Awesome Workshop in Jackson

What wonderful weather for a workshop in beautiful downtown Jackson TN! Thank you to Kat Semrau at Art Under a Hot Tin Roof Gallery for hosting such a great time with the workshop and art opening. Claire and I so appreciate the opportunity to have gotten to know some beautiful people who came to learn how to paint and to share in a weekend of art. We so appreciate the generous Southern hospitality given to us by Chris and Susie Alexander too. They were such a treat! My sweet assistant Leslie accompanied Claire & me on this trip too....

Day 1

We got to Jackson Thursday afternoon and met up with Kat and hung the show right away. We got the gallery ready and had our "Meet & Greet" with our students who were to attend the workshop on Friday. Exhausted, we went to Susie and Chris' home for the night. Susie had made such a great and simple meal for us. It was perfect! A huge salad, fresh bread for our turkey sandwiches.

Chris and Claire

Me and silly Leslie

Day 2 - The Workshop.
The workshop began at 10 and went until after 4! The students' enthusiasm was amazing!

They were:

Bonnie Hurst from Decatur AL
Jennifer Day from Pace FL
Michelle Vandiver from Decatur AL
Ann Barker from Jackson TN
Susan Crocker from Alamo TN
Pat Findley from Jackson TN
Mary Evelyn Pafford from Jackson TN
Leslie Willard from Decatur AL

After our long day of painting, we all headed out for some amazing sushi at Sakura's. Man! You gotta go....

Day 3 - the Critique and Art Opening

Saturday morning those students who wanted to could participate in a critique session where Claire and I gave some pointers to each person about her painting. The students learned alot and felt they had accomplished a great deal during the workshop! We were thrilled with their talent!

Below are images from the art opening. It was beautifully done--Kat does it right--wine, exotic cheeses, fruit, nuts. We met some really nice people and appreciate all who came.

This is "Corky"-Susie's precious Mom. She is one amazing woman at 78. She reminds me of Katherine Hepburn with oodles of fun personality. She is a treat to know! I did a painting of her home for her, and she was thrilled!

One huge highlight of the entire weekend was when Elizabeth Dickinson and Frank Crafts showed up. They are all friends of mine and Claire's. We all went to Auburn together and most of us were Kappa Deltas together. Elizabeth was a KD by association--her identical twin sister Lynn was a KD with us and Elizabeth was an Alpha Gam. And, well, we all know that Frank is the best KD there ever was, keeping up with all of us and reuniting us in beautiful ways.

This is me with my newest client, Dr. Priester (Doctor treating the back of the eye-you know--detached retinas. Ouch!) Anyway, Dr. Priester shared with me that the coffee still life that he bought featured his choice in coffee, etc. I was pleased he bought it.

After the opening, we all went to the Country Club for a meal together. That was really nice!

Day 4 - The Trip Home

On the trip back through the small towns between Jackson and Alabama, it was a glorious day--blue skies, temps in the 70's--a perfect day for a farmer's market. So we stopped in Savannah TN for a gathering of merchants of everything you can imagine. Right off the bat, we found Leslie some cool, leather cowgirl boots! Oh man, they were great! We got them for $8!! They are brand new...Got to love a serious bargain. Who would have thought amidst the baby dolls, rusty power tools, and figurines??


The Virgin Mary etched in glass. I love things like this--and snowglobes....

Aw, now this was awesome. I shot this for Todd since he would always sing that song after he bought his John Deere (that I didn't think he needed...).
Art at its best!

They were even selling live things! This is a 10 week old Chihuahua puppy. "No, Leslie. You can't take it home..."

We made it back to Athens Sunday afternoon, and we were beat! A fabulous weekend was had by all!

If you missed the show--it will hang for a month at Kat's gallery in downtown Jackson TN.
I hope you had a great weekend wherever you were. I'm thrilled that autumn is upon us!