FUN Weekend!

What a weekend! War Eagle!! We are no fair-weather fans. How can you be when Auburn is such a special place filled with such tradition, spirit and a beautiful sense of family? It feels much like going "home" when I arrive there. I almost burst into tears at certain thoughts, like:

How long it's been since I was in school there. Ugh!
That my daughters might go to school there.
The sense of pride in the legends who have played and coached for Auburn. Including my father-in-law!
The great times I had while there and pride of being an Alum. :)
And what formative years those were being there.
Knowing the foundation of our team led spiritually by Chette Williams. Have you read his book Hard Fighting Soldier?
And more...

Pre-game field

War Paint :) on my daughter, Caroline

I hope you were able to feel such warm feelings over your weekend and that it was great! Fall is here, and I couldn't be more excited--my favorite time of year.