Missed Everyone While I Was Gone!!

Whew!  Last week was a week of unexpected turns!  My twin sister Claire came to Athens to meet up with my cousins and aunts who were coming up from Louisiana until one of my aunts landed in the hospital.  So, all bummed and sad, we pondered for 2 seconds and decided to jump in the car and head to Baton Rouge!  No problem--just had to rearrange a couple of classes with my most awesome students and clients, and Claire's flight home and we were off to visit the sick!  It ended up being a most wonderful trip getting to see so many relatives!  We just love our family--most of them are artists like we are.  Crazy like we are too! :)

After Aunt Jerry got out of the hospital, we decided not wear out our welcome at Cousin Carl's & Blinda's house (awesome hospitality!!) and head to the Big Easy.  Can't be THAT close and not go to New Orleans, right?  The Hotel Monteleone was wonderful.  The gallery-hopping was fun.  The food was delicious, of course.  But a highlight was finding an artist who I had found online about  3 weeks ago and realized she was in New Orleans.  We set out to find her and voila!  We did!

If you haven't seen Ashley Longshore's work, you have got to see it!  It is so fun!  And if you get the chance to see it in person--you will want to touch, caress or even bite her art!  Yes!  Each piece has the shiniest gloss you've ever seen!  It's hard to tell it viewing her work online, but in person--it's an experience!  Ashley is a beautiful girl with a fun spirit too.  Get by to see her at 4848 Magazine Street.