iTunes Music

Today I spent some organizing my music in Apple iTunes and realized that many of my songs didn't have album art. Apparently there is a new thing about iTunes not going out on the web and getting art for you anymore--something like that. Well, I found a cool online service called Fix Tunes Album Updater--and it does it all for you! It goes through your library and finds songs with missing art and gets it for you. You just update, and done! Being an artist, I really love seeing the art that adorned the albums/CDs of my favorite songs. What about you? If you dig your ablum art like I do, then get the latest version of iTunes and set your computer's screen saver to iTunes Album Art, and your screen will shuffle and display all your music art. It's really cool! Below is a screen shot of my album art--now you can see what all I listen to! What are YOU listening to?