Surprise! What's Coming Soon?

Today I worked on an exciting project that is finally coming to fruition after 10 months.  I think I could have created life in that amount of time, but glad it's this instead. ;)  I will be breaking news very soon about it!  But here is a glimpse of what I did today. Hint hint!


The Kappa Delta Legacy Lives On!

I am very busy right now mostly being a Mom with school starting back this week and my older daughter beginning classes at my beloved alma mater-Auburn University! I couldn't be more excited about her being there! Last weekend she even received a bid as a legacy to my sorority-Kappa Delta. Wow, how blessed I feel! So much to look forward to. 
From the ART front, I have some news about to break! It can't happen fast enough! I've been working at this event since January and it is finally going to happen! More on that later! 
I'm finishing paintings right now that will be delivered to the Huntsville Museum of Art this week for the Vignettes show that will be hanging from September 6th-22nd. I'll be tweeting and facebooking about the details on that! 
So that's today's update! Keep in touch and look forward to fall. I'm ready. Are you?