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Back from italy!

Oh! What an amazing time we had! There is no place like Cortona, Italy with the warmest, loving people, quaint shops and boutiques, awesome cuisine, and peacefulness the town has. It's just like Heaven. It really is.

Claire and I went to plan our Tuscan Painting Journey that will be held there next September. We reacquainted ourselves with people Claire knew while studying there for her Masters 15 years ago. And we also made new friends as well! Cortona is an hour Southwest of Florence, Italy.

If you would like to know more about what we're offering, please see our site and consider joining us for this journey--open to ladies. ;) It's all at CaroleAndClaire.com!


Gallery Closed While I Am In Italy

Gallery will be closed from 
September 15th - 24th.
Will re-open on Friday, the 25th.  
I will be here:

My twin sister Claire and I are going over to finalize details for our September 2010 Painting Journey that will include 12 lovely ladies!  Interested?  Check out CaroleAndClaire.com for current info! Until the 25th-Ciao!


Latest Headshot

I just had a new headshot taken! It the "Me" that is made out of clay. My friend's son, Scott Fenton makes the most amazing clay figures, and has for many years, probably has made close to a thousand! For my birthday a couple of years ago, he made ME. And I've always cherished it. The other day another friend brought me this cute little easel and canvas, and the 2 go so well together. I thought it would make a most flattering headshot for my Facebook Fan Page. Look for other depictions later!


On this Labor Day

I hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day like I am!  Porch time with my husband, yoga late morning and now enjoying a fantastic tennis match with the awesome scene-stealer Melanie Oudin and 13th seed Petrova from Russia.  I love tennis--used toplay all through my childhood and even for Auburn in 1986-87 team. Shh. Don't tell anyone that.  I'm not that good anymore, but I still love it!

Today reminds me of how lucky I am to have a job and one that I love! I have the greatest clients and friends.  Many of my friends started out as clients.  What a blessing.  I hope you feel blessed in your work and find ways to glorify God through your work.  My goal is to add to the beauty that our original creator God made in all of His creations.

My Creative Spirit Retreat Weekend is ALL about learning to add to that beauty.  To defy the "blocks" that arise from time to time that keep us from creating in the way that God wants us to--that He created us to!  It is my prayer that 8 ladies will heed the call to this weekend October 1st - 4th.  It has proven to be an awesome curriculum for re-igniting the passion to create.  We're making Soul Painters with each workshop!  Know a lady who could enjoy a weekend like that?  Let her know all about it.  Read the posts below with all the info!

Enjoy your day appreciating your work and the opportunity to work!  Blessings!


Michael Buble's New Song!

I can't not share this news--Michael has a new song out and a new CD to follow soon. The song is called "Haven't Met You Yet" and he wrote it about me! :) I am thrilled! I love his music and seeing him in concert (3 or 4 times now...). He is an amazing entertainer and not bad to watch either! Check out his cute video on his site! Meanwhile, enjoy these shots I shot at his concert. We rushed the stage and got so close!! ;)


Creative Spirit is Calling You!

Retreat Weekend

Do you feel blocked in your creativity right now? In a rut?  Need a jump start?  Finally approach your creativity from the right place!  Creative Spirit is a unique workshop experience for women who are seeking to unleash their creativity from a spiritual foundation.  It is open to women who, though blocked in their creativity, are positive, open-minded, and open-hearted.  It is for women who acknowledge God as Creator of our universe and the original artist who intends us to be creative as well.


All Art Supplies
Lots of Painting - complete 3 pieces
Custom Apron
Inspiring Discussion
Reading / Discussion Material
Yoga (optional)
Daily Snacks
Late Night Paint Party

Get away from it all for a long rejuvenating weekend, and fire up your creative spirit!

Print outs:

Taking reservations now...