The Rewards of Sharing!

I received this email today from a young man in Texas, and it made my day knowing that something I had made and thrown onto the web to help people actually DID help someone. The rewards of sharing! Read his email below...


I am 31 years old and have had no art training at all. I was interested (I love looking at paintings) in giving painting a shot. I am a computer programmer (I build web applications for major companies) and wanted a hobby to help take my mind off work (hard for me to do). So being a “computer guy” I turned to the one outlet I know for where to start. I came across your youtube painting lesson. It just so happens that my niece has a paris inspired bedroom and would love an Eiffel Tower painting so I took an attempt to do a painting based on your youtube movie. I wanted to share with you the results of my efforts and thank you for a very inspiring/motivational movie. I hope you are planning to put together another movie of your process as that was very helpful to me and is giving me a starting point for something I find very relaxing… Do you have any suggestions on where to go (I live in Dallas, TX) on where to go to look for workshops or some fun classes?


Mark Zuerker