Inspiration comes in many forms...

Gotta check out a way cool blog.  Blood-kin creativity and fun!

5'2" of pure cuteness!


Summer So Far...

I hope your summer is going well-all I know is that it's going fast!  I've been able to spend a peaceful time from the gallery (open by appointment) yet still holding Paint Nights and my Thursday Color Cafe and some private lessons too.  But my heart has been at the river!  Spending time being inspired from sights, smells and senses from my childhood where my family would spend weeks at a time.

The smell of river water and the warmth on my toes!

One of my favorite sights on the way down.

Facing Jesus II finished and went to Africa with Dr. Jack Moore on a mission trip.  I'll soon have that blog updated with all his experience! Can't wait.

Facing Jesus I returned with all the Pilgrims' names on the back.

Private lesson with precious Logan.  We painted her cat.

Working on commissions. Gus saw me pull out the camera. 

This is a painting that will become a book cover.  Can't wait to share this exciting endeavor when it's out!

Back down at the river at sunset.  Ahhhh.

Morning reading.  I'm doing Beth Moore's Breaking Free study.  Fantastic!

Crab Paint Night was fun and everyone's crabs were amazing!  And so different.

The fun group

This was last Friday at my artist friend, Sara Beth's house.  And this is Erin, our precious model. 
What an amazing time this was.  Sara Beth Fair, Rene Stubblefield and I shared an inspirational day of painting together.  Three artists sharing life, painting, food, wine on the porch and grounds of her beautiful Southern home atop Monte Sano mountain. It felt like a big God hug being with these ladies and all the talent they have! 

Sara Beth painting

Sara Beth, Me, Rene

All of us painting away! And sweating too. ;)

Cute gals! And a piece of my cheek.

Summer is going fast!  Relish in all that it brings-even this Southern heat and air-you-can-wear. ;)  Find inspiration in everything and notice color changes on sunny days.  Find gals to hang with and love!