News of Changes!

As you know at Carole Foret Fine Art, we don't stand still.  We're always doing new things, and with my painting and workshops growing so much, we are looking forward to a fun slate of workshops to offer and other cool things going on within the gallery.  Our schedule for spring and summer workshops and camps is going to be available by the first of next week, if not sooner, so stay in touch!  If you've ever tried to sign your child up for a camp, you know they fill up fast!

Look for Art House to come this spring, Twins & Friends Art Show to come this summer as well as other exciting opportunities for our friends, whether you are a budding artist or simply an appreciator.  We appreciate all of you!

If you are heading out to the Huntsville Museum of Art Gala tomorrow night--stop and say hello.  I look forward to seeing you there.  It is going to be beautiful, you know it--it always takes my breath away--all the gorgeous decorating.

As my daughter ends her recovery from her tonsillectomy 10 days ago, I'll be back in the studio and gallery more next week.  If you came by, I am sorry I missed you!  Have a blessed weekend!


Can You Say...

David Archuleta???? Oh my goodness! I have never seen such precious-ness and talent. (Well, except for Michael Buble) He's the one to beat. Anyone know what I'm talkin' about?? Comment if you do.



Wednesdays March 5 & 12
10am - 2pm - 4 hours each day
Includes supplies & snack lunch break
complete 2 paintings!
(simple still life and
paint from a photo of your choice except portraits)



Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
April 1, 2, 3
10am - 12pm (2 hours each day)
complete 2 paintings
Includes supplies & snacks
Plein Air sidewalk painting - cityscape (weather dependent)
In-Studio painting - from photos except portraits

4 spots left!


Museum Gala!

The Huntsville Museum of Art Museum Gala is coming up March 1st, and Todd and I will be attending this year (we've taken a break the past couple of years). If you're interested, I'm letting folks know that I donated half the proceeds when my painting, "Happy Hour" will be auctioned in the huge, awesome silent auction. It is roughly 30 x 20 painted in oil on canvas.

Something else I have donated is Wine Paint Party! Don't miss bidding on this event--it will be so great! I just had my Wine & Paint Event last Tuesday night, and it was so cool, sophisticated and fun. YOUR group that wins will be a blast too.

So don't miss out, and remember it's all to support our awesome Huntsville Museum of Art!

Are You an Early Bird?

Are you an Early Bird?  If you are, then that means you will be registering for our workshops coming up by tomorrow at 5pm!  Don't miss out on this chance to save money!  Scroll down to learn more about the workshops and pay safely and securely through PayPal....All levels welcome!


Wine & Paint Fun!

Wine & Paint was so much fun this past Tuesday night! I had 12 people attend--3 painted and the rest mingled, sipped and watched. I started a huge commission, and the other painters worked on things that they had started already. They were awesome! Bonnie and Michele had painted with me before, and Sharon was an amazingly talented painter already! The "watchers" were from Moulton, Athens, Huntsville and Decatur. What a joy it was to share some good antipasto platter and wine with art lovers for the love of art!

The wine. One of them is my favorite....Guess which?

Bonnie Hurst & Michelle Vandiver

The group minus the Huntsville gals.

Sharon & Chris. Do you recognize Sharon--THE Sharon Doviet
formerly of WAAY 31 News, but now an attorney with Cliff Hill Attorney at Law.
And Chris Russell with Morgan Stanley in Huntsville.
Sorry for the blurry photo.

And lastly, my antipasto platter I put together
after looking at a Southern Living article. ;)
Mine isn't nearly as pretty, I must admit....

And the News IS...

As of yesterday, I have work in a Birmingham gallery! yay! This has been a goal of mine for a long time, but honestly haven't had time to pursue the goal in years. But even better, the opportunity found me! That's how things work. I had a client, precious Carla Ingram of Birmingham, who is a sales rep for some beautiful designer items, who recommended me to the owner of this wonderful place. Wasn't that sweet? She is awesome, and we became friends instantly the day she came to pick up her painting last November.

Upon entering the building, you see Lee Ann serving a client with her beautiful smile--and huge blue eyes!

The long hall where designers will each have their own vignette space. See Carla below in her cool Valentine-sy coat. I found out yesterday we each have a coat fetish!

Below, my and Claire's artwork that Judy is cataloging. Yes, I pedal Claire's work too. ;)

The Commissary Design Warehouse
is more than a gallery--it is many galleries for talented designers and artists--a marketplace for designers to showcase their talents and an art gallery. Lee Ann is the owner, and Judy Butler (also an artist) are the ones in charge--so warm, friendly and talented! You have to go by there if you're in the Birmingham area. The building has been restored, which I love--old historic buildings that are revived with new life.

So, yes, I am so thankful to have received all of this--Carla's friendship which led to her mentioning me to the girls at the Commissary, who asked me to show in their new endeavor. Another example of how I'm blessed!


Exciting News!

I have some great news--well, I think it's great! I have been so blessed in my painting, and things just seem to get better and better. I'll let you know further details in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, just go to my painting blog and see my latest paintings. They are moving fast---I have the BEST clients! Thanks to all who have purchased paintings, commissioned paintings or signed up for workshops the last week. Wow!


Please Participate!

I am interested in finding out how I am most known as or known for. I do many different things in my work and want to narrow my focus some, but want to find out this bit of info. Please participate...


I updated my site! It's lively and energetic like I'm feeling right now. Let me know what you think of it. Changed the first song in the jukebox too. The new song is by Mika and is called Love Today!


Wine & Paint for Feb. 12 is filled up.
Sorry if you missed this opportunity, there will be more!
Stay in tune with this blog so you BE IN THE KNOW!

Look for new workshops in the next
week or so! They will be posted right here.

Wanna GO with me somewhere cool
to learn to paint? Sort of a Getaway Painting Workshop??
Go with Claire and me!

Larger giclee canvas reproductions of
Samford Hall (Auburn University) are available both
in my gallery and at auburnart.com.
If you haven't seen these yet--they are awesome!
Great for any Auburn fan.

Girlfriend Paint Parties
are being booked! Don't miss out
on this fun opportunity!
Get your gal pals and book one with me!


Happy Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras came so soon to me this year, so today I ran out in search of a King Cake. I found one--yay! We will have our traditional Louisianian meal tonight--crawfish etoufee and red beans & rice. It will be a celebration! Enjoy the Louis Armstrong video below...Laisez les bon temps rouler! Comment if you know what that means. ;)


Washington D. C. Workshop!

On to the next workshop experience with Carole & Claire! This one is going to be a 2 and a half day one--a doozy! Lots of instruction time--2 instructors, food, demonstrations, take home at least 2 paintings! This is an all-inclusive workshop. Don't miss this chance!


Early Bird Registration through March 1: $495
Limited number of spots so hurry!