is not anticipated to live much longer.  She was a beautiful brindle and had one ear turned inside out.  She was fun to paint!


Art Camps & Art Academy Announced!

Now accepting reservations for children's Summer Art Camp & Art Academy!
Go HERE to reserve.  They will fill up fast!
Bookmark that link for future classes.


Change Is A Comin'!

As happens every so often, change is happening here at Carole Foret Fine Art studio & gallery.  The transition is taking a little time, but it will be awesome!  Just keep your eyes glued to this blog, and hopefully by week's end some will be evident!  ....Just another way to keep movin' forward! Progressive. And, of course, fun!

Just a few hints of what to expect:

Reserving with Ease!
New Fine Art classes!
A never-before SALE!
Announcment of Guest Instructors!

So stay tuned to see what all is going to be happening.  YOU, my valued clients and friends inspire me!


Tell Me What You Think!

Please take part in this poll so that I can work to make my Art Events nicer for YOU! Be honest too. This is totally anonymous! You can vote on a multiple number of things and you can also add an answer. That will be helpful to me too as I can add to or change as needed.

Awesome NIght Painting Shoes!

I had a wonderful group of ladies last night to paint some of our favorite things in life-shoes!  Thank you for doing such an amazing job and conquering your fears in approaching a blank canvas--you rocked!  I admit, this was not the easiest painting to do, and that made me feel more impressed over the end results.  I hope to have you back soon!

Join me at The Ledges in Huntsville Thursday night to paint a colorful crab!
Call Susan to pre-reserve so we'll know you're coming:


Paint Nights This Coming Week!

To reserve: Call 256-232-2521
Or register in the sidebar of this blog

To reserve: Call 256-883-0860

Hors d'oeuvres, your favorite drink, friends, fun & PAINTING!

 Now you don't have to imagine--just reserve your spot for one of Carole's Paint Nights!

I'm so excited about the week ahead of us with 2 Paint Nights scheduled-one at my studio on Tuesday night and the other at the beautiful Ledges in Huntsville.  Consider joining me for a relaxing, creative time that will feed your spiritual soul!  Then take your masterpiece home!


Spirit-Filled Easter

Painting Jesus Live - Shot by Stephanie Fenton
This Easter season was so wonderful in so many ways.  I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit so deeply--all during Holy Week.  My mind and heart were set on Him, and I praise Him for the amazing love I felt.  I was given the opportunity to paint live during the Maundy Thursday service at First Baptist Church in Athens, and I've never felt such a KNOWING of doing something that He led me to do.  I was never nervous about painting in front of a few hundred people--that never hit me.  I truly can say that I painted for an audience of one, and He emerged slowly, crucified, bloody onto my large canvas as the Celebration Choir of over a hundred angelic voices sang the somber, yet loving choruses depicting the crucifixion.  I was ONE with my savior that night.  The people felt it.  I heard people shedding tears.  Truly moving.   Notes from people that I've received since that night spell out an account that night of feeling closer to God than ever before.  I credit Ryan Leffel, the amazing choir director for having the foresight to mix the arts of music and painting to create a moving worship experience for our community.  I thank him for that.  It was a chance to give our God-given gifts back to our Lord in an act of worship.  How amazing!  How wonderful!

Shot by Stephanie Fenton

Shot by Decatur Daily photographer

I praise God for allowing me to have a gift that I can share with people to bring them to Christ.  My Jesus paintings have been an amazing  way to connect  people to their Creator.  As happened Christmas Eve when a person visited my gallery and found one of my paintings, someone came into my gallery Easter Eve and found another one.  It was a moment of sharing my Jesus Painting Tour Ministry with her and tears welled up in her eyes, and bang! I knew it was God there prompting me to share one of my paintings with her.  I did.  It was the small one I painted this week to launch my latest painting tour.  But, I 'll paint another one. Sherry is a sweet, beautiful lady who came in with her daughter and shared that her brother is suffering from cancer.  A minister in Mississippi, he collects works of art that depict Jesus.  Sherry plans a trip to visit him and bring him my painting.  How awesome is that?  I can't wait t hear how it goes.

Sherry & Me


Maundy Thursday

Leonardo Da Vinci's "Last Supper"

I was asked what "Maundy" meant in describing today--Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday.  And "maundy" was explained like this on Wikipedia 'Most scholars agree that the English word Maundy in that name for the day is derived through Middle English, and Old French mandé, from the Latin mandatum, the first word of the phrase "Mandatum novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos" ("A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you"), the statement by Jesus in the Gospel of John (13:34) by which Jesus explained to the Apostles the significance of his action of washing their feet. The phrase is used as the antiphon sung during the "Mandatum" ceremony of the washing of the feet, which may be held during Mass or at another time as a separate event, during which a priest or bishop (representing Christ) ceremonially washes the feet of others, typically 12 persons chosen as a cross-section of the community."

So, it's safe to say that it means love one another the way Jesus loved/loves each of us.  A tough thing to do, but I believe He blesses our efforts!


A Great Start To Holy Week

Just finished a great workout to begin Holy Week--listening to Tammy Trent's lively Christian music. If you don't know her and her music, you must!  She has smooth, silky voice paired with soft ballads, R&B sounds and lyrics that inspire! What more to get your body moving?

Now, I'm enjoying a new smoothie full of healthy goodness that I wanted to share with you.

Inside this one:
A banana
A mix of peaches, blueberries, strawberries
Acai Juice
Light Vanilla Soy Milk
Vanilla Protein Powder

I hope your day has begun in a beautiful way.  Here, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, telling me that Spring is really here.  I long to be ever close to my Savior this week, grateful for His journey He made to the cross for me, for you.  I pray that you know how loved you really are!