Paint Cafe Begins!

Paint Cafe begins Tuesday!

If you have talked to me about this class, please join us Tuesday from 9am-11am. Bring whatever supplies you have, and we'll get a supply list for you. We'll have a relaxed first class and get you acclimated to the studio and what we'll be doing. We'll paint too!
Don't worry if you don't have everything--I'll have plenty to share.

Here are the details of the Class:

Tuesdays 9am-11am
All levels welcome - open to 8 students
Acrylic or Oil
Students Bring Supplies-paints, brushes, canvases (studio has easels)
Paint new subject each Tuesday
Lots of individual attention
Coffee, Snacks, Groovy music
and Creative Inspiration always provided

Pay by class ($85 per class) or in a 4-class-bundle ($295)
Beginning December 1st! Will go through 4 Tuesdays of December
and then start right back up in mid-January after the holidays.
Join me!


Gift Certificates!

Don't like fighting crowds this time of year? Me either! To give someone what they really want--it's easy! Call my studio and purchase a gift certificate for most anything I offer--workshops, paint nights, paintings, giclees, gift items (of mine)! All you have to do is have your credit card. I'll run it over the phone and have your gift certificate sent to you OR the recipient! Just think what it would be like to have someone open this on Christmas Day knowing he/she gets to pick and choose something from Carole Foret Fine Art. Ahhh! Call now! 256-232-2521 or email OR make it even easier using Paypal on the sidebar just to the right of this post. :)


Preparing For Thanksgiving!

This time of year calls us to realize all of our blessings. It's been easy for me--with the colorful fall we've had. A most awesome display of the original Creator's work. There is one last tree that I pass going downtown to my studio that still has just a few magnificent golden leaves on it. It has just taken my breath away so many times. I'm so thankful for my family--my husband, my two precious daughters, my parents--and ALL of my family. And also for my family of great friends. All we really have in life are our relationships--never forget that...Spend time this holiday season nourishing and growing relationships.

I'm preparing dough with my precious little son above in a photo shoot with my make-believe family. My husband got a kick out of how they made shots of me cooking look believable!! ha!

These photos are from a shoot I did through my agency Real People in Birmingham for Cooking Light Magazine in 2005. They were shot by a great photographer who truly fascinated me with her passion for food photography. And OLD school photography. She still shot large format film. Her name is Becky Luigart-Stayner. Check out her site and work!

Cooking Light did a huge spread on Thanksgiving recipes. This shoot was so much fun--torture too as we sat around in a gorgeous home in Birmingham smelling the aromas of the actual food that they photographed for the magazine for 2 days. We models were only secondary. The food, table decor, and beautiful dishware were the focus for sure! We DID finally get to eat--while we acted like a family eating together and talking, etc. Lots of fun. One of my favorite acting jobs for sure!

My scanner wasn't able to work for these. So forgive the quality--the magazine was shot with my iPhone. The shots in the magazine are very clear. :)


Missed Everyone While I Was Gone!!

Whew!  Last week was a week of unexpected turns!  My twin sister Claire came to Athens to meet up with my cousins and aunts who were coming up from Louisiana until one of my aunts landed in the hospital.  So, all bummed and sad, we pondered for 2 seconds and decided to jump in the car and head to Baton Rouge!  No problem--just had to rearrange a couple of classes with my most awesome students and clients, and Claire's flight home and we were off to visit the sick!  It ended up being a most wonderful trip getting to see so many relatives!  We just love our family--most of them are artists like we are.  Crazy like we are too! :)

After Aunt Jerry got out of the hospital, we decided not wear out our welcome at Cousin Carl's & Blinda's house (awesome hospitality!!) and head to the Big Easy.  Can't be THAT close and not go to New Orleans, right?  The Hotel Monteleone was wonderful.  The gallery-hopping was fun.  The food was delicious, of course.  But a highlight was finding an artist who I had found online about  3 weeks ago and realized she was in New Orleans.  We set out to find her and voila!  We did!

If you haven't seen Ashley Longshore's work, you have got to see it!  It is so fun!  And if you get the chance to see it in person--you will want to touch, caress or even bite her art!  Yes!  Each piece has the shiniest gloss you've ever seen!  It's hard to tell it viewing her work online, but in person--it's an experience!  Ashley is a beautiful girl with a fun spirit too.  Get by to see her at 4848 Magazine Street.


If You See Tears in my Eyes...

I just got word that my friend and client Nancy Campbell passed away this week.  This photo was shot the day I delivered her house portrait that she LOVED.  We had never met until that day--we had only emailed each other for the entire year it took me from commissioning to finishing.  We had a blast.  When I got to her house, she had her friends there ready to celebrate the painting being done.  We had coffee, played with all her wigs and share a really blessed time together.  She will be missed.  Nancy was full of life despite her cancer, and she gained the greatest faith in God.  Please be in prayer for her children that she leaves behind.    Heaven gained an angel...


Just LOVE My Hometown!

Several years ago, when I moved back to my hometown of Athens, Alabama, I wanted to paint a series of paintings of downtown.  I had never seen any original art of Athens other than graphite drawings, pen & ink drawings, photography--but nothing colorful and expressionistic and FUN!  That is where my crazy, funky style was born--in those paintings!  They were so much fun to paint, and now are owned by one collector.  The favorite painting from that series is this one that depicts downtown from a Western perspective, just West of beloved Kreme Delite and looking toward the beautiful courthouse square.  Leaning into the painting only buildings I wanted was lots of fun.  For years, I have sold art mugs and prints of this painting.  I am now offering new mugs (with the same image, but an updated signature), fine art paper prints and stationery/greeting cards.  These gifts are very affordable and make awesome holiday gifts!

Mugs: $15
Paper Prints: $45
Greeting Cards (5-5x7) $28

If YOU love Athens, then consider one of these gifts and plan to attend my next Paint Night where we will paint a painting of our gorgeous courthouse!  It is going to be so much fun, and a large portion of proceeds are going to The Spirit of Athens revitalization organization. The Paint party is half reserved, so reserve YOUR spot soon!

When: Thursday Night, November 12th
Time: 5:30pm - -8pm
Bring: Nothing but your fun spirit
Includes: Hors d'oeuvres and all supplies (11x14 canvas)
Take Home: Your own Courthouse Masterpiece!

Call the studio (256-232-2521) to reserve OR reserve with Paypal right on the sidebar of this blog.
It's that easy!  Can't wait to see YOU!