Tag, I'm It!

I have some blog friends (photographers) that are up to something, and I've been tagged to reveal 8 things that people may not know about me. I then will tag 8 more people--so check them out too! Here are some random facts about me:

1. I am the older twin by 5 minutes.
2. My favorite color is red.
3. I despise capri pants.
4. I put Tabasco on almost everything I eat.
5. The source of my joy is Jesus.
6. I played tennis for Auburn University my sophomore year.
7. I sing and play drums in my all-girl Christian band Sister Grace.
8. I fidget if I'm not asleep.

I am tagging:

Kevin Swan
Sarah Barlow
Carla Swinney
David Jay
Sam the Man
Amber Holritz
Jill Higgins
Jasmine Star