Are You Vulnerable? How Do You Feel About It?

Recently I watched a couple of TedX talks by Brené Brown and found them very interesting as well as compelling. Being a strongly spiritual person, I always find it interesting to be able to correlate talks about sociology/psyhcology to spirituality and the Bible. Brené did a wonderful job sharing her thoughts and research on the subject.

Vulnerability means taking risks.  Taking the risk to speak to someone first, to say "I love you" first, to forgive first and so many other things. To be REAL first is being very vulnerable because it reveals who you really are--to be truly seen. When you see someone else doing that, what do you think?  Is it not a beautiful thing? So why do we fear being vulnerable?

I find that the extra step beyond being vulnerable is the conscious choice to surrender spiritually to what God has in store for you.  It's not a process of simply giving up. It's a call to relationship.  One where one walks so closely with God that surrender is a daily challenge, yet privelege, even a call multiple times during the day. To surrender feels like a vulnerable place to be--because putting your full trust in God for your life can feel that way.  However, it is the surest journey to true fulfillment and happiness. As I listened, I equated vulnerability to surrender.  What are your thoughts after viewing this great talk? Let's start a dialogue!