Great Things Are Happnin'!

...at Carole Foret Fine Art. The wheels are turnin' and ideas are churnin'--hope to have some decisions made soon that will impact my business and make things so much more awesome for my clients and new clients! Meanwhile, I'm painting and doing alot of thinking. Wish me luck!



A few weeks ago our team was victorious over an old rival, Decatur! It was a thrilling game--the crowd was into it, the cheerleaders had the spirit, the band performed in an awesome way! Yay, Athens High!

Check out Miss Madeliene McKenzie's skills here with this toe touch! I happened to see her do this a while before I asked her to do it for the camera--my jaw dropped!You go, Madeliene!

My friend and Sister Grace sister's son, Scott with his sax!

Cute chic-ys at the game. They stopped texting on their cool phones so I could capture their cuteness.

My friend and Sister Grace sister's son Ross--embarrassed, but agreeable to let me snap this shot of him. Thanks, Ross!

Our hard-working players! Go Athens!! Y'all are awesome!


The Spirit! Have YOU got it?

...the spirit of Athens, that is. I love my small town. It is so amazing what can get done when energetic people get focused and involved with a project--especially when it comes to revitalizing an old, rich-in-history town like ours. Athens, Alabama has such an awesome location with so much around it. We have so much WITHIN our town that is to be admired. There is so much talent, creativity, history, art, and love for our city. We even have a Starbucks now! Our downtown thrives with so many wonderful and unique shopping destinations~don't you agree?? Come to Athens and catch the spirit!
This photo is the view outside my big red gallery/studio door! I'm blessed...


Events & Holiday Parties! Book Now!

View Slideshow!

I am available for shooting photojournalistic style photography for your holiday party! Even better, I can shoot a personal shoot that includes your getting ready, and getting to your party! How cool would that be? Just view the slideshow below and see what you think! That really is Donald Trump in the show--I shot an event with him last year for a fundraiser! It was fun...


Mmmm Chocolate!

Precious Tess a Mess!! I have photographed little Tess alot. She is so photogenic and cute. This was taken Sunday at a bonfire held by our church children's ministry at this little girl's family farm. It was a beautiful fall evening for a smore-making time!

Check out her pink cowgirl boots!


Tour de Pig! (Not France)

Last Saturday was the first annual Tour de Pig Bike Ride here in Athens! It was four different rides: 62, 42, 21 and 3-mile rides beginning at the courthouse and ending at the Piggly Wiggly in Elkmont. These rides were to support the funding of a much-needed bike trail through beautiful historic Athens and Limestone County.

My brother Carl helped put this event together and asked me to shoot some cool pictures of it. My friend Carla and I had a ball shooting the cyclists! They were serious--let me tell you! Just look at those cool outfits! Despite the very cool temps we set out in her convertible Beetle on that beautiful fall morning,let the top down and stuck out our long zooms! We got some great shots and fun angles. We felt like sports papparazzi on the move! There is no prettier countryside than Limestone County on a fall day-it was a great event--thank you everyone who helped and volunteered! Feel free to support the Limestone County 2 Wheel Trail by calling 256 . 232 . 8725. If you were there that day and want to view/order photos you can do so on Pictage. Just enter "Tour de Pig" in the search event section! A portion of the proceeds will go toward the LC2WT!

Go Paul go!!

Downhill Carl! Weee!



My friend Carla had her one woman show opening Thursday night--it was so much fun! So fun to see her feeling like a queen for a night with all her beautiful Italy photographs hung so nicely in the gallery. I was so proud and happy for her. Steph and I went and had a great time...The show stays up for several weeks--get by to see it--if there's anything left--she sold a bunch the night it opened!! See her story in the Decatur Daily! Yay Carla!!


Maggie FUN!!

I had a Saturday shoot today with a fun-spirited Maggie! Wow. I love when my clients come in with an awesome personality like she did. We had a great time making some fun images. Her Mom came and was alot of fun too! Thank y'all for making a totally fun shoot! Here are just a few of my first-impression favorites...


Gustav's Glory

I just finished a painting a bit ago for someone who just commissioned it this week. I admired her knowledge of both my busy-ness working on all the other commissions I have and the fact that acrylic dries much faster than oil. She pointedly asked if I could get an Eiffel Tower painted in acrylic in time for her to give it as a gift on Saturday. I agreed. Here it is! I'm realizing the energy I can have when painting in acrylic! Most people think that I can't possibly render a painting with the texture and energy in acrylic that I'm known for in oil. Well, YES I can! Here's proof. And it got done FAST! What do you think?


Yay Carla!!

My dear friend, former student, and client Carla Swinney is having an art opening of her beautiful photographs from her recent trip to Italy. The show is called "Intimate Italy" and is being held at the Calhoun Community College Art Gallery in Decatur, Alabama. You can see some of her photos at her site under the gallery name "Intimate World 1 & 2". Don't miss the opening which will be held Thursday, October 12 at 6pm! See you there! Yay, Carla!



Out Sick

If you missed me Tuesday, sorry--out was out "sick"! Playing sick that is, in a commercial. What alot of people don't know is that I work as a commercial model with Real People Models & Talent in Birmingham. I got a job as "Sneezing Lady" in a commercial for a drugstore. Yeah, but it's money...I'm too embarrassed to post a shot of me, but I looked the part for sure--raw-looking nose, dark circles under my eyes. Thank you to Rachel and Jamie for doing my make-up. Everyone on the set was great! Thank you for an awesome experience, Jay Brackin! I love to watch the production crew on these jobs--I learn so much about lighting, photography and I'm fascinated with the whole set!

All the make-up it took to make me look sick (ugly!)

Bob, the other Real People model/talent on the job. He was precious! Not sure what the story was on him--he was shot on the riding mower. I think the whole thing was about allergies/colds and trusting the local drugstore vs. the big Wal Mart drugstores,etc.

This is where the commercial was shot. If you look closely you can see the film crew outside with the huge reflectors. Amazing what they can come up with shooting at odd locations like this.

Patrick Hood and Jennifer--both talented people! Patrick is a fine photographer and Jennifer worked with production crew--Blue Olive Production.
This is about all I could document--I wish I could have shot more, but I had to spend my time fake sneezing for about 15 takes and about 100 still photos. I tell ya, I was almost hyper-ventilating! But, we got it! It was great!