My Home Alabama...An Artists Gathering

This past weekend on Saturday was an Artists Gathering held at GAS Studio in Tuscumbia, Alabama in Muscle Shoals, owned by the ultra talented Robert Rausch. Leslie and I headed over to Tuscumbia to attend after Art on the Square. We were excited to get to go and hang out and network with some of the most talented people around inlcuding some nice people with Shoals Art. If you've never been to Rob's studio--you've GOT to see it. It is really awesome. He shoots photography for major catalogs and magazines and designers. His fine art work is out of this world too. Just go all through his site.

I was a little bummed upon arriving because I didn't know Rob was going to be in New York with Natalie Chanin for Design Week 2007. Natalie "Alabama" Chanin (Go all through this site!) is another cool story. She is a designer (among many other things) that began the awesome "Project Alabama" line of clothing that is all made in the South by some of the greatest craftspeople sewing fine stitchwork for one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing. They are each works of art and are now sold at renowned Barney's in NY. Though she is no longer involved with Project Alabama, her artistry has expanded to also include jewelry and home decor that is very earthy and made of beautiful raw materials by hand by folks in the USA. I hope she has done well in NY...below is a bracelet. Notice the awesome photography by Peter Stangelmeyr, Robert Rausch and others. I love the downhome Southern feel to all the images on their sites. See how you feel about them....

At the artists gathering, I met some wonderful people who are all tied in one way or another to Rob, the Muscle Shoals, Los Angeles, awesome photography, awesome design. Below is Sandi Stevens cool studio and frame shop that is around the corner from Rob's studio. I was amazed at her collection of great things she has found over the years and turned them into art pieces. Sandi owns a t-shirt company called "Can You Say Geronimo" and hopes to have it up online in the next few days. You'll have to check it out. Below that is Sandi talking to Leslie, my awesome assistant and Keith Sims, a media arts specialist.

Check out the fabric that adorns this doorway in Sandi's studio. She said that it came from Billy Reid who had some left over from his dress collection. Visit his site for some clothing designs that will knock your socks off. Reminder: He is from Alabama too! I'm so proud to live in an area of the country that is so rich in artistic and musical talent!

These are the doors that lead you into GAS Studio from a walkway from the street. I adore the verdi-gris iron and rich wood and the age of these. They are perfect for what you find inside--an eclectic mix of things old and new.

Below is renowned photographer Charles Moore who showed up with Mary Ellen Sandridge (who teaches photography at Athens High School) on his arm. It was great to see both of them.

Above is the inside of GAS Studio--not a great shot, but we were all around the kitchen area since there was great food and drink to share. But in the background, you can see a cyclorama that I've drooled over for years. I've always wanted one of those for the corner of my photography studio. The area of Rob's studo can accommodate cars driven in, etc.

In keeping with all this Southern culture is my band Sister Grace 's new CD--a very downhome Southern sound combining the talents of musicians from the Muscle Shoals and Nashville, TN! It is now available at CD BABY.

Be sure to visit all the links to these great people and immerse yourself into the rich artistic culture that exists in Alabama! My home state....