Back from Tuscany!

Still a little jet-lagged, but home and relishing in the blessings from our Tuscany trip.  My sister Claire and I had a successful first annual Tuscan Painting Journey with 6 students along with us.  I am showing a few photos from it, but take a few minutes to watch an incredible slideshow that our awesome official photographer, Leslie Adair made of our time there.  Grab a cappuccino, sit back and enjoy!

Camucia Train Station - sneaked this shot

Piazza Della Repulica in Cortona

View from our breakfast room at Hotel Italia

Painting plein air

At the train station going to Florence for the day

I and Claire headed to our wine tasting at Molesini Wine Shop 
then dinner at amazing Osteria Del Teatra

Stay tuned as we are already planning dates and events for our
C&C Tuscany Journey 2011! Limited number of students, 
so watch for acceptance of applications here and on our site: caroleandclaire.com