Just LOVE My Hometown!

Several years ago, when I moved back to my hometown of Athens, Alabama, I wanted to paint a series of paintings of downtown.  I had never seen any original art of Athens other than graphite drawings, pen & ink drawings, photography--but nothing colorful and expressionistic and FUN!  That is where my crazy, funky style was born--in those paintings!  They were so much fun to paint, and now are owned by one collector.  The favorite painting from that series is this one that depicts downtown from a Western perspective, just West of beloved Kreme Delite and looking toward the beautiful courthouse square.  Leaning into the painting only buildings I wanted was lots of fun.  For years, I have sold art mugs and prints of this painting.  I am now offering new mugs (with the same image, but an updated signature), fine art paper prints and stationery/greeting cards.  These gifts are very affordable and make awesome holiday gifts!

Mugs: $15
Paper Prints: $45
Greeting Cards (5-5x7) $28

If YOU love Athens, then consider one of these gifts and plan to attend my next Paint Night where we will paint a painting of our gorgeous courthouse!  It is going to be so much fun, and a large portion of proceeds are going to The Spirit of Athens revitalization organization. The Paint party is half reserved, so reserve YOUR spot soon!

When: Thursday Night, November 12th
Time: 5:30pm - -8pm
Bring: Nothing but your fun spirit
Includes: Hors d'oeuvres and all supplies (11x14 canvas)
Take Home: Your own Courthouse Masterpiece!

Call the studio (256-232-2521) to reserve OR reserve with Paypal right on the sidebar of this blog.
It's that easy!  Can't wait to see YOU!