House Portrait Process

As some of you know, the bulk of my painting is commissioned work. I paint MANY house and building portraits by commission. That is why my gallery is low when you walk in and see walls that are getting more bare all the time--not to mention shows going on too that I am participating in. Anyway, I thought I might explain the process of commissioning your home or building for me to paint. You can download the price list on my site in the pricing section. Decide on a size/price that we can work with and send in your 1/3 deposit. Once the deposit is sent in, your commission is then on "my list." Right now, my working time frame with my current work load is 12 months to get to and complete your painting. Once your painting idea is on my list, I will then contact you to photograph your home or building. I shoot all kinds of angles and perspectives and working photos. Then work can begin. Sometimes a client wants a rendering of what I plan to paint. I don't mind doing these so that they can see the funky composition I come up with before I paint. This rendering is usually done in either graphite or pen & ink. After my client approves the rendering, then I begin painting. The fun begins!! Below are the stages of a house portrait I did a few years ago--a beautiful Mission-style home in old historical Huntsville, Alabama.