Ta Da!! See My Hydrant!

Ta Da!

Felt a little like Michelangelo doing this...
Okay the secret is out! You can now know what my fire hydrant is and you can bid on it at the Dog Ball! Come on everyone, it's to support the Huntsville Humane Society!


The Dog Ball

The day it came. Like this--glossy and white.

Gus saying that this is not the appropriate place for this.

This is a hint of what it is. 
Wow! Somebody get me a chiropractor or book me a massage with my trusted therapist--I'm done with my latest piece of fine art. It wasn't done on canvas, but a real cast iron fire hydrant. The Dog Ball is coming February 10th and supports the Huntsville Humane Society. I was one of 5 artists selected to paint a hydrant-a wildly coveted title "hydrant artist"-haha! Get your tickets and go! It's gonna be fun and you can enjoy great music and lots of gift items to win all in your beautiful cocktail attire! Here is the progress of my painting...This is a hint of what mine is going to be. Start guessing!


Coffee Love

I haven't expressed my feelings about something I truly love and cherish and never take for granted. My coffee. It is LOVE in a cup.  That is one thing to know about me-to love me is to bring me a cup of this magical drink. :)



I had a wonderful creative day with my friend, Julie, as we are combining our gifts of interior design and painting into a fun upcoming event! We shot some fun photos for marketing it.  Our focus right now is CHAIRS!  We appreciate Bragg's home furnishings of Huntsville for helping provide a couple for us today!

Save These Dates!


February's painting classes will be all about learning to render the FACE!
The schedule:

Feb. 2: Draw Facial Features
Feb. 9: Paint Eyes
Feb. 16: Paint Nose & Mouth
Feb. 23: Render entire Face

Discussion and Demonstrations begin at 10am. at Carole's studio.
As always you'll smell the aroma of coffee when you enter the building!
Come on! 

Open House!

You're invited! 
To enjoy hors d'oeuvres, to see the latest in my gallery, 
to visit and network with fun people, enjoy great music, 
and maybe even dance--if the disco ball turns on. 
A fun, relaxing time!
Each person is invited to bring his/her own drink.

 I hope to see you!



Bon Voyage in Less Than 2 Weeks!

I'm honored to have been selected as the art instructor and official photographer for the 
YPO's Southern 7 cruise on the beautiful Silver Seas ship going to 
St. Barts and other ports of call in a few days.  
I'm thankful to the network of folks it took to put my name out there!
That's where good things come from--from the kind word from someone you've met.
Stay in touch to see amazing photos from some of the most beautiful places in the world! 


I love going to client's (and in this case, friend's) home and seeing paintings and photographs I've done for them. And I love that these pieces are in one of the most beautiful homes I've ever seen!

Her house portrait that hangs in her dining room.
Her beautiful home in the Ledges
A piece I did that hangs in her breakfast area.