Preparing For Thanksgiving!

This time of year calls us to realize all of our blessings. It's been easy for me--with the colorful fall we've had. A most awesome display of the original Creator's work. There is one last tree that I pass going downtown to my studio that still has just a few magnificent golden leaves on it. It has just taken my breath away so many times. I'm so thankful for my family--my husband, my two precious daughters, my parents--and ALL of my family. And also for my family of great friends. All we really have in life are our relationships--never forget that...Spend time this holiday season nourishing and growing relationships.

I'm preparing dough with my precious little son above in a photo shoot with my make-believe family. My husband got a kick out of how they made shots of me cooking look believable!! ha!

These photos are from a shoot I did through my agency Real People in Birmingham for Cooking Light Magazine in 2005. They were shot by a great photographer who truly fascinated me with her passion for food photography. And OLD school photography. She still shot large format film. Her name is Becky Luigart-Stayner. Check out her site and work!

Cooking Light did a huge spread on Thanksgiving recipes. This shoot was so much fun--torture too as we sat around in a gorgeous home in Birmingham smelling the aromas of the actual food that they photographed for the magazine for 2 days. We models were only secondary. The food, table decor, and beautiful dishware were the focus for sure! We DID finally get to eat--while we acted like a family eating together and talking, etc. Lots of fun. One of my favorite acting jobs for sure!

My scanner wasn't able to work for these. So forgive the quality--the magazine was shot with my iPhone. The shots in the magazine are very clear. :)